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This is my Real Life Story: Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams. It is hightime that I should share my life with you all. So that something may be done to save this Galaxy. Please write to: bangasanskriti.sahityasammilani@gmail.comThis Blog is all about Black Untouchables,Indigenous, Aboriginal People worldwide, Refugees, Persecuted nationalities, Minorities and golbal RESISTANCE.

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  • 08/28/15--10:04: Volunteer at PMNH and more

  • The "leadership" of the Palestinian authority continues down the same
    failed path of cronyism, poor action towards liberation,
    self-aggrandizement, self- enrichment and ignorance of the peoples' future
    or wishes. Hence this keeps people energies locked up and millions of
    Palestinians who could be recruited to give and serve Palestine get a good
    excuse not to act. But most people continue to survive and even do amazing
    good deeds despite their "leaders" and their circumstances. Classes resumed
    at the universities and schools in the occupied territories. It is nice now
    to hear the national anthem in schools as I drink my morning coffee. People
    try to adapt and make the best out of a horrible complicated situation
    under Israeli colonialism and apartheid. Homes are still being demolished,
    movement restricted, religious and civil liberties regularly violated,
    political prisoners held without trial and in bad conditions, etc. But we
    continue to exist, continue to resist. Last Sunday for example we removed
    gates installed by the occupation authority to prevent access to land in
    Beit Jala. Our students continue to try to learn and improve themselves
    under very difficult circumstances (no jobs after graduation, no income of
    family to help them pay tuition etc).. We continue to do research and
    clinical services in our laboratories and the natural history museum and
    botanical garden at Bethlehem University. I sent two of our bright students
    to Jordan where they learned more about insects and research. We have plans
    for a major conference on innovation and excellence (I am a member of the
    higher council for innovation and excellence, see I am
    planning a trip to Rhodes (Greece), to Indonesia, and to Washington DC in
    October to speak about the Palestinian cause and about our university and
    build partnerships.

    Join us for two events to protest Zionist theft and destruction of
    Palestinian lands:
    Saturday 10 AM in front of Beit Al-Baraka along the road to Hebron (near
    Arroub Refugee camp)
    Sunday 11 AM Area of Bir Oneh in Beit Jala where ancient trees have been
    and here are pother ways to act where you are

    Volunteer: We have many volunteer opportunities at the botanical garden and
    the Palestine Museum of Natural History that will enhance your skills and
    allow you to be part of a team that is dynamic and energetic and making a
    difference locally and globally. Our motto is respect (for one self, for
    fellow human beings, and for the environment). Opportunities to volunteer
    exist in these areas: Data collection (plants, animals, geology, human
    history etc), clerical, botanical garden, education (school children from
    kindergarten to adult), information technology, media, fundraising, bee
    keeping, exhibit design, and more. Email us at

    Haidar Eid: The songs are dedicated to the courage and resistance of the
    Palestinian people on the journey to justice and freedom. All proceeds from
    sales of the song will be donated towards the Palestinian boycott,
    divestment and sanctions movement.

    Newly released documents show US attempts to halt Israeli nuclear weapons
    Gov't papers dating from 1969-72 reveal American discussions about how to
    convince Israel to abandon pursuit of atomic weapons and to sign the
    non-proliferation treaty,7340,L-4692208,00.html
    [note: The major US Jewish organizations still lobby for a war on Iran for
    Apartheid Israel while claiming to represent Jews and Judaism]

    Tear Drop "A Gift From the People of Russia to the USA". Why were we not
    told about Tear Drop?

    White House Middle East policy adviser, Gwenyth Todd on how Washington
    operates under Israeli occupation

    Mazin Qumsiyeh
    Professor and Director
    Palestine Museum of Natural History
    Bethlehem University
    Occupied Palestine
    Pl see my blogs;

    Feel free -- and I request you -- to forward this newsletter to your lists and friends!

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    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 10:55:25 PM

    पटना ! दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल ने बिहार की राजधानी में कहा कि नीतीश कुमार के नेतृत्व में बिहार का ..


    अमेरिकी क्रिकेट टूर्नामेंट में कोच नियुक्त किए गए वेंकटपति राजू

    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 10:14:06 PM

    दुबई ! अंतर्राष्ट्रीय क्रिकेट परिषद (आईसीसी) ने गुरुवार को भारत के पूर्व स्पिन गेंदबाज वेंकटपति राजू को आईसीसी अमेरिकाज क्रिकेट कंबाइन टूर्नामेंट की कोचिंग स्टाफ में नियुक्त किया। यह टूर्नामेंट 18 से 27 सितंबर के बीच 


    नक्सल प्रभावित क्षेत्रों में लगाए गए 465 नए मोबाइल टॉवर

    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 10:59:08 PM

    रायपुर ! प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी ने वीडियो कॉन्फ्रेसिंग के जरिए छत्तीसगढ़ सहित विभिन्न राज्यों में चल रहे अधोसंरचना विकास की बड़ी परियोजनाओं की प्रगति की समीक्षा की। इस दौरान उन्होंने मुख्य सचिव विवेक ढांड से प्रदेश के नक्सल प्रभावित ..


    अंधेरे में तीर चलाना आर्थिक सुधार नहीं : गवर्नर राजन

    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 09:54:22 PM

    मुंबई ! भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक (आरबीआई) के गवर्नर रघुराम राजन ने गुरुवार को कहा कि देश में लगातार और दृढ़ता से आर्थिक सुधार किए जाने की जरूरत है। उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि अंधेरे में तीर चलाने को आर्थिक सुधार नहीं कहा जा सकता। राजन ने 



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    धार्मिक जनगणना और सियासी लाभ

    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 10:10:49 PM

    देश के महापंजीयक व जनगणना आयुक्त ने मंगलवार को 2011 की धर्मआधारित जनगणना के आंकड़े जारी किए, जिसके मुताबिक हिंदुओं की आबादी में 0.7 प्रतिशत की दर से गिरावट आई है, जबकि मुस्लिमों 

    नसबंदी कांड के कितने दोषी?

    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 12:40:23 AM
    Author Image

    नसबंदी कांड की न्यायिक जांच रिपोर्ट को स्वीकार करते हुए राज्य सरकार ने 13 महिलाओं की मौत के लिए जिम्मेदार डाक्टरों व दवा निर्माता कंपनियों के खिलाफ कार्रवाई करने का फैसला 

    प्याज के आंसू

    26, AUG, 2015, WEDNESDAY 11:44:16 PM

    भारत में प्याज के दाम एक बार फिर आसमान छू रहे हैं। राजनीति और कारोबार की कुटिल चालें प्याज की परतों की तरह धीरे-धीरे खुल कर आम आदमी को आंसू बहाने पर मजबूर कर रही हैं। दूध, फल, 

    छात्र राजनीति भी हुई बराबरी की

    26, AUG, 2015, WEDNESDAY 01:08:33 AM
    Author Image

    छात्र संघ चुनाव सामान्य झड़पों के बीच शांतिपूर्ण सम्पन्न हो गए। इन चुनावों में छात्र संगठनों का उत्साह देखने लायक था और प्रतिदंद्विता ऐसी की हर हाल में चुनाव जीतना ही है। 

    चीन की मंदी का भारत में असर

    25, AUG, 2015, TUESDAY 11:39:55 PM

    2008 में अमरीकी शेयर एवं संपत्ति बाजार में भारी मंदी ने पूरे विश्व की अर्थव्यवस्था में हाहाकार मचा दिया था। उस संकट से भारत जैसी परंपरागत अर्थव्यवस्था वाले बाजार तो जल्द 

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    ताजा वीडियो


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    कावेरी, कोडग़ू, कॉफी, कोको

    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 10:15:19 PM
    Posted by:ललित सुरजन

    ललित सुरजन : अच्छा तो आप दक्षिण का काश्मीर घूम आए।ÓÓ यह टिप्पणी एक प्रिय मित्र ने की जब मैंने उन्हें अपनी मडि़केरी यात्रा के बारे में बताया। उनका कहना सही 

    विकास के लिए वित्तीय घाटे का सहारा

    27, AUG, 2015, THURSDAY 10:12:37 PM
    Posted by:डॉ. भरत झुनझुनवाला

    डॉ. भरत झुनझुनवाला : भाजपा सरकार के सत्ता में आने के साथ-साथ बाजार में मंदी प्रवेश कर गई थी। दुकानदारों के अनुसार बिक्री में 25 प्रतिशत की गिरावट आई है। भाज�

    अंग्रेजों की आलोचना से परहेज क्यों?

    26, AUG, 2015, WEDNESDAY 11:50:04 PM
    Posted by:कुलदीप नैय्यर

    कुलदीप नैय्यर : मैंअपने देशवासियों से निराश हूं। देश की आजादी का 69वां साल परंपरागत उत्साह से मनाया गया और लोगों ने अपने-अपने घरों में भी राष्ट्रीय झंडा फ�

    कहीं पर निगाहें, कहीं पर निशाना...

    26, AUG, 2015, WEDNESDAY 11:46:34 PM
    Posted by:अन्य

    योगेश मिश्र : आम तौर पर प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी एक तीर से कई निशाने साधने के आदी हैं। यह उनका इतिहास बयां करता है। बतौर प्रधानमंत्री उनकी कार्यप्रणाल��

    चीनी मुद्रा युआन का अवमूल्यन रणनीति के तहत

    25, AUG, 2015, TUESDAY 11:46:15 PM
    Posted by:डॉ. हनुमंत यादव

    डॉ. हनुमन्त यादव : चीन द्वारा गत सप्ताह अपनी मुद्रा रेनमिनबी युआन के 3 बार किए गए अवमूल्यन से 11 अगस्त के पहले जो 1 डॉलर के मुकाबले 6.22 युआन विनिमय दर थी अब 1 डॉल

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    हमारे कॉलमिस्ट


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    Investors usually ignore Warren Buffett mantra on investing when panic strikes
    Buffett once said – "What we learn from history is that people don't learn from history." And, this is true in case o...
    US cautions Pakistan over brandishing of nuclear status
    With Pakistan brandishing its nuclear status, the US has cautioned that such statements would not help reduce tension...
    India - the only external threat: Pakistani military
    The military officials shared the perceived threat with members of the Senate that India had over the last couple of ...
    6 things Mahabharata can teach modern-day CEOs 6 things Mahabharata can teach modern-day CEOs
    The Mahabharata is full of colourful characters and they have lots of lessons for various contexts of corporate life,...
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    Meet Hardik Patel, the B.Com graduate who has brought Gujarat to a standstill » 
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    Unlike in 2013, few international investors are talking about exiting India despite turmoil in EMs. Rajan explains wh...
    I want all my employees to have BMWs, says Freshdesk's Girish Mathrubootham
    Freshdesk, a cloud-based helpdesk software company, was founded in October 2010 by former Zoho executives Mathrubooth...
    Modi government announces 98 smart cities; UP gets maximum number at 13
    Tamil Nadu has got 12 and Maharashtra 10. Madhya Pradesh will have seven smart cities and Gujarat and Karnataka will ...
    Indian IT companies face the threat of losing out on the lucrative outsourcing segment
    Some global corporates are now bringing back software projects to their own centres, depriving desi IT cos of million...
    Modi govt failed to deliver on promises; I have sold my India shares...
    Jim Rogers ,Rogers Holdings


    Cipla settles in negative zone erasing early gains
    Shares of Cipla ended the day in the negative territory even as the company said it expects 20 per cent growth in rev...
    Sebi asks Ally Multitrade to repay investors' money in 3 months
    Sebi said the company had mobilised over Rs 2.33 crore from people between 2012 and 2014. However, the firm claimed i...
    1,000 tonnes onion coming from Afghanistan every day: Traders
    Onion supplies from Afghanistan have surged in the past few days with about 1,000 tonnes of kitchen staple coming per...
    RBI may cut key rates in September review, says Deutsche Bank
    RBI, which has recently received an inflation targeting mandate, is aiming to get inflation under 6 per cent by Janua...
    Market Watch
    28 Aug | 05:46PM
    GOLD (Rs/10g.)
    Top ten all-weather stocks by experts to beat volatility
    The Indian market has shown resilience amid global turmoil, thanks to smart buying by domestic institutional investor...
    Investors pull record $29.5 billion from equity funds in China-driven rout: BofA-ML
    Investors pulled a record amount of money out of global equity funds in the week to Aug. 26, according to Bank of Ame...
    Gainers Losers 28 Aug, 2015, 05:46PM IST, PTI|View All
    Company Name Live Price Change (%) Volume High Low
    DS Kulkarni Developers Ltd. 103.95 16.21 167107 107.30 90.50
    High Ground Enterprise Ltd. 60.50 15.79 465210 61.90 53.00
    Modex International Securities Ltd. 65.00 15.45 10 65.00 65.00
    This six-seat jet can take off & land like a helicopterThis six-seat jet can take off & land like a helicopter What's special about cryogenic engine used in GSAT-6?What's special about cryogenic engine used in GSAT-6? Wildfire flares up near Washington's OmakWildfire flares up near Washington's Omak S Korea & US troops stage massive joint live-fire drillS Korea & US troops stage massive joint live-fire drill

    more slideshows
    Kamov choppers: Russia inks pact with Rel Defence
    This is considered a major step forward towards realisation of the 'Make in India' campaign of PM Narendra Modi which...
    States undertake reforms to score high on business index
    Electricity connection within days of applying, e-filing of luxury tax, bill payment apps — that is how states are tr...
    Need to step up reforms steadily: Raghuram Rajan
    "For a country as big and populous as India, reforms cannot be shots in the dark, subjecting the economy to great unc...
    Smriti Irani ups the ante, private schools may have to declare assets, fee structure soon
    The Smriti Irani-led human resource development ministry is working on a new law that will require schools to give a ...
    Baba Ramdev's Patanjali bigger than Emami and Jyothy Labs: CLSA report
    Despite undercutting competitors, PAL's operating margin is around 20% — higher than many of its peers which advertis...
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    Fri, Aug 28, 2015 | 08:01 AM IST

    ET Investment Opportunities

    Initial Public Offer (IPOs)
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    Prabhat Dairy Ltd. 140.00 - 147.00 28-08-2015 01-09-2015
    Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects Ltd. 100.00 - 103.00 31-08-2015 02-09-2015
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    ICICI Pru FMP Series 77 1151D Plan S Reg-G Debt: FMP Closed-end 25 Aug 2015 31 Aug 2015 5,000
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    ICICI Pru FMP Series 77 1151D Plan S Direct-G Debt: FMP Closed-end 25 Aug 2015 31 Aug 2015 5,000
    ICICI Pru FMP Series 77 1151D Plan S Direct-D Debt: FMP Closed-end 25 Aug 2015 31 Aug 2015 5,000
    Reliance FHF XXIX Series 5 Direct-D Debt: FMP Closed-end 31 Aug 2015 07 Sep 2015 5,000
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    Real Estate News
    Basements can be sold and registered independently in Haryana
    In a landmark judgment that is bound to bring relief to property owners, the Supreme Court ruled onSeptember 17 that basements of residential houses can now be sold and registered separately in Haryana.
    Store in style
    Store in style
    NRI demand in Indian realty up in Oman
    Indian developers do visit Muscat periodically to organise individual road shows but here again local licensing laws impose stringent stipulations without which it would be difficult to reach the target audience.
    What makes Noida Extension first choice of property buyers
    The future holds great promise both for individual buyer who wants a house to live and investors both individual and large.
    NFO - Non FMPs
    Fund Name Category Type Open Close Min Inv
    UTI Dual Advantage Fixed Term Fund Sr II-I (1998 D) Direct-D Hybrid: Debt-oriented Conservative Closed-end 14 Aug 2015 28 Aug 2015 5,000
    UTI Dual Advantage Fixed Term Fund Sr II-I (1998 D) Direct-G Hybrid: Debt-oriented Conservative Closed-end 14 Aug 2015 28 Aug 2015 5,000
    UTI Dual Advantage Fixed Term Fund Sr II-I (1998 D) Reg-D Hybrid: Debt-oriented Conservative Closed-end 14 Aug 2015 28 Aug 2015 5,000
    UTI Dual Advantage Fixed Term Fund Sr II-I (1998 D) Reg-G Hybrid: Debt-oriented Conservative Closed-end 14 Aug 2015 28 Aug 2015 5,000
    Reliance Dual Advantage FTF VIII Plan B Direct-D Hybrid: Debt-oriented Conservative Closed-end 14 Aug 2015 28 Aug 2015 5,000
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    We continue to prefer Axis, Yes Bank, LIC Housing from a long-term perspective: Mayuresh Joshi
    27 August, 2015, 05:18 PM IST
    'IT is something that we will continue to prefer over a longer timeframe; therefore, Infosys, TCS, HCL Tech are names which we are continue to like.'
    Inox Wind, Garware Wall Ropes good bets at current juncture: Mayuresh Joshi
    27 August, 2015, 05:06 PM IST
    'Therefore, it is our belief that once the capex cycle turns, these stocks can benefit much more in terms of earnings momentum going forward.'
    Do not believe 7,700 is the bottom for Nifty: Sandeep Wagle, Power My Wealth
    27 August, 2015, 04:47 PM IST
    'I still do not believe that 7,700 is the bottom, maybe in short term yes, given some more time it would be broken.'
    Midcaps continue to be best bets; markets to remain sideways: Ashwani Gujral
    27 August, 2015, 04:36 PM IST
    'Chances are that we will be more sideways than having a great big rally starting from tomorrow and selling of options remains a fairly decent strategy.'
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    Times of India
    Daily Newsletter | Friday, August 28, 2015
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    In 10 years, Pak will have largest N-stockpile after US and Russia: Report
    In less than 10 years, Pakistan will have the third largest nuclear stockpile in the world, behind only the US and Russia, two prominent US think tanks said in a report.
    Boat sinks off Libya, 200 migrants feared dead
    A boat packed with mainly African migrants bound for Italy sank off the Libyan coast on Thursday and officials said up to 200 might have died.
    Special: India poised to gain from China crisis
    Kolkata: Lover kills girl over affair gone sour
    A Class XI student was found murdered, with her head and face smashed beyond recognition, in Maheshtala on Wednesday.
    Mumbai cops find girls hidden in wall cavity of bar
    A police raid at the Honeycomb bar at Majiwada on Wednesday led to the arrest of 14 girls who squeezed themselves inside a specially-built hi-tech hidden cavity inside the walls
    50,000 Bhiwandi godowns to remain shut
    As many as 50,000 godowns in Bhiwandi have been asked to be shut down for 12 days in the coming four weeks, owing to a huge influx of vehicles from Thane and Mumbai to Nashik for the Shahisnan of the Kumbh Mela celebrations commencing on Saturday.
    Sony Xperia C4 review: A decent upgrade
    The Sony Xperia C4 is the company's new selfie-focused smartphone.
    Indian teen's app gets praise from Facebook COO Sandberg
    Nineteen-year old Harsh Songra was woken up on Wednesday by Facebook notifications after Sheryl Sandberg published a post about him and his startup, My Child App.
    India's great 4G rush: The story so far
    4G is a technology meant for data, mostly video, which requires a consistently higher bandwidth to run smoothly.
    Usain Bolt wins fourth consecutive 200m title
    Sprint king Usain Bolt kept his unbeaten record intact by clinching his fourth consecutive 200m title at the World Athletics Championship in Beijing on Thursday.
    3rd Test: Can reignited India end overseas drought?
    Sri Lanka must win to avoid their second consecutive series loss at home, while India will hope to clinch their first series win in almost two years.
    IPL GC mulls having new teams for next two IPL as one option
    The IPL governing council met here to discuss the recommendations given by the Justice Lodha Committee report on the IPL spot-fixing and betting scandal.
    PSBs should be compensated for social initiatives: Rajan
    Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan has taken on the government for thrusting the Jan Dhan Yojana on public sector banks and has called for compensating the psu lenders.
    PM Modi concerned over steep airfare hikes
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed concern over the frequent sharp hikes in airfares, especially during peak travel times and when someone has to buy a ticket on short notice to travel for an emergency.
    Dabhol set for split but fuel supply issues remain
    The stage is set for a demerger of Ratnagiri Gas & Power (Dabhol) project into two entities, with GAIL dealing with the gas block and NTPC running the power plant.
    Sanjay Dutt's daughter taught him about selfies
    Sanjay Dutt is home on a 30-day parole.

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    Times of India
    Daily Newsletter | Thursday, August 27, 2015
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    Well-funded, organized and massive: Who's behind Hardik's war machine?
    The stunning success of the Kranti Rally organized here by Patidar bodies to demand OBC quota, and the violence that followed the arrest of Hardik Patel, convener of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS), has surprised all.
    How police turned Hardik Patel into a bigger hero
    A strategic police blunder in dealing with Hardik Patel's arrest on Tuesday not only made the police the prime target of mob fury, but also gave the agitation a second wind at a time when it looked like it would fizzle out.
    I know exact reason of Sheena's murder: Michail
    Michail Bora, Sheena's younger brother, speaks to TOI's Prabin Kalita and TV channels about his sister and their relationship with their mother, Indrani Mukerjea, who had abandoned them when they were very young.
    Cops spectators as women brawl on Gurgaon road
    Days before the city is to get its first women's police station, a brawl broke out between two groups of women outside a shopping mall on MG Road.
    Pune eunuchs rob man, push him out of moving train
    Harassment from eunuchs, especially on trains, touched scary heights on Tuesday.
    Kolkata: Mayor rushes to save Lal Dighi
    Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Wednesday visited Lal Dighi at Dalhousie Square and asked Kolkata Municipal Corporation officials to take immediate measures for restoration of the water body.
    10 startups that may become billion-dollar firms
    So which startups are next to reach the Unicorn level?
    Why top executives are leaving startups
    A number of senior managers at India's top consumer internet companies are heading for the exit door, with many citing a mixture of low job satisfaction and poor work-life balance.
    WhatsApp for Android gets 5 new features
    Not only do you get more control over your messaging options with the new update, it also gives you more emojis and decreases the amount of data used in WhatsApp calls.
    Rahane not ideal long term No.3 batsman: Manjrekar
    The right-handed batsman played an impressive knock of 126 runs in the just concluded second Test against Sri Lanka.
    HC issues notice to govt, Sania on Khel Ratna issue
    Karnataka high court found substance in the claim of Para-athlete Girisha challenging the recommendation of Sania Mirza for the prestigious Khel Ratna award.
    Lalita finishes 8th in world 3000m steeplechase final
    Indian middle distance runner Lalita Babar gave an impressive performance to finish eighth in the women's 3,000 metres steeplechase at the World Athletics Championships on Wednesday.
    Desi startup valuations face scrutiny
    Weighed down by bubble talk as M-cap of listed peers in US, China falls
    ICICI offers home loans with guarantee
    Those who have not managed to buy a house until middle age can now get a long-term loan with ICICI Bank introducing a product for this segment.
    Dubai financial centre woos desi insurers
    Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) - which aims to be a global platform for financial institutions - is inviting Indian insurers to set up reinsurance office there and build south-south cooperation.
    Akshay Kumar's alleged love affairs
    Khiladi Akshay Kumar has had a colourful history as far as his love life is concerned. Starting from Pooja Batra to his wife Twinkle Khanna and Priyanka Chopra, the actor has had a series of alleged love affairs.
    Varun holidays in Maldives with girlfriend
    Varun Dhawan has always told us that like his father and older brother Rohit, he will never marry an actress.

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    Dams Built on Rivers of Blood – A Fact Finding Report on the State Repression at Kanhar Dam



    The district of Sonbhadra was carved out from Mirzapur on the 4th of March 1989 and it is second largest district of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The district is stretched across an area of 6788 km2 out of which 3782.86 km2 is covered by forest area. This contrib- utes to around 55.73% of the total land area. Apart from the forest areas and the rich varieties of flora and fauna found in the area, the district is also famous for the growing number of industries and industrial pollution.

    There are 9 major thermal power plants of about 9421.7 MW capacities, 5 coal mining fields 17.087 Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA), 3 Chemical Industries which produces around 55862.3 tonnes/month, a cement industry that produces around 66000 tonnes /month of cement, and a lime stone mining field 2,66,666 tonnes of limestone per month. The most important point to note is that the industries are constantly expanding in this area.

    According to the report of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on the "Mercury Pollution in Sonbhadra District of Uttar Pradesh and its heath impacts" in October 2012, it was found that most of the drinking water samples that were tested from the area were not found suitable for drinking, the mercury levels in the water, soil, the fish samples and people's bodies were much higher than the permissible levels and also the traces of lead, arsenic, chromium and fluoride present in the same were much higher than permissible levels. The water samples from the hand pump in Anpara and Chilka Daad contained mercury 8 higher than the permissible limit respectively.

    The expanding industries and industrial pollution has affected the lives of people living in and around Sonbhadra drastically. Massive displacements, denial of jobs in the Industries, temporary/ contractual jobs, poor living conditions, excessive migration, and damages to forests, massive deforestation, agricultural fields and properties are some of the damages created to the lives of people living in the area.


    It is clear from facts and figures that half of Sonbhadra district is officially classified as forest land and is under the control of forest department whereas this is the same district that is doing far poor in implementing the Forest Rights Act (FRA) that got passed in the year 2006. The irony of Sonbhadra is that, on the one hand most of the forest land is diverted towards industrial and mining use and to dominant caste people, on the other hand the majority of dalits & adivasis are made to live in constant fear of forest department and the district officials and are tagged as 'encroachers' and 'Maoists' which is in itself contentious under the FRA as well as under the Indian constitution. There have been reports of widespread violence against the adivasi and dalit communi- ties demanding their rights under the FRA 2006.

    Kanhar Dam Project

    The Kanhar Dam Project was initially envisaged in the year 1977. The Kanhar Irrigation Project was originally approved by Central Water Commission in September, 1976. The project is located downstream of the river Pagan with Kanhar near village Sugawan in Tehsil Dudhi of District Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh. The project proposes a 3.003 km earthen dam having a maximum height of 39.90 m from deepest bed level which may be increased to 52.90m if linked to Rihand reservoir. The project envisages submergence of 4131.5 Ha land which includes parts of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The project was completely abandoned since 1989 and construction work is started on 5th December, 2014. Information accessed under RTI shows that the project does not have a valid 'Environment Clearance' and 'Forest Clearance'. The project was proposed with an initial budget of Rs. 27.75 Crores. Initially, there was some foundation work undertaken but the project was soon stalled due to inter – state issues, lack of funds and volcanic protests from tribal communities of the region. As per a progress report of the project for 1998-99, the construction work is completely

    Download full report Kanhar Fact Finding Report Final Circulation

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    Saffronisation Spreads – After FTII, BJP netas in women's panel – NCW #WTFnews

    ,TNN | Aug 28, 2015, 03.51 AM IST

    After FTII, BJP netas in women's panel
    Chandigarh-based Rekha Sharma (in pic) and Patna's Sushma Sahu joined the NCW recently as members.
    NEW DELHI: Even as the controversy around appointment of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) chairperson Gajendra Chauhanrefuses to die, the government has appointed two BJP functionaries as members of the National Commission for Women (NCW).

    While one was a district secretary and media in-charge in Haryanawhen PM Narendra Modi was in charge of the state, the other till recently was BJP's Mahila Morcha chief in Bihar.

    Chandigarh-based Rekha Sharma and Patna's Sushma Sahu joined the NCW recently as members, taking the count to three members and one chairperson. The move has been slammed by women's rights activists who have questioned the credentials of the two appointees, saying the commission was reduced to a "political parking lot".

    This comes at a time when efforts of the women and child development (WCD) ministry to strengthen the commission by giving it more teeth have been repeatedly stymied. The much touted NCW bill continues to be on the backburner.

    Sharma's profile on the commission's website said she ran her own event management centre by the name of 'Chavi' where she organized "engrossing seminars and debates" and also ran an NGO called Haryana Mahila Uthan Samiti which works for the empowerment of rural women in Haryana. The profile also describes her as a social media activist.

    Sharma claimed she had worked closely with Modi between 1996 and 1998 before he became Gujarat CM.

    "I learnt a lot from him. The way he moves… his way of working is very fast, he takes decisions very quickly. He walks the talk," she said, adding that she would be turning her attention to women's shelter homes and monitor their running.

    Sharma is married to an Army officer and worked in various family welfare activities within the Army. Her father was closely associated with the RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

    Patna-based Sahu, who joined the commission last week, has been a BJP member for 14 years, first as a municipal councilor for two terms and then as the women's cell head. Sahu, who taught at Patna University, said she was keen on working on improving legislation related to women.

    Asked about the Modi government, Sahu said it was like "ayurveda or homeopathic" medicine that looked at long-term policy solutions. Sahu said she was a victim of domestic violence and had raised her daughter as a single parent. "I have seen the pain and stigma attached to a divorcee and a single parent very closely and I can't bear exploitation. I want to be the voice of the women who face injustice not for popularity but for justice," she said.

    Commenting on the new appointments, Centre for Social Research's Ranjana Kumari said, "Whether it is Congress or BJP or any other party, this institution (NCW) has been weakened consistently. It has been made a political parking lot where the competence of its members never matches the job assignment. It has been disempowered as a women's agency which is convenient for the political class."

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    Open letter to Hardik Patel by Ex-IPS Officer Sanjiv Bhatt



    Dear Hardik Patel,

    I am a common citizen of Gujarat. I did not know who you were until a few days ago. I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot more of you now. I have read that your organisation, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS), came into existence less than a month ago. I have been told that you believe that the Patidar community is losing out in the development race because of reservation quota.

    Depending from where you are looking at it, reservations, in their current form, might be a problem for some and a lifeline for others. One thing I clearly don't understand is, if you think reservations are a problem, why are you asking for it? In a television interview you said that the government should either give reservation to the patidars or remove reservation all together. This is like saying "Give me a piece of the cake or throw the entire cake away." On one hand you are saying that reservation causes problems and on the other hand you are demanding it too. If the Patidar community gets reservations, it will still be a problem for the rest of the citizens and the Patidar community will go from being against the problem to being a part of it. As someone who is a strong supporter of the Patidar community, why are you letting this happen to the reputation of the community?

    I was also curious about a few thing that I saw during your rally. In a state where majority of your audience speaks in Gujarati, your speech was completely in Hindi. Who was your real audience? You have photos with political leaders from BJPCongress and AAP. Have you decided which party you are supporting? Your past and present actions don't look apolitical to me. I am yet to connect the emerging dots, but I see a pattern akin to the India Against Corruptionmovement conceived by Ajit Doval of the Vivekanda International Foundation.

    Anyways, coming back to what happened yesterday. You wanted to hold a rally to demand reservations for Patidar. It is your right to demand anything you want to from the government as long as it is peaceful. For reasons best known to them, the Government of Gujaratwent out of the way to facilitate your rally even at the cost of holding an entire city to ransom. They even waived the Toll Tax for your vehicles and gave you the GMDC ground for free. They even permitted you to walk all the way to the Collector Office from that place. The road blocks and crazy honking by your friends caused a lot of inconvenience to a lot of people but the government of the day still let you do it because of some ulterior motive that is still not clear to many of us.

    You got the ground. You got the permission for a rally right through the heart of the city. You even got the state to bring in thousands of police personnel to ensure that no one disrupted your rally and everything was facilitated for your convenience. Great.

    You were given permission to use the GMDC ground till a particular time. At 8pm, when the police asked you to vacate the government property, why did you not agree? Why are there photos and videos of your fellow patidars shouting slogans and destroying public property? Doesn't the government have the right to ask you to move out after the permission expires? Similarly there is footage of Police Personnel damaging vehicles of the Media and mindlessly assaulting media persons at the GMDC venue. What went wrong? Where did the bonhomie vanish? And, more importantly, why did it vanish? Do we, as citizens of Ahmedabad, have a right to know or was it some private arrangement between you and the Government?

    Be that as it may, you refused to vacate the GMDC grounds and the police arrested you and intriguingly let you go after sometime. The violence that started after your arrest has continued even after your release.

    I don't see how your supporters think any of these things will help their case. If they were angry at you being arrested, there are legal ways to go about it. Those are the ways everyone follows if they feel an arrest was illegal. If they were angry that they are not in the reserved category then as they already know, there is a pre defined procedure to ask for it. Government authorities get to decide on a case by case basis if your community is eligible for reservation. There are set guidelines/checklists to do this.

    Any individual or a group, howsoever influential he or it may be, cannot be allowed to hold the city or the state at ransom with the tacit blessings and connivance of the Government. It is the duty of the Government to prevent such situations from developing so as to ensure the safety of the other citizens.

    It was also great amusing to see people come in really expensive cars to your rally and then claim to be 'under priviledged'. As a lot of people have noted, a 'show of strength' to prove that you are one of the 'weaker castes' is hilariously ironic. If the money spent in organizing this rally was used to help the poor brethren of your community, some of them would definitely have benefitted.

    At 22, you have a lot of good years ahead of you. I would suggest improving your knowledge atleast on topics that you are fighting for. For starters, I would recommend that you read the Constitution of India. Even your so called adversaries in the Government may benefit by revisiting the Constitution. It will give both sides an idea about their rights and duties.

    I hope I have made my point. I have a feeling I will see you more often atleast till the 2017 elections in Gujarat. I hope you use your power to bring positive change in the country. Youth in India rarely get this chance, don't spoil it for the rest of us. Don't malign the reputation of your community/city/state.

    I don't know what is your understanding with the Government of the day and who is driving this agitation and why, but if you ever start a genuine and non-violent campaign to revisit the issue of reservations, most of us will stand by you. For now, lets stop this violence and bring back normalcy to our city and state.

    Here's to hoping for a more peaceful and sensible tomorrow.

    Best wishes,

    Apoorv Shah /Sanjiv Bhatt

    This letter is a modified version of a brilliant letter written by my young friend, Apoorv Shah. The insinuations and innuendos in this modified version of the letter are entirely mine. The original letter is available on his blog My Two Cents.

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    Oppression of women who defeated Naxalism continues, media remains silent #WTFnews

    "…the struggle in India would continue so long as a handful of exploiters go on exploiting the labour of the common people for their own ends. It matters little whether these exploiters are purely British capitalists, or British and Indians in alliance, or even purely Indians."

    – Bhagat Singh (1931)

    The state-sponsored oppression of the women who successfully defeated Naxalism in Sonbhadra continues but not a single word has been reported by the mainstream media. Repression by sate-corporate nexus is not new, but when it is ignored by media, it becomes dangerous for democracy.

    General secretary of All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP), Roma and tribal leader Sukalo are in jail for the past two month. They along with six other activists were arrested on June 30 from their office at Robertsganj, Sonbhadra districtUttar Pradesh. Another tribal leader Rajkumari and her co-workers are behind bars since April 21. Their crime — Opposing state repression and illegal land acquisition in the Kanhar valley for construction of a dam and demanding action against those responsible for the police firing on peacefully protesting villagers in Sonbhadra on April 14 and 18 in which several persons were injured.

    Threat to the State? Roma, Sukalo and Rajkumari being taken for court hearing in police custody.

    However, instead of acting against officials, the authorities have booked tribal, forest dwellers and activists for vitiating peace and provoking people to break law and order during agitation against Kanhar dam. As this was not enough, old cases lodged against them in similar agitations earlier have been opened. As a result, they have to take bail in each and every case to get out of jail. Some who got bail do not have enough resources to submit bail bonds. Activists from across country have written to the government and a delegation even met chief minister Akhilesh Yadav seeking justice but nothing has been done as yet.

    Roma (50) is a Delhi University law graduate and known face among activists in India and abroad. Sukalo (53) and Rajkumari (45) are poor tribal homemakers. For the past 15 years, they have been mobilising tribal, Dalits and forest workers, who have been suppressed for ages, for peaceful mass struggle for their rights (68 years after independence) guaranteed under the Constitution and the Forest Rights Act 2006.

    This is not the first time that they have been arrested. In the past, several criminal cases, including serious offences like rioting, illegal tree cutting, and obstructing government work among others, were slapped against them. Sukalo and Rajkumari, in fact, are facing over a dozen criminal cases. Roma was booked under the National Security Act in 2007 for having links with Naxals but was released later when police could not produce any evidence in the court.

    Not only these three women, but hundreds who are women members of Kaimur Kshetra Majdoor Kisan Mahila Sanghrsh Samiti (KKMKMSS) are facing number of serious criminal cases for demanding their rights. Led by women, the KKMKMSS is an association of forest dwellers which includes tribals, Dalits and backward class and minority communities dependent on forest for livelihood in Sonbhadra and adjoining Chandauli and Mirzapur districts of UP. The association continues to challenge the nexus of corporate, feudal elements, forest department and politicians exploiting forests despite innumerable and unspeakable atrocities. They display revolutionary zeal of Bhagat Singh and work with peaceful Gandhian means of struggle.

    The area comes under Kaimur hill range and has the highest tribal population in UP and is home to 16 scheduled tribes which include Agariya, Chero, Gond, Dhuriya, Nayak, Ojha, Rajgode, Khairwar, Kharwar, Pankha, Panika, Parahiya, Bhuiya, Bhuniya, Pathari and Baiga.

    Since tribal constitute less than 2% of UP's population, they are not considered as vote bank by any party, hence they have to fight to get their rights. That's the reason why they joined hands with Dalits and other communities dependent on forest and brought them under KKMKMSS umbrella.

    Almost every individual in the entire population of forest dwellers in the area is facing one or another criminal charge which include illegal tree cutting, encroachment, threatening and assaulting forest personnel and obstructing government work among others. Some have been labelled as Naxal sympathisers.

    Forest dwellers argue that jungles were sources of their livelihood since ages. They were the owners but were converted into slaves when the British rulers created the forest department in 1865 for using forests for commercial purpose. Though the country got freedom in 1947, there was no change in the status of the forest dwellers. Over 55,000 hectare of arable land in the Kaimur hill range was also handed over to the forest department. The Zamidari system was abolished but the feudalism continued as the dominant castes grabbed huge swathes of land and made forest dwellers work in farms at a pittance and a little space for shelter.

    As this was not enough, in late 80s, forest dwellers were declared encroachers and driven out of forests by the forest department in the name of forest conservation. This was the time when Naxalism started spreading its tentacles in the region and reached its peak between 2000-05. Many youth joined People's War Group. In the meantime, KKMKMSS was formed in 2000 with the help of National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers (NFFPFW), now known as All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP).

    Initially, the KKMKMSS had handful of members who set out on a mission to create awareness among forest dwellers and dependents about their rights. Gradually, majority forest dwellers chose peaceful mass struggle (jan-sangharsh) over armed revolution by organising themselves under the KKMKMSS. Today, the association has thousands of members.

    Naxals took advantage of the poverty and sufferings. Over two dozen violent Naxal operations were reported during 2000-05. But Naxals had no ideological commitment. They turned into criminal gangs and started exploiting tribal at the behest of upper caste landlords. In fact, a few Naxal leaders turned criminals and their major business today is extortion from contractors and illegal arms trade. No major incident has been reported from the area after 2005 when a PAC truck was blown up killing several security personnel. Whatever, we see in the about arrests of Naxals and encounters are exaggerated version of police.

    The mass struggle on the other hand got a push with the introduction of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Act in 2006 and the Forest Rights Act (FRA). Parliament passed the Forest Rights Act in 2006 but notification was issued in January 2008 after two years of debate. People realised that the struggle within the democratic frame work is more effective. They also realised that the strength of mass movement in which women, elderly and even children can participate and people's unity is stronger than State's repression. And, as people shifted to mass struggle, Naxalism died.

    The forest dwellers and tribes are entitled to maximum four hectare of land under the FRA. Traditional forest communities like Dalits and backward classes, which are dependent on the forest, have to prove that they were residing there for 75 years for individual land rights. The FRA also has a provision of community rights over forest land.

    However, corruption and red tape crippled the two legislations which gave right of employment and land. As a result, between 2008-2009, forest dwellers started reclaiming empty forest land and began cooperative farming. In Sonbhadra, over 20,000 acre of arable forest land in around 25 villages was reclaimed by these forest dwellers. The produce, mainly foodgrains and vegetables, through cooperative farming is shared by all. It is not enough for luxury but takes care of basic needs. Forest produce such as bamboo and grass is used to make household items.

    Contrary to perception that the forest dwellers harm forests, they protect their sources of livelihood. In fact, they are a hurdle in illegal tree cutting by mafia. Between 2009 and 2012, during Mayawati rule, FRA picked up pace and land titles were distributed to 10-12,000 families. Some criminal cases slapped on forest dwellers were also withdrawn. But the process has stopped after Samajwadi Party came to power in 2012. So far, of the five lakh population of forest dwellers in the area, only 10% have got land rights. Today, they are not just fighting for land rights but also against projects like Kanhar dam which threaten to snatch away whatever little they have.

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    India – Two sisters ordered to be raped by Khap Panchayat seek SC help #Vaw

    Two Indian Sister Ordered to Be Raped by Village Council Beg Supreme Court for Help

    A television journalist sets his camera inside the premises of the Supreme Court in New Delhi
    Anindito Mukherjee—ReutersA television journalist sets his camera inside the premises of the Supreme Court in New Delhi Feb. 18, 2014

    They are being punished by the unelected council  ( Khap Panchayat )  because their brother eloped with a married woman from a higher caste

    petition to save two sisters in India from being raped and publicly humiliated for their brother's actions, a punishment handed down by an unofficial village council, has gathered considerable support for its demand that authorities intervene and stop the "disgusting ruling" from being enforced.

    The petition by human rights organization Amnesty International has garnered over 16,000 signatures thus far, and calls for law enforcement to stop the council-sanctioned rape of 23-year-old Meenakshi Kumari and her 15-year-old sister in Baghpat village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

    The unelected council of elders ordered that Kumari and her sister — both members of the low Dalit caste — be raped and paraded naked with blackened faces, after their brother eloped with a married woman of a higher caste. He and the woman, who belongs to the dominant Jat caste, were in love and eloped after she was forced to marry someone from her own caste, according to reports.

    Kumari also approached India's Supreme Court herself last week, saying that police have been harassing her and her family instead of protecting them.

    In a plea to the court Kumari said she and her family "cannot return back to her village and have been rendered homeless."

    The court has asked for a response from the Uttar Pradesh government.

    "Nothing could justify this abhorrent punishment," the Amnesty petition reads. "It's not fair. It's not right. And it's against the law. Demand that the local authorities intervene immediately."

    Village councils in northern India, known as khap panchayats, are generally comprised of senior male members of the community's high castes. Although the councils have been declared illegal by the courts, their edicts are still observed in many parts of rural India.

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    28 August 2015

    • We condemn the deaths in police firing as well as police crackdown on protesters seeking reservation benefits forPatel. – Rohit Prajapati & Trupti Shah
    • The recent, unfortunate incidents across Gujarat only points out how misleading has been the so-called "Government of Gujarat's Model of Growth" as claimed by the BJP governments since more than a decade at both the state and now at national level.

    We have repeatedly pointed out that the demand and need for reservations in government jobs and education is a positive corrective measure for historical social injustice & deprivation based on caste system and not primarily for the economic deprivation. 

    We condemn the deaths in police firing as well as police crackdown on protesters seeking reservation benefits for Patel. We also condemn the government deployment of heavy police force to terrorise the protestors and ordinary people.

    We believe that the demands of the Patidar Samaj should be debated in a peaceful and constructive manner, their demands mainly point out to the grim situation about unemployment, job-killing growth, lack of social security, privatisation and commercialisation of education & health and anti-farmer, anti-agricultural, anti-labour policies of the BJP governments both at Gujarat and at the national level, which has been repeatedly pointed out by social activists over the past decades in Gujarat. The feeling of injustice and deprivation is resulted from the economic policies that have favoured mainly large corporate houses, unrestricted growth of self-financed educational institutions and job-killing growth, contractual jobs in face of vacancies in government jobs.

    We have repeatedly pointed out that the demand and need for reservations in government jobs and education is a positive corrective measure for historical social injustice & deprivation based on caste system and not primarily for the economic deprivation.

    The recent, unfortunate incidents across Gujarat only points out how misleading has been the so-called "Government of Gujarat's Model of Growth" as claimed by the BJP governments since more than a decade at both the state and now at national level. The prevailing social tensions mainly point out the results of BJP governments' constant failure of "Government of Gujarat's Model of Growth" and refusal to engage in constructive debate about policies and strategies to ensure development for all sections of societies.

    The recent events in Gujarat primarily point out the consequences of sidelining of the concerns about appropriate economic policylabour policy, agricultural, education & health policy and issues of social security. We believe that government should be responsive to the demands of every section of society and should engage in constructive dialogue constantly to prevent social tensions without any prejudice.

    The failure of BJP led Gujarat and central government in timely engaging with constructive dialogue with the agitationists has led to emergence of violence and social tensions in the state of Gujarat. We condemn the government's attitude in failing to engage timely.

    The Prime Minister's appeal for peace and resolution through dialogue is vague and formal; and comes belatedly pointing the CMO and PMO's failure in averting violence and social tensions in Gujarat.

    We appeal for peace and harmony in the state, while stand in solidarity for every Indian citizen's fundamental right to peacefully express, protest, dissent without fear of state repression.


    Rohit Prajapati

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    India Census 2011- Region and religion both matter for better population indicators


    For better population indicators, region and religion both matter, suggest data from 2011 and 2001 decadal Censuses.

    According to the data, in the more developed southern States all communities do better than in the more backward northern States.

    Poor education indicators

    Between 2001 and 2011, Muslims (24.65 per cent) remained the group with the fastest population growth, followed closely by Scheduled Tribes (23.66 per cent) and Scheduled Castes (20.85 per cent). All three groups have historically had poor education indicators, especially for women, and restricted access to health care.

    However, in States such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which are considered advanced in terms of income and development indicators, population growth is low for all communities, the numbers show.

    The population growth rate for Muslims in Kerala, for example, while substantially higher than that for Hindus or Christians in the State, is lower than the national average for Hindus, and half that of Hindus in States like Bihar.

    "When the demographic transition is occurring, the better off communities first reduce their fertility, which is then followed by poorer communities. This is exactly what we are seeing, and in developed States, access to education and health becomes available to all," Dr. P Arokiasamy, demographer and professor at theInternational Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, said.

    A similar trend is observed in other States; those with higher than average Hindu growth rates have higher than average Muslim growth rates too.

    Two notable exceptions are Assam and Uttarakhand, where the Muslim growth rate is significantly higher than the national average, while the Hindu growth rate is lower.

    "It is undeniable that in the border districts of Assam, there is illegal immigration. There is no other explanation for the Muslim population growth there," a senior Census official said.

    Worst sex ratio

    When it comes to sex ratio, Sikhs as a community had the worst sex ratio in 2011 at 903 females for every 1,000 males, followed by non-SC/ ST Hindus (929), while Christians had the best sex ratio (1,023 females for every 1,000 males) followed by STs (990). Here again, region matters.

    In Punjab and Haryana, all communities see their sex ratios plummet to their worst, while in Kerala, the sex ratio of all communities except Sikhs and Buddhists rises above 1,000 females for every 1,000 males.

    In Tamil Nadu, the sex ratio for Muslims, Christians and SCs rises above 1,000.

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    Does PM Modi prefer talk over deeds ? Lights, camera, inaction!

    -- Aug 29th 2015  DELHI | From the print edition

    Modi wants to fly higher

    ASKED about his strategy towards PakistanNarendra Modi, India's prime minister, said that he wanted "friendship: I keep trying to find new ways all the time." After telling The Economist so, in May, it briefly looked as if the tetchy relations between the nuclear-armed neighbours would improve. Mr Modi agreed with his counterpart,Nawaz Sharif, to visit Pakistan next year for a regional forum. And the two leaders said their national-security advisers would meet in Delhi on August 24th.

    It would have been the first proper conversation since Mr Modi scrapped talks between senior diplomats, on a pretext, a year ago. But it flopped before it began. First Pakistan's generals were furious that Mr Sharif agreed that the agenda would include terrorism (India's top concern) but not the disputed region of Kashmir (the generals'). Then gunfire was exchanged over the "line of control" in Kashmir. Adding to the ugly mood were terrorist attacks in northern India, which India blamed on Pakistan. Both sides gave up on the security talks, though they are badly needed.

    Mr Modi can claim that India reaches out to Pakistan only for thePakistani army, which controls foreign policy and matters of security, to slap away his proffered hand—just as it blocks freer trade and backs terrorists who attack India. On a planned trip in September to America, or on his just-installed hotline to the White House, he will present Pakistan's army as the perennial troublemaker. Rubbing it in, in September India will celebrate the 50th anniversary of a short war in which the Pakistani army tried but failed to seize parts of Indian-run Kashmir.

    Mr Modi's diplomacy appears to involve making warm statements now and putting off tough steps till later. It is like his style in domestic affairs. The prime minister is a forceful communicator. But he postpones the arduous job of getting things done. His critics say that Mr Modi cares more for the theatre of politics than the hard grind of passing laws or accomplishing reform through compromise. A former cabinet minister complains that Mr Modi's rhetoric is "way ahead of his plans".

    An example is the government's claim at the start of the year that it would push through a bill promoting infrastructure and development by making it easier to acquire land from landowners. Yet the parliamentary process was managed poorly. After much confrontation, the government withdrew crucial parts of the bill in August, boosting opposition morale.

    Similarly Mr Modi and his finance minister, Arun Jaitley, have vowed that a uniform goods-and-services tax (GST) will be in place by next April, fostering the kind of single market India badly needs. Yet in this summer's parliamentary session, neither man reached out to opponents in the Congress party, and nothing got done. A special one-off session might yet be called to pass the GST, but only if government and opposition can compromise. If not, a big, long-promised reform will be delayed again.

    Elsewhere, an ambitious goal announced last year to deal with appalling public hygiene and water pollution has seen only modest follow-up. Investors grumble that promises to simplify tax laws, cut corporation tax and privatise state firms have come to little. Talk of creating millions of jobs on the back of an infrastructure boom now sounds empty.

    This week India's media were agog when 75,000 people, including postgraduates and engineers, applied for 30 posts as "peons"—office boys—in Chhattisgarh's state government. And hundreds of thousands of protesters belonging to the Patel or Patidar caste shut down Ahmedabad, the commercial capital of Gujarat state, which Mr Modi used to run, leading to violence including eight deaths. The Patels demanded official favours for their caste, despite its success in business, including control of Gujarat's huge diamond-cutting business. Both developments suggest that many ordinary people do not share the government's upbeat rhetoric about economic prospects.

    Mr Modi's defenders say he is far more active than previous leaders, and that voters understand that change takes time. Signs of fresh interest in Indian manufacturing include news that Foxconn, a Taiwanese manufacturer, may spend $5 billion on a factory in Maharashtra to make smartphones. Mr Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) remains popular, winning a string of municipal elections in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in August. And a big national opinion poll taken early in August suggests that 79% of Indians still approve of Mr Modi.

    Caste, creed and conflict

    But a tougher electoral test comes in Bihar, a northern state of over 100m people with assembly elections expected in October. The BJP did unexpectedly well there in the general election last year, winning 22 of 40 parliamentary seats. Any worse performance this time would hurt Mr Modi, who is campaigning hard in the state. Opposing the BJP is a coalition led by the incumbent chief minister, Nitish Kumar. He hopes for a repeat of state elections in Delhi, in February, when non-BJP parties in effect backed a single outfit (Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party) and won in a landslide.

    Caste and religious identities matter especially in Bihar, a reason why Congress complained this week about the much-delayed release of census data collected in 2011 on religious affiliation. It shows that India's Muslim population has grown substantially quicker, accounting now for 14.2% of the population, than the majority Hindu one, which has just slipped to under 80% for the first time. The Muslim population in Bihar is especially fast-growing, and Congress warns that some campaigners in an already violent race will use new data to rally Hindus against minorities.

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    Celebrating people-powered resistance that has prevented the Mining

    Yesterday was Phulbari Day, commemorating mass protests which took place exactly nine years ago in opposition to plans by a UK-basedmining company, GCM, to build a huge open-cast coal mine in Phulbari in north-west Bangladesh. The 2006 demonstration ended in tragedy when paramilitary forces opened fire on the crowds, killing three people and injuring hundreds.

    Both in Phulbari and London yesterday, people gathered to pay homage to those who died that day and to celebrate the people-powered resistance that has prevented the mine being built for almost a decade.

    In London I joined members of the UK branch of the Bangladesh National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports, as well as people from UNISON and the Socialist Party where we heard a message of support from Tamil Solidarity and discussed recent developments in the campaign against the mine.

    People welcomed news of a recent statement by Bangladesh's state minister for power, energy and mineral resources, Nasrul Hamid that the government does not want to use open pit mining in the region due to the high population density and the fact that much of the local economy is based on agriculture and other land-based livelihoods.

    One of the people present last night was at the protests on the day of the deadly shootings, and described how local women had made brushes to take with them to symbolically remove the company from the area. They recognised that the mine, if built, would cause mass evictions and destroy thousands of acres of farmland in an area that forms part of the country's breadbasket.

    Since 2008, Global Justice Now has supported the campaign against the mine by putting pressure on investors (which saw Barclays andRBS withdraw their support), exposing the UK government's support for GCM and joining protests at the company's AGM each year.

    We also supported US-based International Accountability Project to submit a complaint to the UK National Contact Point for the OECDGuidelines on Multinational Enterprises, in the hope of using this mechanism to hold GCM to account. Unfortunately, while our complaint was accepted for investigation, it failed to consider the impacts of the project should it go ahead, focusing only on the company's actions in the planning stage to date. While GCM was still found to have failed to "foster confidence and trust" in the local community, it was otherwise let off the hook with a recommendation that it update its plans and carry out a human rights impact assessment – something that colleagues in Bangladesh say is likely to lead further unrest. Already, within days of the publication of the final statement on the complaint, a visit by GCM's CEO Gary Lye to the area triggered two days of protests and strikes, including an occupation of GCM's offices in Phulbari.

    But the failure of high level international mechanisms like this made yesterday's gatherings in recognition of the mass resistance to the project all the more important. It means that what has stopped this devastating project from happening for almost a decade is solidpeople power. And that's definitely worth celebrating.'s-resistance#.VeAT7xLZyBA.twitter

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      निजता का अधिकार संविधान में मौलिक अधिकार के रूप में परिभाषित है या नहीं, इस पर सुनवाई चल रही है। मेरी राय में यह सभी मौलिक अधिकारों से बढ़कर है। यह मेग्ना कार्टा, मानवाधिकार घोषणापत्र, संयुक्त राष्ट्र...

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      संघ की शह पर पिछड़ों व दलितों के आरक्षण को समाप्त करने के लिए नया प्रयोग शुरू हुआ है गुजरात में नागपुर की प्रयोगशाला है, उस प्रयोगशाला में पहले व्यापक पैमाने पर लूटपाट व नरसंहार किया गया था। अब उसी...

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      Rajan lost Raj! Speaks for the hegemony, dupes India! Its people! Great Walls falls apart as Free Market crashes and the Crash to continue for the survival of breaking Dollar Hegemony! I pity that...

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      नई दिल्ली। सोशल डेमोक्रेटिक पार्टी ऑफ इंडिया (एसडीपीआई) ने हाल ही में पटेलों द्वारा अन्य पिछड़ा वर्ग के तहत आरक्षण की मांग को लेकर की गई हिंसा में मारे गए आधा दर्जन से ज़्यादा लोगों की मौत पर संवेदना...

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      हमारा मीडिया हार्दिक पटेल को केजरीवाल की राह पर ले जाने की पूरी कोशिश में है। आन्दोलन को हवा देने की भरपूर कोशिश हो रही है। पाटीदारो को आरक्षण मिलेगा या नहीं, यह मुद्दा गौण होकर ठण्डे बस्ते में चला...

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      गांव इतिहास बन जाएंगे इस मंजर को बयां करने के लिए मुझे करीब 12 -13बरस पीछे जाना पड़ेगा, क्योंकि इतने सालों पहले जब मैं शहर से गाँव के बीच का सफर तय किया करता था तो खेतों में लहलहाती फसलों, खेतों में...

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      सरकारी स्कूल और न्यायालय इलाहाबाद उच्च न्यायालय के एक निर्णय से देश के सरकारी स्कूलों की स्थिति पर चर्चा ने ज़ोर पकड़ लिया। न्यायालय ने सरकारी स्कूलों की स्थिति को सुधारने की दिशा में दिये अपने एक...

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    • CPI(M) strongly condemned the Mamta Banerjee Government

      Posted:Thu, 27 Aug 2015 16:07:36 +0000
      New Delhi. The CPI(M) strongly condemned the Mamta Banerjee Government, for the unprovoked, brutal police lathi charges, tear gassing and use of water cannons against the massive demonstration of...

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    28, AUG, 2015, FRIDAY 10:34:55 PM


    खुद को असली साबित करने का डोनाल्ड ट्रंप का अनोखा कार्ड!

    28, AUG, 2015, FRIDAY 06:36:44 PM

    राष्ट्रपति पद के रिपब्लिकन दावेदारों में सबसे आगे चल रहे ट्रंप ने एक मतदाता को मंच पर बुलाया और कहा कि उसके बालों को छूकर दुनिया को बताए कि ये असली हैं। उन्होंने कहा नामांकन जीतने का उनका अभियान भी उनके बालों की तरह असली 


    खेल रत्न बनना बड़े गौरव की बात- सानिया

    28, AUG, 2015, FRIDAY 10:21:32 PM

    नयी दिल्ली ! देश का सर्वोच्च खेल पुरस्कार राजीव गांधी खेल रत्न ग्रहण करने अमेरिका से दिल्ली पहुंच चुकी विश्व की नंबर एक युगल टेनिस खिलाड़ी सानिया मिर्जा ने शुक्रवार को यहां कहा कि उनके लिए इस सर्वोच्च पुरस्कार से सम्मानित होना 


    उत्कृष्ट कार्य करने वालों को सरकार सम्मानित कर रही है

    28, AUG, 2015, FRIDAY 10:27:50 PM

    लखनऊ ! उत्तर प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री अखिलेश यादव ने कहा कि अपनी-अपनी विधाओं के माध्यम से समाज की विभिन्न परिस्थितियों को प्रस्तुत करने वाले साहित्यकारों, कलाकारों, संगीतकारों समेत विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में उत्कृष्ट कार्य करने वालों को राज्य सरकार ..


    सेंसेक्स में 161 अंकों की तेजी

    28, AUG, 2015, FRIDAY 04:48:21 PM

    मुंबई । देश के शेयर बाजारों में आज तेजी रही। प्रमुख सूचकांक सेंसेक्स 161.19 अंकों की तेजी के साथ 26,392.38 पर और निफ्टी 53.00 अंकों की तेजी के साथ 8,001.95 पर बंद हुआ। बंबई स्टॉक एक्सचेंज (बीएसई) का 30 शेयरों पर आधारित संवेदी सूचकांक सेंसेक्स सुबह 311.65 

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    मुल्क रिलायंस अदाणी का,हुकुम उनका और हुकूमत भी उनकी!

    नामालूम कि कब यादें सिरे से गुमशुदा हो जायें!

    कत्लेआम के लिए सियासत काफी है ,दोस्तों।

    रब को हत्यारा और हत्यारे को रब क्यों बनाते हो ?

    गुजरात में जो हो रहा है और बाकी देश में जो होने वाला है।

    धर्म और जाति के नाम जो फिर बंटवारा बेइंतहा है।

    पहचान के नर्क में जो मुल्क मुल्क दम तोड़ रहा है।

    रंगा सियार का रंग भी उतरने लगा है।

    पलाश विश्वास

    Nainital khurpatal

    Sadiq Raza's photo.

    प्यारे नित्यानंद गायेन,

    bahut hi jyada nalayak ho.itbna khoobsoorat likh sakte ho.tamaam chijo mein vakt barbad karte ho lekin likhye bahut kam ho.hum kharab likhte hain .firbhi khoob likhte hain kyunki tumhare hisse ka likhna bhi haota hai.kab mujhe rahat doge?bachpana chhodo bhi aur jang mein shamil ho kaudi ke Pr se baaj aao.tumhar kalam parmanu bam hai,use hi aajmao.hum jaise do kaudi ke logo eke liye vakt jaya naa karo.bahut sakht naaraj hun.yaar,thodi,humaari bhi pawah kiya karo.yaaede ab bhi aato jane ,kab yade gumshuda ho jaye.

    अपने राजीव नयन दाज्यू जब फेसबुक पर रोमन में हिंदी लिखा देखते हैं तो बेहद गुस्से में आ जाते हैं और उनका सुर ताल बिगड़ जाता है।

    मैंने ये बातें फेसबुक पर अपने भाई और होनहार वीरवान भाई नित्यानंद गायेन से नयन दाज्यू के गुस्से का जोखिम उठाकर लिख मारी है रोमन में। जैसे लिखा है,हूबहू वही साझा कर रहा हूं।

    दरअसल तकनीक का कमाल है और उससे ज्यादा तकनीक पर जिनकी मोनोपाली है,उनका कमाल है कि कंप्यू बीच बीच में डेड हो जाता है।नये सिरे से रिफार्मेट कराना होता है।

    अबकी दफा इंजीनियर शिवम चेता गये हैं कि साफ्टवेयर डाउनलोड न करना वरना बूढ़िया की जान चली जायेगी।

    हिंदी टुल फेसबुक के लिए हराय गया।

    तो दोबारा डाउनलोड करने की हिम्मत न हुई।

    बूढ़िया की जान में है बूढ़े तोते की जान।

    सोचा की इंसानियत हराय जा रही है।

    सोचा कि मुल्क हराय जा रहा है।

    सोचा कि मजहब हराय जा रहा है।

    सोचा कि देहात हराय जा रहा है।

    सोचा की बोलियां हराय जा रही हैं।

    सोचा कि भूगोल हराय जा रहा है।

    इतिहास हराय जा रहा है।

    वजूद हराय जा रहा है।

    मुल्क रिलायंस अदाणी का,हुकुम उनका और हुकूमत भी उनकी!

    नामालूम कि कब यादें सिरे से गुमशुदा हो जायें!

    समझ लीजिये कि कितनी खतरनाक बात होती है यह कि आपकी यादें गुमशुदा हों!अपना पराया याद न कर पा रहे हो और फिरभी आप जिंदा है!

    हमारे मुल्क के नागरिकों का बस यही हाल है।

    वे वोट देकर खुदा बने हुए है।

    हत्यारे को रब बना दिया है।

    कत्लेआम की फिजां को लोग बाजार समझ रहे हैं।

    यादें मरहूम हैं और समझते ही नहीं है कि मुल्क बाजार बना है और लोगबाग थोक भाव से अपनी मौत का सामान खरीद रहे हैं।

    यादें मरहूम हैं और समझते ही नहीं है कि मजहब मुकम्मल  बाजार बना है और बाजार में भगदड़ मची है और किसी को मालूम नहीं कि कौन मरा है और कौन नहीं मरा है।और किसी को मालूम नहीं कि कौन जख्मी है और कौन जख्मी नहीं है।होश नहीं है।मदहोश सभी।

    मुझे अफसोस हैं उन काबिल दोस्तों और भाइयों के लिए,जिन्हें हमारे बूढ़ापे का ख्याल नहीं है और अपने निक्मेपन से हम पर बोझ लादे जा रहे हैं।

    सबसे गुस्सा है होनहार वीरवान पांत पर जो बाजार में बाजार की लकीर के फकीर बने हुए हैं और मुल्क में बहती खून की नदियों को वे शराब की नदियां समझ रहे हैं।

    महाभोज चल रहा है।

    अंतिम संस्कार का वक्त हो चला है।

    मौत सिरहाने खड़ी है।

    वे सुगंधित कंडोम चुनने में लगे हैं।

    मुल्क रिलायंस अदाणी का,हुकुम उनका और हुकूमत भी उनकी!

    नामालूम कि कब यादें सिरे से गुमशुदा हो जायें!

    ये तमाम चीजें बाजार में खरीदने की चीजें तो हैं नहीं कि दोबारा डाउनलोड कर लिया।

    अपने सहकर्मी जयनारायण प्रसाद गुरुजी बहुत प्यारे जीव हैं।

    असल पोस्तोबाज हैं।हर प्रेस कांप्रेंस,प्रोडक्ट लांचिंग में जाते हैं।

    पोस्तो भी वसूलते हैं।फिर वही पोस्तो धर्मतल्ला के गरीब लोगों या अंकुरहाटी चेकपोस्ट पर बिलाय देते हैं।

    हम साथियों को शाम को नाश्ता कराना और रात को मिठाई खिलाना,टाफियां बांटना उनका रोजनामचा है और हम उन कुंवारे के पीछे लगे रहकर अपनी बोरियत और भड़ास का इलाज करते हैं।

    उन्हें गुस्सा आ जाये और फिर हमें वे गालियां बक दें या कोसना शुरु करें,रोज हमें इसका इंतजार रहता है।

    वे होते हैं तो हम खूब बोलते हैं और वे नहीं होते तो समझो मातम वही सन्नाटा है।

    रिपोर्टरओ नइखे।रिपोर्टर बेहतरीन हैं।

    गंगासागर करीब तीस साल से बिना नागा जा रहे हैं।

    परिवर्तन में धुँआधार रिपोर्टिंग की काबिलियत पर माननीय प्रभाष जोशी ने उन्हें रखा था।पर उनकी यह काबिलियत परखी नहीं गयी।

    यूं समझिये छोटे मोटे अशोक सेक्सेरिया हैं।

    कंप्यू के खिलाफ उनका जिहाद था और उन्हें आखिर जाते जाते हमने मना लिया कि पीसी से दोस्ती करें और जो न लिखा है,वह सबकुछ लिख दें।

    क्योंकि हमें उनके हिस्से का भी लिखना होता है।

    अभी अभी हमने उन्हें फेसबुक में दाखिल भी करा दिया है और फेसबुक पर मौजूद रहे हमेशा ,इस खातिर रोज नये नये माडल दिखाकर फ्लिपकर्ट बजरिये उन्हें लैटेस्ट मोबाइल भी खरीदवा दिया है।फेसबुक में उन्हें भिड़ा दिया है।

    डिजिटल कैमरा है उनके पास।

    फिल्म की समझ भी है।

    जनसरोकारों से लबालब हैं।

    गुस्सा भी बहुत है।

    पीड़ा भी कम नहीं है।

    डाइरेक्शन का कोर्स किया है।

    फिरभी फिल्म कोई बनायी नहीं है।

    उनकी फिल्म का इंतजार है।

    अब जयनारायण भी पचपन पार हैं और गुरुजी तो हो गये हैं,कुमार भारत जैसे चुस्त फुर्तीले भी नहीं रहे अब।

    हम उनसे बड़े हैं।मधुमेह मरीज हैं।फिरभी वे हमसे ज्यादा बूढ़े हो गये हैं और हमसे कहीं ज्यादा बीमार हैं।

    हमारे यहां फाइनेंशियल एक्सप्रेस के अप्पण रायचौधरी रिटायर करने के साल भर अंदर ऊपर चल दिये और हमारे गुरु जी चलने की तैयारी कर रहे हैं।

    वैसे अभी हमने किसी को अलविदा कहा नहीं है काम करते करते।

    डर है कि चंद महीन काट देने से पहले वही न करना पड़े।

    मुश्किल यह है कि होम्योपैय़ी में उनका पक्का यकीन है।डाक्टर बरसों से आपरेशन का अल्टीमेटम दे रहे हैं।

    हम लोग मनुहार भी करते रहे हैं कि होम्यापैथी बहुत ठीक है लेकिन इमरजेंसी में आपरेशन करवा भी लेना चाहिए।

    अब पानी सर के ऊपर है और आपरेशन करवाना ही होगा।फिलहाल वे मान गये हैं लेकिन हम बेहद घबड़ा रहे हैं।कि आखिर पिर मुकरन जाये आपरेशन से और फिर कुछ कम बेशी न हो जाये।

    हाईस्कूल पार करते न करते,नैनीताल पहुंचते न पहुंचते ताक झांक से तोबा कर लिया।

    क्योंकि नैनीताल में जिन लोगों से वास्ता पड़ा,उनने बेरहमी से सीखा दिया है को दुनिया में कोई रसगुल्ला हमारे लिए नहीं है।

    पेशेवर पत्रकारिता का नतीजा मधुमेह है लेकिन हम मीठे से परहेज कर चुके थे मूछें आने से पहले ही और उनने हमें समझा दिया था कि जिंदगी अगर जहर है तो पीना पड़ेगा।

    अगर जिंदगी एक लड़ाई है बेइंतहा तो जमकर लड़ना होगा।

    हमें अफसोस है कि अब कही भी न घर में न बाहर कोई है,जो होनहार वीरवान पीढ़ी की पीठ पर कोड़े ऐसे दनादन मारें कि रीढ़ सीधी हो जाये और इस बाजार की दुनिया सौ जुगत लगाकर भी वह रीढ़ न तोड़ सके,न मोड़ सके।

    रीढ़ का कारोबार वह सत्तर का दशक रहा है और अफसोस कि हम उसकी आखिरी पीढ़ी है और हमारे हाथ से बगावत की झंडी पकड़ने के लिए कोई ससुरा मान नहीं रहा है।

    मुल्क रिलायंस अदाणी का,हुकुम उनका और हुकूमत भी उनकी!

    नामालूम कि कब यादें सिरे से गुमशुदा हो जायें!

    राजन बकवास किये जा रहे हैं।

    राज उनका खत्म है और वे डाउ कैमिकल्स के वकील भी यकीनन नहीं हैं।

    खुदै कह रहे हैं कि सुधार अंधेरे में तीरंदाजी है।

    वे खुल्ला झूठ बोले हैं,दोस्तो।

    यह तीरंदाजी नहीं है।

    शब्दभेदी वाण भी नहीं है कोई यह राजा दशरथ का कि कोई अकेला श्रवण कुमार मारा जायेगा और भगवान राम का जनम हो जायेगा।

    राज उनका खत्म है और वे डाउ कैमिकल्स के वकील भी यकीनन नहीं हैं।

    कुदे कह रहे हैं कि सुधार अंधेरे में तीरंदाजी है।

    वे खुल्ला झूठ बोले हैं,दोस्तो।

    यह सरासर चांदमारी है और जो भी नागरिक है,मारा जायेगा।

    जो नागरिक नहीं भी है वह भी मारा जा जायेगा।

    कत्लेआम के लिए सियासत काफी है ,दोस्तों।

    मजहब के मुहं पर लहू क्यों लगाते हो ?

    कत्लेआम के लिए सियासत काफी है ,दोस्तों।

    रब को हत्यारा और हत्यारे को रब क्यों बनाते हो ?

    गुजारात में जो हो रहा है और बाकी देश में जो होने वाला है।

    धर्म और जाति के नाम जो फिर बंटवारा बेइंतहा है।

    पहचान के नर्क में जो मुल्क मर रहा है।

    जो मर रही हैं तमाम यादें हमारी

    कि हम जिंदा हैं भी और हम जिंदा नहीं भी है।

    बाजार मजहब बना है।

    कौन पराया,कौन अपना,होश कुछ भी बराबर नहीं है

    और चांदमारी करने वाली फौजें भी हमीं तो,

    हमीं तो हैं अपनों पर जो चांदमारी कर रहे हैं।

    सिरे से गुमशुदा है यादें।

    रसगुल्ला है और नहीं भी है रसगुल्ला।

    मधुमेह महामारी है।

    रसगुल्ला खा भी रहे हैं खूब

    लेकिन जो खा रहे हैं

    वह मीठा जरुर है

    फिरभी जहर है।

    हमें होश नहीं है कि

    दुनिया बाजार है और

    बाजार में मुहब्बत मना है।

    बाजार मजहब बना है।

    मुल्क भी मजहबी इनदिनों।

    मुल्क रिलायंस अदाणी का,हुकुम उनका और हुकूमत भी उनकी!

    नामालूम कि कब यादें सिरे से गुमशुदा हो जायें!

    हम सिर्फ अपने साथियों,दोस्तों और भाइयों,बहनों का

    इंतजार कर रहे हैं।

    हम सिर्फ इंतजार कर रहे हैं उन मासूम दिलों का जो मुहब्बत में बेकरार हैं,

    फिरभी जिन्हे इकरार नहीं है,नहीं है।

    कभी किसी ने कहा है कि हंगामा खड़ा करना मकसद नहीं,हालात बदलने चाहिए।

    न शायर हूं और न कवि,लेकक भी नहीं हूं।नौकरी करता हूं लेकिन पत्रकारिता में भी कोई तोप नहीं हूं।

    हम हंगामा खड़ा करना भी नहीं चाहते हैं।

    हम मुक्म्मल जंग लड़ना चाहते हैं।

    हमारे पास न तलवारे हैं,न तोपें हैं हमारे पास।

    नहमारी कोई फोज है और न मिसाइलें हैं हमारी।

    फिरभी यकीन है कि इंसान जब जागेगा तो सवेरा है।

    फिर यूं समझो कि सहर है,भागा अंधियारा है।

    हमें उसी जागरण का इंतजार है।

    बाकी हालात तो बदलेंगे ही,

    हालात उनके बस में भी  नही है

    जिनका तेज बत्ती वाला कारोबार।

    रंगा सियार का रंग भी उतरने लगा है।

    राजन का राजपाट गयो रे हवा हुई बैंकिंग रिलायंस राज में।

    बाकी यह बाजार है।

    जोड़ हिसाब गुणा भाग समीकरण सभै हराय गयो रे।

    रंगा सियार का रंग भी उतरने लगा है।

    कई ना बतावे कि सांढ़ों का कारोबार किसको हो।

    कोई ना बतावै भालुओं का बंदर नाच किस किस की मुनाफावसूली के लिए।

    कोई ना बतावै ससुरा कि महाजिन्न,बिररंची बाबा,टाइटेनिक महाराज जो आव ना देखे कि ताव भी ना देखे, धकाधक सेल्फी ठोंके फटास फटास और पूरा देश झोंक दियो बाजार मा,तो आखेर फायदा किसका और नुकसानवा किसका।

    यादें गुम है दोस्तों।

    न जाने हम कि अपना कौन,पराया कौन।

    यादें गुम हैं और लोग गणित भी भुला गये इतिहास भूगोल के साथ साथ और किसीको नहीं मालूम कि रगों में उसका कोई खून नहीं, पानी है और खून उसका सड़कों पर बह रहा है और ससुरा समझै है कि खून किसी और का है।

    मुल्क रिलायंस अदाणी का,हुकुम उनका और हुकूमत भी उनकी!

    नामालूम कि कब यादें सिरे से गुमशुदा हो जायें!

    बाकी हम का कहे दुखवा कासे कहें कि खबर है कि बांच लै खुदैः

    अब इसे भारत सरकार की 'मेक इन इंडिया' परियोजना के लिए बड़ी उपलब्धि ही कहेंगे कि रूसी सरकार ने एक और परियोजना के लिए भारत को चुना है। रूस की सरकार ने अपनी इस नई परियोजना के भारत में अनिल अंबानी के नेतृत्‍व वाले रिलायंस समू‍ह की एक कंपनी को अपना साझेदार बनाया है। जानकारी है कि दोनों के बीच ये साझेदारी सेना और वायुसेना के लिए करीब 197 हेलीकॉप्‍टर बनाने के लिए हुई है। इस प्रोजेक्‍ट को लेकर कुल मिलाकर 6,000 करोड़ रुपये की परियोजना तैयार की गई है।

    रूस के राष्ट्रपति व्लादिमीर पुतिन ने गत वर्ष दिसंबर में भारतीय दौरे के समय मोदी के सामने यह प्रस्ताव रखा था। हेलीकॉप्टर देश में बनाने की सहमति होने पर 200 हेलीकॉप्टर बनाने का प्रस्ताव दिया गया। बाद में 400 और हेलीकॉप्टर बनाने का ठेका दिया जा सकता है। इसी के तहत रूस सरकार ने एक और परियोजना के लिए अनिल अंबानी के नेतृत्व वाले रिलायंस समूह की एक कंपनी को साझेदार के रूप में चुना है।

    यह साझेदारी सेना और वायुसेना के लिए 197 हेलीकॉप्टर बनाने के 6,000 करोड़ रुपये की एक परियोजना को लेकर है। सूत्रों ने शुक्रवार को बताया कि मेक इन इंडिया कार्यक्रम के तहत यह सबसे बड़े समझौतों में से एक होगा। इसके तहत कामोव 226टी श्रेणी के 197 हेलीकॉप्टरों का देश में निर्माण किया जाएगा, जो 30 वर्षो से अहम क्षेत्रों में सेवा दे रहे चेतक और चीता हेलीकॉप्टर बेड़ों की जगह लेगा। इस बारे में पूछे जाने पर रिलायंस डिफेंस के प्रवक्ता ने कहा, "हम प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी के मेक इन इंडिया और स्किल इंडिया में हिस्सा लेने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध हैं।"

    रक्षामंत्री मनोहर पर्रिकर की अध्यक्षता में मई में रक्षा खरीद परिषद की हुई बैठक में प्रस्ताव को मंजूरी दे दी गई थी। सूत्रों ने बताया कि गहन वार्ता के बाद रूस की सरकार ने भारत सरकार से कहा है कि परियोजना का कार्यान्वयन एक भरतीय कंपनी के साथ बनाई गई एक संयुक्त उपक्रम कंपनी के जरिए होगा और इसके लिए रिलायंस हेलीकॉप्टर का चुनाव किया गया है।

    इसमें प्रौद्योगिकी का हस्तांतरण भी शामिल है। इसी महीने के शुरू में रिलायंस समूह की कंपनी पिपावाव डिफेंस को रूस के ज्योज्दोच्का शिपयार्ड ने 24 ईकेएम-877 पनडुब्बियों का भारत में मरम्मत करने के लिए चुना था। यह ठेका 30 हजार करोड़ रुपये का हो सकता है। सूत्रों के मुताबिक, युनाइटेड शिपबिल्डिंग कंपनी ऑफ रूस ने पिपावाव का चुनाव तलवार श्रेणी के चार पोतों के निर्माण के लिए भी किया है।

    अब तक का होगा सबसे बड़ा समझौता

    सूत्रों से प्राप्‍त जानकारी पर गौर करें तो भारत सरकार के 'मेक इन इंडिया' कार्यक्रम के तहत ये अब तक का सबसे बड़ा समझौता साबित होगा। साथ ही ये भी बताया गया कि इसके तहत कामोव 226टी श्रेणी के 197 हेलीकॉप्टरों का निर्माण देश में ही किया जाएगा। बड़ी बात ये भी है कि ये अब 30 वर्षों से अहम क्षेत्रों में सेवा दे रहे चेतक और चीता हेलीकॉप्टर बेड़ों की जगह लेगा।

    रिलायंस डिफेंस के प्रवक्‍ता का ये है कहना

    इस बारे में रिलायंस डिफेंस के प्रवक्ता ने जानकारी दी कि वे प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी के 'मेक इन इंडिया' और 'स्किल इंडिया' सरीखे कार्यक्रमों में बेहद खुशी के साथ हिस्सा लेने के लिए पूरी तरह से प्रतिबद्ध हैं। यहीं नहीं उन्‍होंने ये भी कहा कि देश की जरूरतें पूरी करने के लिए सैन्य और असैन्य हेलीकॉप्टरों का निर्माण इस प्रतिबद्धता का एक सबसे बड़ा और अहम हिस्सा है।

    सूत्रों का ऐसा है कहना

    सूत्रों से मिली जानकारी पर गौर करें तो सामने आया है कि परियोजना का कार्यान्वयन एक संयुक्त उपक्रम कंपनी की मदद से किया जाएगा। इसको लेकर रिलायंस डिफेंस की नवगठित हेलीकॉप्टर इकाई का चयन किया गया है। बताते चलें कि रिलायंस डिफेंस रिलायंस इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर की ही कंपनी है। वहीं अब कंपनी तेजी के साथ औद्योगिक लाइसेंस हासिल करने की प्रक्रिया में है।

    रूस के राष्‍ट्रपति ने पीएम के सामने रखा था प्रस्‍ताव

    याद दिला दें कि रूस के राष्ट्रपति व्लादिमीर पुतिन ने गत वर्ष भारतीय दौरे के समय दिसंबर में मोदी के सामने इस तरह का प्रस्ताव रखा था। उसके बाद रक्षामंत्री मनोहर पर्रिकर की अध्यक्षता में मई के महीने में रक्षा खरीद परिषद की बैठक में इस प्रस्ताव को पूरी तरह से मंजूरी दे दी गई थी। वैसे बता दें कि इसी महीने की शुरुआत में रिलायंस समूह की कंपनी पिपावाव डिफेंस को रूस के ज्योज्दोच्का शिपयार्ड ने 24 ईकेएम-877 पनडुब्बियों को भारत में मरम्मत करने के लिए चुना था।

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    The Patel protests are a slap in the face for Narendra Modi's vibrant Gujarat

    Modi-Hardik Patel-Gujarat-Patel

    Burning. (Reuters/Amit Dave)
    August 27, 2015 Quartz India

    Gujarat's influential Patel—or Patidar—community has rattled the western Indian state in the past few days with its demand for other backward class (OBC) status.

    At least eight people have died in incidents related to the agitation, curfew has been declared in over half-a-dozen cities, paramilitary forces have been deployed and the army has been called in to conduct flag marches.

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government—which has ruled Gujarat with the staunch backing of the Patels—has been taken completely off guard.

    Prime minister Narendra Modi, who served as the Gujarat chief minister between 2001 and 2014, has appealed for peace, but the protestors, led by a 22-year-old commerce graduate, have promised that they won't back down.

    But why exactly is an economically successful community in an industrialised state like Gujarat agitating for caste-based quotas?

    And what does it mean for the likes of the BJP, which has dominated the state's politics for decades?

    In an interview to Quartz, Achyut Yagnik, a social scientist and author based in Ahmedabad, argues the protests are a manifestation of the flaws in the development model mastered by Modi.

    Yagnik's answers below have been lightly edited for clarity.

    What is the history of the Patel uprising?

    Patels are the surname of people who belong to the Patidar community. Patidars were an agrarian community in the 19th century and the word patidan meant entitlements. They were primarily a middle class community. During the 20th century, they supported the Indian National Congress party at the time of the independence movement, following Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Once the agriculture business took off, they set up small and medium-scale industries across the state.

    In the 1980s, when Gujarat was at the brink due to reservation policies, the Patels had strictly opposed it. The then government, led by Madhav Singh Solanki from the Congress party, had come up with an electoral strategy of focussing on the KHAM (Kshatriyas, Harijans, Adivasis and Muslims). This alienated the community from the Congress and they moved to support the BJP. Since then, they have been the BJP's mainstay.

    They felt deprived and fought the government against the reservation policy back then. But now, they have done a 360 degree turn and want to be brought under the reserved category.

    How powerful are the Patels?

    In the current state assembly, 40 of the 120 BJP MLAs (members of legislative assembly) are Patidars, and even the powerful home minister and chief minister belong to the Patel community. The president of the BJP in Gujarat is also a Patidar. Before Modi became chief minister, there was a Patel, and after he left, there is a Patel as chief minister. It is such a dominant community. It is funny how they are asking for reservation.

    The community is financially well-off. They own cooperative societies, the dairy industry and a lot of diamond trade. I think it is more like an anti-reservation protest.

    It is the younger generation of Patels who are getting restless. They aren't getting jobs. They haven't been able to get into medical colleges, and at the end of the day, many aspire to move to the US. One-third of the Indians in the US are Gujarati, and a majority of them are Patels. The younger generation in rural areas want to live in urban areas and they want the opportunity now, which they are being deprived off.

    Why are they protesting now?

    Hardik Patel-Narendra Modi-Gujarat-Ahmedabad
    Hardik Patel speaks in front of the statue of India's first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel during a mega rally in Ahmedabad.(AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

    There are basically two reasons for the current uprising.

    The Patels had set up a lot of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Gujarat in Saurashtra, Jamnagar and Rajkot. These survived on governmental support for years. But, with the Gujarat model of development, the Modi government laid stress on big industries. In the past ten years, some 60,000 of these SMEs have shut down.

    Even the diamond business, where many are engaged, has been facing a slowdown.

    The second aspect is the problem of jobs. The government has been giving away jobs under the contractual programme (instead of permanent jobs). For instance, in education, vidya sahayaks, who are contractual teachers, get about Rs7,500 per month. Contractual jobs were also extended to land revenue department and police forces.

    Within the Patel community, there are also a number of them who are middle class. They are interested in securing jobs as teachers or in the government services. For instance, in Kutch, you will find a lot of Patel teachers who hail from the Mehsana district, which is also the epicentre of the protests. So when contractual jobs were being awarded, many became unhappy.

    Indirectly, the protests are a take on Gujarat's model of development that has failed. And Narendra Modi is responsible.

    What does this mean for the BJP?

    Patels have been the backbone of the BJP since 1985. And now, they are an all-powerful community in the party and the government. But the younger generation doesn't care. On Aug. 25, they set fire to the house of Rajni Patel, Gujarat's home minister. He is also a Patel.

    Within the Patels, grandfathers support the BJP, but the grandchildren don't.

    Also, the current government lacked vision. Hardik Patel had raised the issue on May 6 this year, but the BJP government didn't do anything. Indirectly they were supporting it till it hit them hard on Aug. 25. How could they have managed the protest without any sort of approval from the top? But they did not think Hardik would create such a ruckus.

    And now, the backbone of the BJP has been broken. In the future, Patels won't vote for the BJP—and that is a big setback.

    Modi-Gujarat-Patel-Hardik Patel
    Indian policemen in plain clothes walk past vehicles damaged during a clash between two groups in Ahmadabad, India, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015.(AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

    Can the Congress party seize the opportunity?

    Congress is structurally weak in Gujarat. Their main support is the OBC, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe. They are not in a position to directly intervene. My sense is there is unhappiness within the Congress party about its state leadership, too. So there won't be an opportunity for them.

    Who is responsible for the problem?

    The whole uprising is a failure by Modi. He ruled the state for 13 years.

    He developed the big industries at the cost of SMEs. Economically, Gujarat is going through a tough and problematic phase. The social fabric has been affected—and that's very dangerous.

    What happens next?

    They cannot afford to give any more reservations. At this point, Brahmins and Banias in Gujarat are about 3% each of the population. Another 5% are Kshatriyas. About 45% of the population is backward classes. Patels are about 15% of the population. In reality, they are upper class.

    The Dalits in the state are now worried. There is an underlying fear because of the protests since they believe they will be targeted, and it is impossible for the government to fix the current crisis. The law does not allow more than 50% reservation. There is 27% reservation for the OBC, 15% for tribals and 7% for Dalits in Gujarat.

    This whole fiasco will create a big challenge for the BJP, and they will face problems in the elections. Indirectly, all of this is a failure of Gujarat development model. There is a myth that has been created about the model and now there is a demystification that's going on.

    This uprising is a game changer for Gujarat, Modi, and for the BJP.

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