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This is my Real Life Story: Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams. It is hightime that I should share my life with you all. So that something may be done to save this Galaxy. Please write to: bangasanskriti.sahityasammilani@gmail.comThis Blog is all about Black Untouchables,Indigenous, Aboriginal People worldwide, Refugees, Persecuted nationalities, Minorities and golbal RESISTANCE.

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    Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences
    Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences
    Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences

    The Muslim Brotherhood was dismayed at the farcical sentences issued in the espionage and the storming of prisons cases, which include the President of the Republic Mohamed Morsi and a large number of leaders of National and Islamic work. The group affirms that the life imprisonment and death sentences today (Tuesday) are null and void, issued by judges and a Mufti who have sold themselves to the murderous military junta, judges and Mufti who do not deserve to sit on their esteemed seats, but in history's waste-baskets, where seats have been booked for them.

    The group stresses that these unjust court sentences represent a trial for the January Revolution, its objectives and gains and its participants, that the "constitutional and revolutionary" legitimacy established by the January Revolution is the basis of the real struggle in the streets now, and that these sentences and trials are null and void.

    Every day, the brutal military coup regime declares it does not respect the mind or will of the Egyptian people, having run over their will with tanks, it announced today the execution of the will of the people, to begin a stage of oppression, tyranny and repression as experienced by Egypt since the coup and until the Revolution defeats it fully and unequivocally.

    With many legal irregularities and crimes committed in the trials, the murders in the name of law and religion, turning a blind eye to torture, kidnapping and enforced disappearance, and then exaggerated and intensely politicized sentences, the judiciary and the Mufti have reached the end point where there is no repentance or turning back.

    Democracy and freedom endorsed by the January Revolution and the Egyptians' sacrifices of the patriotic people will not be lost in vain. With their sentence today for the execution of the elected President and the homeland's honorable leaders, the traitorous military junta have cut off all routes of retreat, and set themselves up for fair retribution. Meanwhile, international silence about these crimes being committed in Egypt in the name of the law reinforces the international system's procedures in the killing and suppression of people for the sake of its own lowly interests.

    The group demands that all active forces at home and abroad to continue and escalate their revolutionary struggle against the military coup regime and its security, political, economic, media and judicial tentacles, who sold the homeland in order to entrench injustice and oppression.

    The group urges the homeland's patriotic people to rise in a massive popular protest Friday, a protest against executions, arrests, abductions and forced disappearances, a protest against the fascist criminal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his gang, a protest of farmers, workers, the destitute, the oppressed, intellectuals and ordinary Egyptians who reject oppression and injustice, a protest to uproot these killers – for a free, proud and sovereign homeland.

    The Revolution continues, a comprehensive, just and strong Revolution. The struggle watered by the blood of thousands in the streets, and the lives of patriotic people spent in prison or hunted, the groans of the tortured, and the honors violated - all these will not be lost in vain. The day will come for the inevitable retribution. God's verdict against all those corrupt murderers has already been issued, "They say: When is it? Say: It may be soon".

    The Muslim Brotherhood

    Cairo: Tuesday - June 16, 2015

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    আমরা ন্যায়বিচার পাইনি : মুজাহিদের ছেলে
    জামায়াতে ইসলামীর সেক্রেটারি জেনারেল আলী আহসান মোহাম্মদ মুজাহিদের রায়ের প্রতিক্রিয়ায় তাঁর ছেলে আলী আহমেদ মাবরুর বলেছেন, ট্রাইব্যুনালে আমরা ন্যায়বিচার পাইনি, ন্যায়বিচার পাওয়ার আশায় ওই রায়ের বিরুদ্ধে সুপ্রিম কোর্টে আপিল করেছিলাম। কিন্তু এখানেও ন্যায়বিচার পাইনি। এ রায়ে আমরা সংুব্ধ। এখন আইনজীবীদের সাথে কথা বলে পরবর্তী পদপে নেবো।
    আলী আহমেদ মাবরুর বলেন, বুদ্ধিজীবী হত্যার যে অভিযোগে মৃত্যুদণ্ড বহাল রাখা হয়েছে, সেখানে কাকে হত্যা করা হয়েছে তার উল্লেখ নেই। কোনো ভিকটিম পরিবারের সদস্য ট্রাইব্যুনালে স্যা দেয়নি। এ অভিযোগে কিসের ভিত্তিতে মৃত্যুদণ্ড বহাল রাখা হয়েছে তা আমার কাছে রহস্যময়। - See more at:…
    যে স্যা প্রমাণের ভিত্তিতে মৃত্যুদণ্ড দেয়া হয়েছে তা সঠিক হয়নি : খন্দকার মাহবুব
    নিজস্ব প্রতিবেদক

    জামায়াতে ইসলামীর সেক্রেটারি জেনারেল আলী আহসান মোহাম্মদ মুজাহিদের প্রধান আইনজীবী খন্দকার মাহবুব হোসেন রায়ের পর সুপ্রিম কোর্ট বার সভাপতির কক্ষের সামনে এক ব্রিফিংয়ে বলেন, যে স্যা-প্রমাণের ভিত্তিতে মৃত্যুদণ্ড দেয়া হয়েছে তা সঠিক হয়নি। আইনজীবী হিসেবে আমি মনে করি যে অভিযোগে মুজাহিদকে মৃত্যুদণ্ড দেয়া হয়েছে তাতে যথেষ্ট দুর্বলতা রয়েছে। 
    খন্দকার মাহবুব হোসেন বলেন, আমরা খুবই উদ্বিগ্ন যে অভিযোগে আপিল বিভাগ তাকে মৃত্যুদণ্ড দিয়েছেন সেটি নিয়ে। আদালত তার বিরুদ্ধে ৭ নং অভিযোগে মৃত্যুদণ্ড থেকে সাজা কমিয়ে যাবজ্জীবন দিলেও ৬ নং অভিযোগে মৃত্যুদণ্ড বহাল রেখেছেন। আমরা মনে করি ৬ নং অভিযোগ সুনির্দিষ্ট ছিল না, ঢালাওভাবে অভিযোগ আনা হয়েছে।
    তিনি বলেন, আমরা আশা করি যেভাবে ৬ নং অভিযোগটি আনা হয়েছে এবং স্যা দেয়া হয়েছে, তার বিবেচনায় রিভিউতে আমাদের আসামি খালাশ পাবেন।
    মাহবুব হোসেন বলেন, আমরা লিখিত রায় পাওয়ার পর নিয়মানুযায়ী ১৫ দিনের মধ্যে রিভিউ আবেদন করব। আশা করি আপিল বিভাগ রিভিউতে ত্রুটিগুলো বিবেচনায় নিয়ে যে অভিযোগে মৃত্যুদণ্ড দেয়া হয়েছে তা থেকে অব্যাহতি দেবেন। তিনি আরো বলেন, মামলার তদন্ত কর্মকর্তাও বলেছেন, মুজাহিদ আলবদর ছিলেন এ ধরনের কোনো প্রমাণ পাওয়া যায়নি।

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    The Two Contending Visions of World Government: The Origin and Broader Context of Obama's "Trade" Deals

    Global Research, June 16, 2015


    U.S. President Barack Obama's proposed 'Trade' deals are actually about whether the world is heading toward a dictatorial world government — a dictatorship by the hundred or so global super-rich who hold the controlling blocks of stock in the world's largest international corporations — or else toward a democratic world government, which will be a global federation of free and independent states, much like the United States was at its founding, but global in extent. These are two opposite visions of world government; and Obama is clearly on the side of fascism, an international mega-corporate dictatorship, as will be documented here in the links, and explained in the discussion.

    Also as a preliminary to the discussion here is the understanding that if Obama wins Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority, then all of his 'trade' deals will be approved by Congress and then be able to be considered seriously by other governments, and that if he fails to receive this Authority, then none of them will.

    "Fast Track," as will be explained in depth here, is, indeed, the "open Sesame" for Obama, on the entire matter. Without it, his deals don't stand even a chance of passage.

    I previously wrote about why it's the case that "'Fast Track' Violates the U.S. Constitution." The details of the case are presented there; but, to summarize it here: "Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority," which was introduced by the imperial President Richard M. Nixon in the Trade Act of 1974, violates the U.S. Constitution's Treaty Clause — the clause that says "The President … shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur." (In other words:otherwise, the President simply doesn't have that power, the President cannot "make treaties." Nixon wanted to make treaties without his needing to have two-thirds of the Senate vote "Yea" on them.) Fast Track abolishes that two-thirds requirement and replaces it by a requirement such as that for normal laws, of only a majority of the Senate approving, 50%(+1, which would be Vice President Joe Biden, so all that will actually be needed would be just that 50%). Obama's 'trade' deals don't stand a chance of receiving the approval of two-thirds of the U.S. Senate.

    What follows here will continue from that case, by providing the history of the U.S. Constitution's Treaty Clause, and of the successful modern movement, during the Twentieth Century, for its legislative overthrow, something (the legislated overthrow of a provision that's in the Constitution) that in-itself is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution — an Amendment, or else a Constitutional convention, is instead required, in order to overthrow any provision of the U.S. Constitution) — but which the Trade Act of 1974 said can be done by means of a mere "Legislative-Executive Agreement," to carve out an exception to the Constitution's Treaty Clause ("The President … shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur."), whenever the President and 50%+1 members of the Senate decide to do so.

    Now, of course, each and every formalized international agreement, including agreements about "trade," is a treaty and therefore it falls under this two-thirds rule. Furthermore, until 1974, every nation in the world, including the United States, accepted and did not challenge the view that every international agreement is a treaty, and that every treaty is an international agreement. In fact, even right up to the present day, every dictionary continues to define "treaty" as "an international agreement." An international agreement is a treaty, and a treaty is an international agreement. Throughout the world, except in the United States starting long after the Constitution was written (i.e., starting in 1974), "treaty" = "international agreement." It was always quite simple, until recently. However, after the Trade Act of 1974, starting in 1979, five such treaties have been set by the President and the Senate's Majority Leader on "Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority" under the Trade Act of 1974, which provision of that law requires only 50%+1 Senators to vote "Yea" in order for the proposed treaty to be able to become U.S. law. The question is whether that's Constitutional. (We'll show: it's not.)

    America's Founders

    America's Founders instituted this Constitutional treaty-requirement, for any treaty to win two-thirds of the Senators instead of the mere majority (50%+1) that's required for passing normal laws (such as the Trade Act of 1974 itself is), because the Founders recognized that an international agreement cannot be undone by simply passing a new law that reverses it. An international agreement — that is to say a treaty — cannot be undone unless all nations that are parties to it are willing to change it in a way which will allow one of the signatories to depart from that group. Each signatory had signed it partly because the others did. There are at least two sides to any "agreement," including to any international agreement or "treaty." The member-nations are thus an intrinsic part of the agreement (or "treaty") itself (unlike the case with any normal, merely national, law), and so the agreement itself is changed whenever one of them departs from it. This fact distinguishes any treaty from any regular law — which can be cancelled at will by the single nation that passes it, because that nation is the only party to it.

    America's Founders were wise, and were extraordinarily learned about history; and the U.S. Constitution (the first-ever constitution for a democracy) embodies this wisdom and learning; the Treaty Clause's two-thirds requirement exemplifies that. It is a crucial part of their determination to prevent any President from having too much power — from becoming a dictator (something that becomes even worse if the dictator has rammed through not only mere laws, but also treaties, since those are far harder to undo). For example: it was intended to block any President from making a treaty with a foreign nation if that treaty would be so bad that he couldn't get two-thirds of the U.S. Senate to support it. (That's tough, but a treaty is far more difficult than any other law is to cancel; so, passing it is passing a law that's virtually permanent and virtually impossible to modify.) And their wisdom is why our constitution remains the world's longest-lasting one.

    As Alexander Hamilton wrote on 9 January 1796, defending the new Constitution, and especially its Treaty Clause: "I aver, that it was understood by all to be the intent of the provision [the Treaty Clause] to give to that power the most ample latitude to render it competent to all the stipulations, which the exigencies of National Affairs might require—competent to the making of Treaties of Alliance, Treaties of Commerce, Treaties of Peace and every other species of Convention usual among nations and competent in the course of its exercise to controul & bind the legislative power of Congress. And it was emphatically for this reason that it was so carefully guarded; the cooperation of two thirds of the Senate with the President being required to make a Treaty. I appeal for this with confidence."

    He went further: "It will not be disputed that the words 'Treaties and alliances' are of equivalent import and of no greater force than the single word Treaties. An alliance is only a species of Treaty, a particular of a general. And the power of 'entering into Treaties,' which terms confer the authority under which the former Government acted, will not be pretended to be stronger than the power 'to make Treaties,' which are the terms constituting the authority under which the present Government acts." So: there can be no doubt that the term "treaty" refers to any and all types of international agreements. This was the Founders' clear and unequivocal intent. No court under this Constitution possesses any power to change that, because they can't change history.

    Furthermore, George Washington's famous Farewell Address asserted that, "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world"; and the third President Thomas Jefferson said in his equally famous Inaugural Address, that there should be "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none." Jefferson's comment there was also a succinct tip-of-the-hat to yet another major concern that the Founders had regarding treaties — that by discriminating in favor of the treaty-partners, they also discriminate against  non-partner nations, and so endanger "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations," which was the Founders' chief goal in their foreign policies. But, the Founders' chief concern was the mere recognition that treaties tend to be far more "permanent" and "entangling" than any purely national laws. This was the main reason why treaties need to be made much more difficult tobecome laws. Though this thinking was pervasive amongst the creators of America's democracy (or people's republic), America's aristocracy subsequently targeted this dilution of the President's treaty-making power as being an impediment toward their re-establishing the aristocracy that the American Revolution itself had overthrown and replaced by this people's republic. And, the big chance for the aristocracy to restore its position via an imperial President, and so to extend their empire beyond our shores, came almost two hundred years later.

    America's Post WW II Counter-Revolution

    In order to understand why President Richard Nixon was able in 1974 to obtain the support of both of the then-solidly Democratic two houses of Congress to pass into law the unConstitutional Fast-Track-initiating "Trade Act of 1974", notwithstanding the then-ongoing investigations by Democrats regarding Nixon's Watergate scandal, one must go back actually to the first meeting of the extremely secretive elite fascistic international Bilderberg group, in1954Here from wikileaks is a 1955 status report from Bilderbergs, on their early-stage results; and the man who wrote that report and hypocritically praised in it "the quintessence of democratic life" was actually a 'former' Nazi, Prince Bernhard, who went all the way to his grave in 2004 as a champion of global rule by the American and European aristocracies. (The group was subsequently expanded by Bilderbergers David Rockefeller and the Polish nobleman Zbigniew Brzezinski to include Japan in their Trilateral Commission.) Within just three years, the 1957 membershipof the Bilderberg organization became far more American, far less European, but David Rockefeller and his Wall Street friend George W. Ball were two of the leading Bilderberg members from the very start.

    The Bilderberg group turned away from the former Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's international goal for the post-WW II world (conceived in conjunction with Rexford Guy Tugwell, FDR's chief policy-advisor), which international goal, building upon an already-existing grassroots movement, and entirely alien to the artificial concept of top-down aristocratic global control that the Bilderbergs promote, had been instead the gradual natural evolution, bottom-up, toward a democratic world government: a global confederation of free and independent states, not corporate at all but instead a United States of the World, in which the types of imperial international aggressions that the fascist powers had perpetrated and which had produced WW II would be outright banned, and this aggression-ban would be backed up by an international military force which would have the participation of each one of the world's states. In other words: FDR's co-conception, and his enduring goal, was of a democratic federal world government, not of a fascist or any other dictatorial and non-federal world government. It envisioned an international democracy, consisting of the world's nations as its federal units, even if some of those nations might still be dictatorships, in which case the democracy at the federal level (and the pressure from the democratic nations of the world) would then encourage any dictatorial nations to change or evolve in the direction of democracy. This was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's hope. It was a reasonable one. And it was rooted not only in an existing grassroots American movement but in a conception of how future history could evolve toward peace as naturally as possible, and with a minimum of command-and-control from the top — no aristocracy in control. This was a vision that was fully in keeping with the goals of America's Founders. But it sought to extend  that vision to the international sphere, in the modern age. The concept of a United States of the World was based on that. And the U.N. was to be the first step towards it.

    Rex Tugwell was very active while teaching at the University of Chicago right after WW II, promoting democratic world government as being key to the establishment of peace on a more secure institutional basis. Thus, in 1946, Albert Einstein wrote an essay, "Toward a World Government," which was published in his Out of My Later Years, (pp. 131-33), and it opened: "A conversation I had with three students of the University of Chicago has made a strong impression on me." He then expressed his conviction that "A person or a nation can be considered peace loving only if it is ready to cede its military force to the international authorities and to renounce every attempt or even the means, of achieving its interests abroad by the use of force." Einstein was specific: "This [world] government must be based on a clearcut constitution which is approved by the governments and the nations and which gives it the sole disposition of offensive weapons." In other words: it must represent ultimately the people who elect the leaders of the various nations of the world, not international corporations, which answer instead to the families that hold the controlling blocks of stock in them. Einstein was anti-fascist, never pro-fascist. He was 100% in the FDR mold. He was 100% a democrat, small-"d". That's what this statement of his reflected; and as he understood, there must ultimately be both a global democracy, and also a global monopoly by that democracy on the control of all nuclear weapons. Otherwise, there will emerge a global dictatorship, and perhaps a nuclear war, which would destroy all civilization. He understood.

    This immediate post-WW-II vision of an ultimate world government in the FDR democratic mold lasted unchallenged until Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower (who chose Nixon as Vice President) came into office in 1953, and (now that FDR and his power-heir Truman were gone) America's large international corporations, and their tax-exempt foundations including think-tanks, started pressing for a world government in the Bilderberg mold, one that would be comprised instead mainly of international corporations which would help shape and would become subject to the same rules and laws and regulations in each and every 'democratic' country — that is, in each and every non-communist country. International corporations during the Cold War championed the goal of a bi-polar, capitalist-versus-communist, world, in which the international corporations would, themselves, ultimately become the world government on 'our' side (the 'free world's' side), dictating not only international environmental rules, and international product-safety rules, and international labor-rules, and international rules on banking and finance, but also international rules on immigration and on the rights of refugees.

    But, then, the Soviet Union and its communism ended, and yet the fascist Bilderberg group's thrust for globalized international-corporate control continued on, even after the Cold War's end, as also did what became their military extension, NATO — the international corporations' global enforcement-arm. NATO continued on, even after the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact disappeared in 1991. NATO became, then, instead of an anti-communist alliance, an anti-Russian alliance, an alliance to conquer Russia. The imperial focus continued; but it had underlain the ideological gloss even during the early Cold War years. The 1955 summary by Prince Bernhard of the 1954 Bilderberg meeting mentioned that Article 2 of the 1949 founding document of NATO, the Atlantic Treaty, had been discussed there. That portion of NATO's treaty said: "The Parties will … seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them." This was an early harbinger of the aristocracy's thrust for what finally became U.S. policy, the Trade Act of 1974 and its results in such international treaties as NAFTA and, now, as Obama hopes, his TPP, TTIP, and TISA, treaties. Bernhard's summary also devoted an entire section to "European Unity," including passages such as:

    A European speaker expressed concern about the need to achieve a common currency, and indicated that in his view this necessarily implied the creation of a central political authority. A participant, speaking as a German industrialist, said that, having fought for integration before, German industry was still determined to pursue the same purpose, but he expressed considerable doubt as to the functional approach to integration by moving from one economic sector to another. In his view, the common problems of differences in labour standards and currencies and the various elements entering into the common market must be brought nearer to parity as a condition of further progress. 

    A major thrust of the early Bilderberg meetings was to establish uniform economic, environmental, and labor, regulations, and a common currency, throughout Europe: this goal of transferring to an ultimate European Union a substantial portion of each Euronpean nation's sovereignty, started being realized in the 1957 Treaty of Rome, but some features of the Bilderberg plan were enacted only much later, such as the common currency, the euro, which began in 1999.

    Another section of the 1955 Bilderberg summary was titled "Economic Problems," and it opened: "A United States rapporteur, defining convertibility as a state of affairs in which there is a minimum of restriction on international trade, believed that a good deal of progress had been made in that direction since the war. … The increase in trade and prosperity both in Europe and the United States, however, was due in no small part to the steps which had been taken to reduce restrictions on trade." So: both the U.S. aristocracy, and the various European aristocracies, aimed to transfer at least some of their individual nations' sovereignty to supra-national treaties; but there was no discussion of how this was to be achieved — whether via democratic processes, or by dictatorial ones, or some mixture of the two.

    Among the leading members of the Bilderberg group since its inception were David Rockefeller and George Ball. The latter was the first person on the Democratic side of American politics who championed as an ideal an anti-democratic, pro-aristocratic world government. Matt Stoller, on 20 February 2014, bannered, "NAFTA Origins, Part Two: The Architects of Free Trade Really Did Want a World Government of Corporations," and he reported, from his study of theCongressional Record, that:

    After the Kennedy round [international-trade talks] ended [in 1967], liberal internationalists, including people like Chase CEO David Rockefeller and former Undersecretary of State George Ball, began pressing for reductions in non-tariff barriers, which they perceived as the next set of trade impediments to pull down. Ball was an architect of 1960s U.S. trade policy — he helped write the Trade Act of 1962, which set the stage for what eventually became the World Trade Organization.

    But Ball's idea behind getting rid of these barriers wasn't about free trade, it was about reorganizing the world so that corporations could manage resources for "the benefit of mankind". It was a weird utopian vision that you can hear today in the current United States Trade Representative Michael Froman's speeches. …

    In the opening statement [by Ball to Congress in 1967], before a legion of impressive Senators and Congressmen, Ball attacks the very notion of sovereignty. He goes after the idea that "business decisions" could be "frustrated by a multiplicity of different restrictions by relatively small nation states that are based on parochial considerations," and lauds the multinational corporation as the most perfect structure devised for the benefit of mankind.

    As for David Rockefeller, he wrote in the 1 February 1999 Newsweek an essay "Looking for New Leadership," in which he stated (p. 41) the widely quoted (though the rest of the article is ignored): "In recent years, there's been a trend toward democracy and market economies. That has lessened the role of government, which is something business people tend to be in favor of. But the other side of the coin is that somebody has to take governments' place, and business seems to me to be a logical entity to do it." (Of course, by "business" there, he's referring only to international corporations, but he doesn't say that; he's tactful enough not to make it explicit.) This has been his clearest statement endorsing the emergence of a future world government by international corporations, which will possess a sovereignty higher than that of any national government, which he says that he endorses because a lessening of the role of democratic government "is something business people tend to be in favor of." (Of course, those "business people" are only the hundred or so who actually control the major international corporations; they're not mom-and-pop-type "business people"; but he's tactful enough not to make that explicit, either. The whole endeavor is a con.)

    This was the basis upon which Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority was actually accepted by congressional Democrats in 1974. George Ball was the key person, but he was chosen for this role because he could be paraded as being a 'Democrat,' so that support for the position would be 'bi-partisan,' not merely "Republican." (Similarly, the Wall Street 'Democrat' Bill Clinton in 1999 derailed and subverted FDR's Glass-Steagall and other financial regulations.)

    After the end of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, NATO became the military arm of a hoped-for future no-longer bipolar world — instead a monolithically uni-polar global empire, which set out to conquer the former communist nations (first by corrupting their transitions into capitalism, but then increasingly by military means including NATO itself.) The ideological gloss was now gone, but the purpose of global domination by the international aristocracy didn't go away. NATO became, far more clearly, simply the military arm of the global aristocracy, whose brain is located in Washington as to politics, and in Wall Street as to finance. America's aristocracy would thus rule Europe's and Japan's. The great investigative historian F. William Engdahl recently presented a superb summary of how "In the early 1990s, Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, had surveyed the offshore oil potentials of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and the entire Caspian Sea Basin.

    They estimated the region to be 'another Saudi Arabia' worth several trillion dollars on today's market. The US and UK were determined to keep that oil bonanza from Russian control by all means. The first target of Washington was to stage a coup in Azerbaijan against elected president Abulfaz Elchibey to install a President more friendly to a US-controlled Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline." And that was all part of this operation: "Not long after the CIA and Saudi Intelligence-financed Mujahideen had devastated Afghanistan at the end of the 1980's, forcing the exit of the Soviet Army in 1989, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union itself some months later, the CIA began to look at possible places in the collapsing Soviet Union where their trained 'Afghan Arabs' [headed by Osama bin Laden] could be redeployed to further destabilize Russian influence over the post-Soviet Eurasian space." In other words: after the Cold War against 'communism' had already ended by the collapse of the communist economies, the Bilderbergers and their agents continued the war as being merely a war of conquest and exploitation of the formerly communist nations and especially of resource-rich Russia — an anti-Russia war that has recently been intensified by 'Democratic' President Barack Obama.

    The U.S. aristocracy, and, to a lesser extent, the European and Japanese aristocracies, within the Trilateral Commission which had been set up by the Bilderbergers (especially under Bilderberger David Rockefeller), all continue their international-corporate aim for unitary corporate global power, and for the crushing of democracy within all of the member-nations. President Obama's proposed international treaties, the TPP, TTIP, and TISA, would replace national democratic laws and regulations regarding the environment, consumer protection, workers' rights, and investor protection, by means of international-corporate control of those regulations, via panels of three 'arbitrators,' all of whom will be selected by or otherwise beholden to the international corporations that are being regulated; and, if any nation then tries to legislate stronger laws to protect the public than those panels approve under the given treaty, that nation will be fined by any corporation whose 'rights,' under these treaties (TPP, TTIP, and TISA), have been ruled by those panels to have been infringed by that violating nation. The basic idea is that the rights of the owners of the controlling blocks of stock in the international corporations take precedence over the rights of any mere nation, or of the public in any nation that participates in these vast American-dominated 'trade' deals. (The underlying ideology behind this is discussed in my 2015 book, Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.)

    This new system, called "Investor State Dispute Resolution," or ISDS, is only just starting to be employed and applied, from NAFTA and the few other such international agreements that are already in force. The following is from a Congressional Research Service report (which is generally heavily biased in favor of ISDS), in which is described one of the biggest cases yet that has been resolved by such panels:

    A tribunal's inability to change the laws or regulations of the United States directly does not mean that arbitration awards cannot be substantial. For example, in Occidental Petroleum Corp. v. Ecuador, the tribunal ordered Ecuador to pay Occidental $1,769,625,000—over 1 billion dollars—in damages.63 The tribunal rendered that award, which is one of the largest awards in favor of a claimant under ISDS arbitration, after finding that Ecuador violated an investment agreement by expropriating Occidental's property in response to Occidental transferring some of its economic interests under an oil production contract in contravention of Ecuador law.64 Therefore, although a tribunal lacks authority to alter a U.S. statute directly, some commentators believe that the possibility for such large monetary damages potentially could influence lawmakers and regulators when they consider proposed laws or regulations that may run afoul of IIA obligations.65

    The arbitrators said that the Ecuadorean laws, and even the Ecuadorean Constitution, were irrelevant, because Ecuador's signing on to ISDS was their signing away Ecuador's sovereignty over these matters. Occidental sued and won against Ecuador's enforcing Ecuador's laws. Occidental's stockholders won; Ecuador's public lost. If this isn't a warning to all subsequent signators to a treaty that has ISDS in it, nothing is.

    Another case pits the tobacco company Philip Morris against Uruguay. "Philip Morris is saying that the percentage of warning labels that are required on cigarette packs in Uruguay goes beyond what is reasonable to protect people from the harmful effects of smoking." Perhaps Uruguay won't have the money to contest the allegation, and will thus be forced to eliminate the requirement — and Uruguayans won't have the money to take care of the additional cancer and heart-attack cases.

    This is what a fascist instead of a democratic world government is like. In the final years of Barack Obama's U.S. Presidency, it's what he turns out to be pushing with more intensity than he has pushed anything before, even his "Obamacare."

    Andrew Gavin Marshall posted an article on 16 June 2011 which provided a remarkably well-documented history of the Bilderberg group and of their plan to supplant the rule by national democracies, and to replace it with an international government by the owners of the controlling blocks of stock in the world's largest international corporations. He notes there that the large foundations and think tanks already represent the large international corporations, and that they operate as tax-exempt extensions of them. One person that he cites sums this up well:

     "Foundations like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford have a corrosive influence on a democratic society; they represent relatively unregulated and unaccountable concentrations of power and wealth which buy talent, promote causes, and, in effect, establish an agenda of what merits society's attention. They serve as "cooling-out" agencies, delaying and preventing more radical, structural change. They help maintain an economic and political order, international in scope, which benefits the ruling-class interests of philanthropists and philanthropoids – a system which… has worked against the interests of minorities, the working class, and Third World peoples."

    Barack Obama's Role In This

    As the great independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has reported, in depth, in his many articles, such as (and these are repostings of originals from Madsen's subscription-only website) "Obama's CIA Pedigree" and "Details revealed about Obama's former CIA employer" and "The Story of Obama: All in The Company," and in his 2012 book The Manufacturing of a President: The CIA's Insertion of Barack H. Obama, Jr. into the White House, Obama's parents and grandparents were in the pay alternately of the U.S.-aristocracy-controlled CIA and of the U.S.-aristocracy-controlled Ford Foundation; and the boss of Obama's mother at the Ford Foundation was none other than Peter Geithner, who was the father of Timothy Geithner, the Wall Street operative who ran the U.S. Treasury Department in Obama's first term and who bailed out the investors in the megabanks while he refused to bail out the uneducated and poor mortgagees they had suckered with excessive loans, and the pension funds and other outside investors in the fraudulent resulting 'AAA'-rated Mortgage Backed Securities (MBSs, which the Federal Reserve is still buying up and transferring onto the backs of future U.S. taxpayers).

    So, Obama was deep into service to America's aristocracy, ever since he was in college; and his parents even raised him with money from the CIA and the Ford Foundation. Furthermore, Obama's first employment was with the CIA front firm, Business International Corporation, in 1983 and 1984, though he might have been recruited by the CIA even as early as around 1980. (Going back even farther than Madsen, some terrific independent investigators, such as Joseph Cannon and the libertarian Robert Wenzel, were already exploring Obama's CIA connections within mere months of his having won the U.S. Presidency in 2008. And, then, after Madsen, Andrew Krieg, in his 2013 blockbuster Presidential Puppetry, brought all of this together into a much broader, well documented, recent history of the U.S. as being an oligarchic instead of a democratic nation.)

    So: Obama represents (not just in his policies, but even in his background) the U.S. aristocracy (or "oligarchs"), and he aspires to bring to ultimate fruition his predecessors' dream, the dream of Bill Clinton, who did the largest previous Fast-Track-approved treaty, NAFTA, and, before him, of Richard Nixon, who created Fast Track (and before everything, there was the Bilderberg group): the goal of a fascist world government designed in Washington and signed by the aristocracies of the world's countries that are subservient to the U.S. aristocracy — 'trade' agreements that are actually a signing-away of democratic national sovereignties to this U.S.-aristocracy-dominated global international-corporate sovereign, which is both the treaty and its implementation — a world-government in the fascist style.

    Other countries don't have the U.S. Constitution's two-thirds requirement to contend with; and, so, they don't necessarily need to rape their constitutions in order to achieve this fascist conquest of their nation. Only the U.S. does; and this is the reason why, even the five international treaties that were passed via Fast Track are called, in every country that signed them, "treaty," except in the United States, where they are instead called (in accord with "Fast Track") merely an "international trade agreement."

    On 20 April 2015, InfoWars headlined, "Is Jeb Bush Going to Bilderberg 2015?" and reported that:

    Infowars correctly predicted in 2007 that former Texas Gov. Rick Perry would run for president in 2012 after traveling to the Bilderberg conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Barack Obama also also reportedly visited the Bilderberg conference just prior to becoming the presidential frontrunner after he "infamously disappeared to a secret location with Hillary Clinton in June 2008 in Northern Virginia, at precisely the same time and location the Bilderberg Group were convening in Chantilly," noted Infowars Paul Joseph Watson.

    Basically, FDR's post-WW-II agenda was highjacked by the fascists against whom FDR had led this country in order to defeat them; and, now, our Presidential candidates are needing to obtain the fascists' approvals in order for them to be able to receive the campaign-funding that's necessary in order to become 'a serious candidate.'

    Consequently, any Democrat who says, like the Democratic operative Michael Wessel did headlining in Politico on May 19th, "I've Read Obama's Secret Trade Deal. Elizabeth Warren Is Right to Be Concerned," that, "secretary [and she's not 'secretary,' any more than she is 'First Lady'] Clinton … should be commended … for raising a note of caution" about Obama's proposed trade-deals (Wessel is implicitly recognizing there that she is trying to avoid having to say publicly that she supports Obama's 'trade' deals, just like shelong had avoided saying publicly that she had supported her husband's), is merely sucking her up for a job in her campaign and/or in the White House (if she becomes President). Clinton is 100% sold already, to the highest bidders, just like every overtly Republican Presidential candidate is.

    Trusting her word on what her policies would be if she were to win, would be ridiculous, because she's not nearly as skilled a liar as Obama and her husband were, and she has a much lengthier career in public life than either of them did, and that career amply displays both her incompetency and her cravenousness. As a 'servant of the people,' she'd be a bad joke, not even a skilled con-artist, such as her husband and Obama were and are.

    And, the only people who support any one of the Republican candidates are the 0.01% of them who are aristocrats, and the 99.99% of them who are their aristocrats' suckers. And the only people who support the obviously fake 'Democratic' presidential candidates, the ones who haven't already made clear to the public their intense opposition to the fake 'Democrat' Obama's 'trade' deals (since they have no such intense opposition to them) — candidates such as Hillary Clinton are — are the Democratic Party's mega-donor aristocrats, and their mass of suckers on the Democratic-Party side.

    But that's the way you get the money to be 'a serious Presidential candidate' in today's America.

    In other words: the origin of the unConstitutional "Fast Track" is the war against the public that the aristocracy (both the Republican and the Democratic wings of it) has been waging, and increasingly winning, since 1953.

    The Main U.S. Constitutional Issue

    In June 1954, Morris D. Forkosch headlined in Chicago-Kent Law Review"Treaties and Executive Agreements," and summarized the status of this issue up into the start of the Eisenhower Administration. It was a different nation then. He noted:

    "Suppose, however, that a treaty conflicts with a provision of the United States Constitution or contradicts the terms of a federal statute. Which, then, governs? In the first of these situations, the United States Supreme Court has indicated, albeit the language is obiter, that the treaty would be ineffective.29" (His footnote included: "DeGeofroy v. Riggs, 133 U. S. 258 at 267, 10 S. Ct. 295, 33 L. Ed. 642 at 645 (1890), and Fort Leavenworth R. R. Co. v. Lowe, 114 U. S. 525 at 541, 5 S. Ct. 995, 29 L. Ed. 264 at 270 (1885).")

    So: according to U.S. Supreme Court decisions up till at least 1954, any one of the five Fast-Tracked international trade agreements that has been passed since the Fast-Track law, the Trade Act of 1974, was passed, would have been blocked by the Supreme Court, were it not for the Trade Act of 1974 — a mere law that, supposedly, has changed the Constitution without amending it, but that did this simply by asserting that when the Founders said "treaty" they weren't referring to any and all forms of international agreement — which they clearly were referring to, in their era. Obviously, the power to interpret the Constitution rests solely with the U.S. Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court is supposed to interpret the words that are in the Constitution as closely as possible to the way the Founders who wrote it intended those terms to be understood to mean. That's just basic, to any constitutional democracy.

    In February 2001, Michigan Law Review published John C. Yoo's January 2000 article, "Laws as Treaties: The Constitutionality of Congressional-Executive Agreements," in which Yoo, the lawyer who subsequently provided to George W. Bush the rationalization for Bush's authorization to use torture after 9/11, argued that the two-thirds Senate rule needs, for practical purposes, to be nullified for certain types of international agreements, including for the five that had already been Fast-Tracked. Rather than his dealing with the question of whether the Executive and the Legislative branches possess Constitutional authority to interpret the Constitution, he wrote there the argument that he would present to the Judicial branch, at the U.S. Supreme Court, if he were to be the attorney arguing there for the Constitutionality of Fast-Track. (Perhaps this paper was even one of the reasons why he was selected by Bush.) His entire argument was pragmatic as he saw it, such as, this: "Today, however, the Senate has about fifty percent more members than the first House of Representatives envisioned by the Constitution, suggesting that the Senate no longer has the small numbers that the Framers believed necessary for successful diplomacy." This sort of thing constituted his argument for why treaties that don't concern national security and so fall under the President's Commander-in-Chief authority, shouldn't be considered to be "treaties," but only "Congressional-Executive Agreements."

    However, even Yoo noted, at the time, that the most-prominent scholarly argument in favor of the Constitutionality of Fast-Track, "Is NAFTA Constitutional?" by Bruce Ackerman and David Golove, in the February 1995 Harvard Law Review, was a "provocative and idiosyncratic theory of unwritten constitutional amendments," whereas Yoo didn't have the nerve to demean, but only to note, the article in that same publication by Laurence Tribe, which demolished the Ackerman-Golove article. In December 1998, Golove came forth in New York University Law Review, with a 152-page treatise, "Against Free-Form Formalism," trying to overcome Tribe's case. But, more recently, Michael Ramsey posted online his 13 August 2012 review of all of that, "Laurence Tribe on Textualism (and Congressional-Executive Agreements)," where he devotes most of his attention to the two original pro-and-con articles in the 1995 HLR, and says that Tribe's case was far more persuasive than Ackerman-Golove's; and, then, he notes parenthetically near the end: "(David Golove makes an attempt, in a reply article published at 73 N.Y.U. L.Rev. 1791 (1998), but I don't think he makes much headway against them [Tribe's 'points'])." Golove's 152-page treatise failed to impress anyone. Among the legal scholars, it's pretty much a settled matter.

    Thus: the current academic status of the issue is: The Supreme Court would have little choice but to overturn the Fast-Track provision of the Trade Act of 1974, if the matter were to be accepted by the Court for adjudication, unless the high Court were willing to be despised not only by the public but especially by legal scholars. If the Court were to decline to consider the case, then it would be accepting the authority of the Executive branch in conjunction with some members of the Legislative branch, to interpret the meaning of "treaty" in the U.S. Constitution — and, in the entire history of the United States, the Supreme Court has never done that.

    Well, in a sense, that's not entirely correct: the 2001 appeals-court case, Made in the USA Foundation v. U.S., was the only case to deal with this issue, and it concluded, citing as its chief authority a non-dispositive Supreme Court decision that was written by Justice William H. Rehnquist, in the 1979 case Goldwater v. Carter, which said that a certain action that President Jimmy Carter had done under both his treaty authority and his Commander-in-Chief authority could not be Constitutionally challenged by Senator Barry Goldwater.

    But that Supreme Court decision, which was the supposed authority for this, concerned not international trade, but instead the President's authority as Commander-in-Chief, and so it wasn't even a "trade" case at all; it wasn't relevant, and thus really shouldn't have been cited, because it dealt with different Constitutional provisions regarding what does and what does not reside within the President's authority — namely, as Commander-in-Chief, and as the negotiator on mutual-defense treaties. So, there wasn't even a question in this matter as to whether it concerned a "treaty." On that shoddy basis, the appeals court said: "We nonetheless decline to reach the merits of this particular case, finding that with respect to international commercial agreements such as NAFTA, the question of just what constitutes a 'treaty' requiring Senate ratification presents a nonjusticiable political question." It said this even despite denying that the meaning of the Constitutional term "treaty" should be determined by the Executive and the Legislative branches, instead of by the Judicial branch:

    It is true that the Supreme Court has rejected arguments of nonjusticiability with respect to other ambiguous constitutional provisions. In Munoz-Flores, the Court was confronted with the question of whether a criminal statute requiring courts to impose a monetary "special assessment" on persons convicted of federal misdemeanors was a "bill for raising revenue" according to the Origination Clause of the Constitution, Art. I, § 7, cl. 1, in spite of the lack of guidance on exactly what types of legislation amount to bills "for raising revenue." The Court, in electing to decide the issue on the merits, rejected the contention that in the absence of clear guidance in the text of the Constitution, such a determination should be considered a political question.

    To be sure, the courts must develop standards for making[such] determinations, but the Government suggests no reason that developing such standards will be more difficult in this context than in any other. Surely a judicial system capable of determining when punishment is "cruel and unusual," when bail is "[e]xcessive," when searches are "unreasonable," and when congressional action is "necessary and proper" for executing an enumerated power, is capable of making the more prosaic judgments demanded by adjudication of Origination Clause challenges.

    So: even that appeals court was not saying that the Legislative and Executive branches, working in concert, should determine what a "treaty" is and what it isn't, but instead that court reaffirmed the exclusive authority of the Judicial branch to make such determinations. It simply refused to exercise the authority. Its argument on this was:

    We note that none of these cases [the cited ones on the Supreme Court's determinations regarding the meanings of specific terms and phrases in the Constitution], however, took place directly in the context of our nation's foreign policy, and in none of them was the constitutional authority of the President and Congress to manage our external political and economic relations implicated. In addition to the Constitution's textual commitment of such matters to the political branches, we believe, as discussed further below, that in the area of foreign relations, prudential considerations militate even more strongly in favor of judicial noninterference.

    So, why didn't those jurists even make note of the fact that their chief citation, Goldwater v. Carter, concerned military instead of economic matters, and not the meaning of "treaty," at all? Stupidity, or else some ulterior motive — because no reason at all was cited by them.

    Their decision closed by saying:

    We note that no member of the Senate itself has asserted that body's sole prerogative to ratify NAFTA (or, for that matter, other international commercial agreements) by a two-thirds supermajority. In light of the Senate's apparent acquiescence in the procedures used to approve NAFTA, we believe this further counsels against judicial intervention in the present case.

    This assertion totally ignored that "the Senate's apparent acquiescence" had occurred, and been measured, only according to the 50%+1 Fast-Track standard, never according to the Constitution's two-thirds standard. According to the Constitution's standard, which was applied nowhere in the process along the road toward approval of any of the five Fast-Tracked treaty-bills into law, the Senate never actually 'acquiesced in' any of them. This court was simply accepting the Constitutional validity of that 'acquiescence,' so as to determine whether or not it was Constitutionally valid. Circular reasoning — prejudice.

    However, in order to assist blockage of Fast Track for Obama's proposed 'trade' treaties, it would greatly help if one or more of the very vocal opponents in the U.S. Senate,against Fast-Tracking these treaties — Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, and Harry Reid, for examples — would petition the Supreme Court to rule on the Constitutionality of the provision in the Trade Act of 1974 that introduced Fast Track, and thus on Fast Track's abolition of the Constitution's two-thirds rule. Perhaps the case might become titled something like, "Warren v. United States," where "Warren" stands for America's public, and "United States" stands for America's aristocracy.

    The Bottom Line

    What's at stake here is nothing less than whether the future of the United States, and perhaps even of the world, will be democracy, or else fascism. That's a lot.

    Obama, in his trade-deals, aims to culminate the American aristocracy's victory. If he wins all his trade-deals, then the Obama Library and the other Obama-operations will become enormous with the billions pouring in, even as he'll go down in history as perhaps the worst President, probably (due to those trade-agreements) worse even than George W. Bush, or Harding, or Buchanan, or Grant, and with a far lengthier catastrophic result trailing after his Presidency, because those trade-deals will be very long-term catastrophes, which might end up destroying the hopes for democracy, not just internationally, but also nationally here in the U.S. The approval and resulting largesse from America's aristocracy doesn't come cheap, these days.

    The American aristocracy has spent billions for these deals since 1953, and now they demand their trillions on that investment. Obama aims to give them the orgasms of power and money that they've been investing in, during many decades. This has been a lengthy rape, and they'll be very grateful to Obama if he delivers this climax of it, to them — handing to them the world, as it were, on a golden platter, reeking from corruption, which is the sweetest smell they know, and which is by far the most profitable of all fragrances, in their nostrils, as they inhale it deep, and receive from it, this jolt, of sheer joy.

    Alfred de Zayas is the U.N.'s Special Rapporteur on Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable World Order, which is the U.N.'s official who speaks for the global institution regarding current issues that are of concern to the achievement of the U.N.'s founding objectives. A report in Britain's Guardian on 4 May 2015, titled "UN Calls for Suspension of TTIP Talks," quoted him as saying that the reason why the U.S.-EU negotiations must be suspended is that, "We don't want a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots." But the international aristocrats do want that. De Zayas, the institutionalized spokesperson for the vision of FDR and of RGT, spoke for the great progressive leaders who were committed to the defeat of fascism. However, Obama, the Clintons, all Republicans, and most of the leadership around the world, are now again within the fascist camp.

    In the long view of history, this matter is, on the global level, a continuation of WW II between democracy versus fascism; but, on the purely American national level, it is a continuation of the American Revolutionary War between democracy and aristocracy. Either way, what had been thought to have been a decisive victory for democracy has turned out to have been not so decisive after all; and the aristocratic, fascistic, forces have regrouped, and, at least up till June 12th, appeared to be heading for victory. But, this time, if they win, it might be final, because it truly would be a global victory for the aristocracy, and a global defeat for the public everywhere. This is what de Zayas warned of as "a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots."

    This is a global war, which has been waged since at least 1954, and Obama is aiming to negotiate the surrender of FDR and the Allies who had won WW II. But they'd be surrendering to him. One might call it "WW II, round 2." But it's also "The American Counter-Revolution." By either name, it's the same war, and the earlier victories for democracy are on the line, to be determined now, by our generation — or, perhaps, only by the aristocrats in our generation (if those few people will be its winners). If they win it, then what could a round 3, or an American counter-counter-revolution, conceivably be like — or would it be simply inconceivable? Or, perhaps, just inconceivably violent? "All the world's a prison" might sound peaceful for the aristocracy, who would be luxuriously outside those prison-walls in their own gated compounds, and far from earshot of the explosions within; but, for the global public, what would there be left to lose in a global revolution? The aristocracy already own almost everything. (And here is another way of looking at this.) That's not enough for them, but maybe it will finally become too much for everybody else. This type of "global warming" could thus become a global conflagration, even before the environmental one destroys everything.

    This is not biblical-doomsday stuff, at all. In fact, any doomsday that could actually come, wouldn't be at all mythological. Myths are designed to misinform people. Science is designed to inform them. One won't find out what the real threats are, by reading myths. Myths are shaped by the aristocracy, to control the public. Myths helped cause today's problems; they're no solution to the problems. They're part of the problems. Myths are propaganda. They do their jobs, for the deceivers, who generate them.

    Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They're Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST'S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of  Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

    Read more:

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  • 06/17/15--07:10: open letter to politicians
  • open letter to politicians


     Mr. President , PM ,K,P.OLI ,J .N Khanal and many other  looters of the taxpayers' money


    Subject –Return of the looted money in the PM's relief fund


    Dear politicians /office bearers


    You all know how the last EQ of 12th Baishak devastated our lovely country and many lives and billions worth property damaged. This is undoubtedly a time to mourn and make determination that you will do that needed to restructure the country, help the victims and reconstruct the damages. In this context all Nepalese citizen are doing their best to help the victims of the EQ.

    At this stage we need strong unity and determination to overcome the tragedies brought by the last EQ. However the political leaders are neither showing their strength to re- structure nor doing any kind of help to the victims as they are interested only to loot the nation. They are busy in smuggling the relief materials like corrugated sheets, blankets and misuse the money allocated for the tents purchase. The funny and disgusting part is that the same looters who looted millions of taxpayer's money in the name of medical treatment are visiting various sites of damages and telling the people to keep courage and fooling them that the corrupt government will help them to fight with the EQ damages.  These shameless people talk big and give false assurances and false promise saying Rs 15,000  will be provided to you for buying the corrugated sheet, 5 lacks low interest loan to built new house etc but in reality the corrupt politicians  are looting the taxpayers money in different pretext. It looks so ridicules when looters like PM ex PM, President , etc  request the poor people to help the victims and poor innocent Nepalese people are carried away on emotion seeing the damages of the EQ and the result is that even the recent flood victims do cut down their expenses and donate to the EQ victims where as the  corrupt ministers continue to  loot the relief fund  as mentioned by the government report itself .The corrupt leaders rovers around the damages area  in the helicopter and make fun of the victims.

    I do not know there is record of your looting in the name of medical treatment or not but if you have any moral it is time you all looters from president to PM return back the looted amount and deposit it in the PM relief fund to reconstruct the EQ damages. If you people have even a tint of moral values left in your soul and consider yourself as worth to be called as human being, in this juncture of the country when people are in big problem , there  hope shattered, tons of miseries in their head, and being looted from all sides like politicians, traders, school, vendors, etc  deposit all the money you people have collected as medical treatment in the PM's relief fund or else your request to the donor countries for donation  to reconstruct the EQ damages will be as hollow as you people are.

    I heard the corrupt government is preparing to show all the damages to the donor agencies and in my opinion this is nothing but to beg without any dignity exposing the miseries of the people. Neither Nepalese people are so poor, inefficient and corrupt as the politician of  the country nor we Nepalese people want to be humiliated in the way you corrupt politician want to exhibit the miseries and fill your pocket.

    This is the time to show your dignity and honesty to fulfill the needs of the people and uplift the image of the country and show to the world that Nepalese people can stand on its own feet in any circumstances without losing their dignity and honor. We Nepalese people are humiliated at times by world community because you people are corrupt and interested only to fulfill your vested interest.

    The corrupt international INGOs who take back more than 90% of the donated money through salaries ,perks and spent unnecessarily in seminar, PR  etc   blames Nepal as corrupt nation simply because you politically related people are corrupt  and give enough opportunities to insult Nepalese people .where as they INGO s etc themselves are none the less corrupt than you people. Example is FIFA.


    People like we who love to have rule of law in the country and want the good governance and transparency are eager to ask few pertinent question to the donor agencies like the following

    1.  What is the source of money that you donate to Nepal –the taxpayers money cannot be spent and misuse the way the donor funded money are used by the donor agency itself

    2.   What percentage of the money is spent for salary perks and other facilities like use of  helicopter where the vehicle can easily reach ,

    3.  Inform us the actual percentage of money that reaches to the victim for whom it is said to be donated.

    4.   How you decide on the modus operandi for the optimum utilization of the donated money?

    5.  The extravagance that is easily visible to any concuss citizen suggest the proper book keeping of the donated money is not undertaken and we want as much transparency from the donor agencies as we demand from the government

    Dear President, PM ex PMs and other many looters of the taxpayers money ,  I feel sorry to say this that we are unable morally to ask mentioned  question directly to the donor agencies and  sent letters to the PM/president of the concerned  donor countries directly requesting  to give proper attention on such pertinent issues simple because our bed sheet is also dirty as theirs because of you corrupt politicians whose only notion is to loot the nation in different pretext  

    I consider this is big opportunity to you people (all who have looted the taxpayer's money in the name of medical treatment, ) to return back the looted money in PM's relief fund and show to the international organization ,donor countries that you are corrupt no doubt but still you have not killed your inner voice totally and are not yet morally dead and are still concerned with the miseries of your country men. This will not only boost up your character and help a lot to get back your lost respect but also provide a strength to people like we to write directly the concerned donor agencies and their  government to watch and monitor the donated money and its status.


    As I have worked in many word Bank and ADB funded projects and have fair knowledge  how the organization are run but because of the corrupt   character of you politicians we lose our strength to ask directly the donor agencies  to be transparent, open and specific and show your book keeping

    I hope at this time when the people and country need the moral values to fight with the corrupt INGOs , so that the Nepalese are not cheated in the name of relief you people will help the country by returning all the money you have looted in the name of medical treatment and provide enough strength to people like we to ask for the required transparency from the INGOs Donor agencies etc

    Thanks for cooperation

    Yours truly

    Kalyan Dev Bhattarai

    Senior citizen 0f Nepal 

    0 0

    Adarsha Tuladhar
    hough late I just want to make a small issue can be a small issue.  look at Hrithik Roshan or Dharmendra or .....similar issues.
    Issues are brought up to test the resolve of the govt and if the govt makes a mistake at some point of time, then you get an overnight and highly overrated leader like Upendra Yadav.
    So, treat every move of Raut with due care: we don't need another Upendra Yadav because these fade away automatically.  Look at Sarita Giri, what has happened to her due to her own ambitions...

    2015-05-19 16:02 GMT+05:45 Bihari Krishna Shrestha<>:
    Dear Dr. Sambhu Katteljee,

    What this Raut fellow is uttering is not a non-issue. A few Madhesi
    idiots have been taking the country to ransom for too long a time. For
    instance, a few years ago, Rajendra Mahato threatened the government
    in Kathmandu to clamp an embargo against the capital at Birganj,
    probably learning from the blockade imposed by Rajiv Gandhi's India
    against landlocked Nepal for nearly a year and half in 1989-90 that
    ended only with regime change in Nepal. The latter itself had been the
    result of late King Birendra's refusal to give in to India's proposal
    of Bhutanisation of Nepal. When the Madhesi-centric parties were badly
    trounced in the last CA2 election, this Mahato fellow again said, it
    was the defeat of the Bharatbadis, or the defeat of India in Nepal. He
    was clearly hoping that India could be somehow incited into looking at
    it similarly too and come to their rescue through more "Mehtas", the
    reference being to the a consular official named Mehta at the Indian
    Consulate at Birganj who wanted to see the "terai burn" during the
    dying days of CA1. For this, he had  invited the leaders of Madhesi
    extraction belonging to all parties to a dinner in a Birganj
    restaurant. But the Madhesi leaders of two national parties, the NC
    and UML, went public about this instigation, while the Madhesi leaders
    of the Madhesi parties--Sadbhavana party, Janadihiar Forum, and so
    on--just  kept  quiet, clearly an act of betrayal to the nation, or in
    other words, anti-national. Following this undiplomatic embarrassment,
    the Mehta fellow himself was quietly withdrawn by the South Block. And
    come CA2 election, it was the Madhesi leaders of these national
    parties who carried the day. The Madhesi politicians of the parties to
    which the Mehta's co-conspirators belonged were badly defeated,
    clearly underscoring the fact that these politicos who had
    opportunistically aligned themselves with the Mehtas, have lost all
    faith of the Madhesi people. The most outstanding example of this
    phenomenon is the cutting down to size of Mr. Upendra Yadav who having
    misled the Madhesi people into anti-Pahadi rallies and won big in the
    ensuing CA1 election has since been badly humiliated by the voters in
    CA2 election.  In other parts of the world that would have been a
    sufficient ground for a party leader like him to retire. But, of
    course, this happens to be the case of a Madhesi zamindar in feudal

    The fact of the matter is that the Madhesh region in the Terai is one
    of the most stratified socially, economically and politically. The
    high caste and rich minority has been inflicting its tyranny over the
    rest of the people who are historically poor, utterly poor, and
    live--half-starved--at the exploitative mercy of these high caste
    people from among whom almost all Madhesi leaders are born. For
    instance, the Chamars and Mushahars are the two biggest and lowest
    caste ethnic groups in Madhesh or the Madhesh region of terai. If one
    goes through any research work on terai, one would invariably come
    across the untold misery to which these poor and low caste people are
    subjugated to--economically, socially and sexually--by their high
    caste tormentors. Recently, Mr. Raut headed a Save Madhesh campaign
    which, in this very email forum and for that very reason, I suggested
    should be renamed, Save Madhesh from the Madhesi Leaders. Given the
    present day situation, that should be the fitting objective of any
    campaign to be launched for the Madhesi people of terai.

    Now to get back to the threat issued by Mr. Raut of Griha Yuddha, we
    should be glad that India is no longer ruled by people like Rajiv
    Gandhi or Atal Bihari Bajpaye, the latter a highly respected leader in
    India but for Nepal, one who decided to give safe haven to our
    "People's warriors" like Prachanda and Babu  Ram who having caused the
    mindless slaughter of 17,000 innocent Nepalese have in the meantime
    emerged like the Nepali version of Rumania's Ceusescu.  Today India is
    governed by leaders like Narendra Modi, and China, the superpower in
    the making to the north, has entered Nepal in a big way. Therefore,
    Mr. Raut, if he wants to live peacefully and honorably as a Nepali
    citizen, should desist from such nonsensical utterances which need
    "Mehtas" for them to materialize in actuality. After all, as an
    educated man he should remind himself that the forefathers of most of
    the present day Madhesi people had migrated from what is independent
    India today only a couple of generations ago in pursuit of greener
    pastures. If Nepal can resettle Indian migrants in terai, how does Mr.
    Raut hold that Nepal cannot resettle her own citizens in the terai
    region of Nepal.

    To conclude, despite this acute diversity the Madhesi community in
    Nepal remains a closely-knit and introvert system. While most Madhesi
    scholars are familiar about this tragedy of the low caste people in
    the terai and are also willing to talk about it in informal groups,
    there are few writers who are willing to call a spade a spade more
    publicly. But authors like Prof. Ram Narayan Dev do give hope. About
    three years ago, he demonstrated his academic courage when he wrote in
    a local daily that "most land in the terai are occupied by the people
    of higher caste." He had complained that the government simplistically
    recognizes "only one category, Madhesi" but "none of  the deprived
    groups, the dalits, mushahars, chamars, etc. get to apply. It is the
    Jhas, Misras, Thakurs, Singhs, Dev, Karna, Yadavs, Mandals, Shah,
    Chaudhari end up grabbing the reserved opportunities. " Such writings
    are essential for ensuring social justice in any society including
    Madhesh. In Nepal, it also contributes to the furthering  of national
    integration that would go on to set the stage for collectively seeking
    the improvement of our common destiny under which all the regions and
    people of the country enjoy the opportunity for maximum development
    based on the strength of their special comparative advantages that all
    of them are endowed with.

    Bihari Krishna Shrestha

    0 0

    Dalits Media Watch

    News Updates 17.06.15

    Dalit girl severly beaten up after her shadow falls on high caste muscleman - The Indian Express

    18 Held for Quarry Clash Get Conditional Bail - The New Indian Express

    A better way of life for sex workers in Hyderabad - The Asian Age

    Boys sweep engineering entrance ranks - The Hindu

    Government to send 100 Dalit students to US, UK on Ambedkar 'inspiration' trip -DNA


    Please Watch:

    Dalit's Concerns Before Land Rights Struggle Groups/ Mainstream Movements


    Note: Please find attachment for DMW Hindi (PDF)


    The Indian Express

    Dalit girl severly beaten up after her shadow falls on high caste muscleman


    The episode enraged the family of the muscle-man to such an extent that they severely beat the girl and threatened to kill her if she was spotted again at the hand pump.


    By: Press Trust of India | Chattarpur | Updated: June 16, 2015 4:07 pm


    In a shocking incident, a minor Dalit girl was allegedly thrashed by higher caste women in Ganeshpura village here after the victim's shadow fell on a muscleman belonging to their family, police said today.


    The incident took place on June 13 and the complaint was also filed on the same day at Gadi Malhera police station, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Neeraj Pandey said.


    According to the complaint lodged by the girl's father, the problem began when his daughter was fetching water from a village hand pump and her shadow fell on muscle-man Puran Yadav (belonging to a higher caste) when he happened to pass from there, the ASP said.


    The episode enraged the family of the muscle-man to such an extent that the women of the family severely beat the girl and threatened that if she was spotted again at the hand pump, they would kill her, he said.


    Yadav's family also prevented the victim from going to police station, but they somehow managed to reach there.

    A case under sections 323, 341, 506 of the IPC has been registered against the accused and further investigation is underway.


    In several remote pockets of India, where untouchability is still prevalent, people from the lower caste are forbidden to come in contact with those belonging to the higher rung so much so that they can't share their food, cook for them or even look them in the eye. It is even forbidden for their shadow to fall on higher caste people, who consider it as defiling or polluting.


    The New Indian Express

    18 Held for Quarry Clash Get Conditional Bail


    By Express News Service

    Published: 17th June 2015 06:00 AM


    VELLORE:  Villagers of Kalathur organised a warm welcome on Tuesday evening for 18 persons of their village who were granted conditional bail after being arrested and imprisoned for 14 days following a group clash on June 3 that had arisen over the quarrying of sand in the Palar River bed near their village.


    "After producing two securities for each of the 18 before the court, we bailed them out," said Jessy of Makkal Mandram, an organisation working for the upliftment of Dalits and Tribals and which has been supporting the villagers' solidarity against sand quarrying in the area.


    The Judge of the Principal District Court, R V R Deenadayalan, granted conditional bail for the 18 and directed them to sign a register everyday in the Judicial Magistrate Court-I in Salem until further hearing.


    The Judge, in his order, also requested the police to produce one 17-year-old Chinnarasu, (who was also arrested in the group clash) before the Juvenile Justice Board on Wednesday to determine his age.  If the board ascertains that he is a minor, then he shall be released, unconditionally, as per the Juvenile Justice Act.

    Kalathur's villagers hailed the 18 persons released on bail and garlanded them after they emerged from the prison's premises at about 7 pm.


    The clash between two groups in the village arose when the sand mafia bribed around 30 families into accepting money in return for allowing the quarrying of sand in the riverbed. However, other villagers opposing the sand quarrying began protesting against it. With tensions simmering between the two groups for several months on this issue, it came to a head on June 3, when the two groups clashed. Police arrested 24 villagers from both groups. Of the 24 villagers, 19 villagers, including six women, were against the quarrying of sand. Chinnarasu, also one of the 19 villagers, was taken to borstal school and his age will be established by the Juvenile Justice Board.


    The Asian Age

    A better way of life for sex workers in Hyderabad


    Jun 14, 2015 - TEENA THACKER |


    Nestled around the majestic structures of Charminar-Falaknuma, five kilometres from the global icon of Hyderabad is witnessing a change of sorts. The once docile women, vulnerable to circumstances that pushed them into flesh trade have started to live confidently. Equipped with adequate information which is required to protect their rights, they live no more on mercy of others for their daily tasks like demanding free take-home ration from the anganwadi centres for their children, adolescent and pregnant women, thanks to the interventions of government organisations and NGOs like Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR) that worked strenuously to help them win their "chores" battle.


    Jostled with major issues that contribute to urban poverty, this old city area which constitutes Muslim population has about 60 per cent of sex workers, of the total population. However, for long, this marginalised population remained secluded and denied of the social benefits and the government schemes meant for them.


    "They have not been very forthcoming. However, with the help of peer educators that imparted home-based education a lot of behaviour change has been seen," said Dr Riyaz, project director, Hyderabad leprosy control and health society, targeted interventions.


    In the talukas for the district, including Bahadurpur, Bandlaguda and Charminar mandals, 25 hotspots have been identified where information is imparted on components like behavioural change, sexually-transmitted infections (STI), condom promotion. A social inclusion plan for socially-excluded and marginalised population has been designed with technical support by CFAR and is providing the basis for the change.


    "Providing enabling environment and advocacy is done by CFAR. Here, linkage services for 0-6 years, 14-18 years and adolescent girls is also done. After putting hard work for more than three years, the efforts have started churning results now as more than 120 families have been enrolled, including sex workers, which are now getting the benefit of the government schemes. Earlier, the community was approaching the centres but now with the help of followups and interventions done by us, the trend has started to reverse," said Sudha Rani, project coordinator, CFAR, Hyderabad.


    Furthermore, CFAR has also asked the centre for providing double nutrition to the HIV-positive women.


    Significantly, most of these sex workers have Aadhar cards too. "We have linked all the eligible children of the area with the aanganwadi centres so that they can take the benefit of government-run ICDS scheme. They are getting adequate nutrition. Other than that the aanganwadi workers also help the community in cases of domestic violence and other critical issues," said 25-year-old Nazima, a peer educator.


    Tabassum, 30, has three children and all of them are getting midday meals. "We are happy that our children are getting good quality and healthy food. We did not know that we were entitled to this food. A campaign held by CFAR helped us know about our rights," she said.


    The Hindu

    Boys sweep engineering entrance ranks


    Special Correspondent

    Boys swept the top ranks in the engineering entrance examinations, the rank-list of which was published here on Tuesday. The results of the architecture entrance examinations were also announced by Education Minister P. K. Abdu Rabb.


    The first rank in the engineering entrance examination was bagged by B. Arjun from Thiruvananthapuram. While the second rank went to A.S. Ameer Hassan from Kozhikode, the third rank went to P. Sreerag, also from Kozhikode.


    SC/ST rank holders

    The first rank in the Scheduled Castes category went to B. Sarath and the second rank to C.S. Karthik Baal. In the Scheduled Tribes category, the first rank went to A. Avinash and the second rank to K.S. Midhun.


    The first rank for the Architecture course went to Lisa Therse from Perinthalmanna. The second rank went to M.R. Abhishek from Ernakulam, and the third rank to K. Devi Raj from Malappuram.


    Of the 1,11,109 candidates who appeared for the entrance examinations, 55,180 candidates have been included on the rank-list. Of these, 30,708 are male candidates.


    While there are 367 candidates from the State Plus two stream in the first 1,000 ranks, there is not a single candidate from the Vocational Higher Secondary Education stream on the list.


    While there are 556 candidates in the top 1,000 list from the AISSCE (All India Senior School Certificate Examination) stream, there are 63 candidates in this list from the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) stream.


    District-wise break-up

    Based on the district of permanent residence, there are 173 candidates from Ernakulam district in the top 1,000. While there are 139 candidates from Malappuram and 125 from Kozhikode, there are 115 candidates from Thiruvananthapuram. Among the top 100 rank holders, 57 are male candidates.


    Standardising scores

    Candidates under 25 boards of examination within and outside the country had written the examinations. Of these, 13 boards had made available their marks-related data to the Entrance Commissioner for purposes of standardising the scores of candidates. The rest of the boards were mapped on to the CBSE marks data for purposes of standardisation.


    Of the 59,220 engineering seats available in the State across all categories of colleges, the CEE would be making allotments to 35,963 government seats. The first allotment would be done on June 25.



    Government to send 100 Dalit students to US, UK on Ambedkar 'inspiration' trip


    Wednesday, 17 June 2015 - 7:05am IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: dna | From the print edition

    Rohinee Singh              

    The ministry of social justice and empowerment is conducting the visit called Dr Ambedkar Foundation's Study Tour. Students with at least a graduation degree will be visiting Columbia University and London School of Economics.


    In its continued attempt to win over Dalits, the government is arranging a study tour wherein one hundred Dalit students will get a chance to visit institutes in theUnited States and the United Kingdom where Dr BR Ambedkar studied.


    The ministry of social justice and empowerment is conducting the visit called Dr Ambedkar Foundation's Study Tour. Students with at least a graduation degree will be visiting Columbia University and London School of Economics.


    The selection of students will be made by the University Grants Commission. The last date for submission of applications is June 30.


    "In a week-long trip, 50 students will be sent to each place. The idea is to make the students understand how a Dalit boy rose to reach such institutions of repute in the UK and the US. The trip is to motivate and mobilise the Dalit youths to reach out to the world," said an official of the ministry.


    To ensure that only those deserving make it to the tour, in the criteria laid down by the ministry says that the applicant with family income of not more than Rs 4.5 lakh a year will be eligible for the tour. The UGC, which has been made the nodal body to call applicants, will also ensure that only those students who have never travelled abroad are chosen.


    The students will also visit Ambedkar's two-storey house in London that is being bought by the Maharashtra government. The architect of India's constitution had lived in the house during his years in London.


    "Besides Columbia University, there is not much about Ambedkar in the US. His documents tell us only about a seminar paper that he had presented in the Colombia University. There is a hostel where Ambedkar
    lived," said Dalit rights activist Professor Kancha Ilaiah of Osmania University.


    Ilaiah who has been vocal against the ideology of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad also said that the just showing universities and colleges is not enough. "It is a good thought to give this opportunity to the under privileged, but when in the US, they should arrange for an interaction of these students with African-American scholars," added Ilaiah.


    Marking the 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar, the ministry of social justice is also collaborating with the human resource development ministry to initiate a certificate course on the life and ideology of Ambedkar under the Indira Gandhi National Open University. An Ambedkar coin and a postal stamp will also be released to mark the occasion.


    News monitored by Girish Pant & AJEET



    .Arun Khote
    On behalf of
    Dalits Media Watch Team
    (An initiative of "Peoples Media Advocacy & Resource Centre-PMARC")

    Pl visit on FACEBOOK : 
    Peoples Media Advocacy & Resource Centre- PMARC has been initiated with the support from group of senior journalists, social activists, academics and  intellectuals from Dalit and civil society to advocate and facilitate Dalits issues in the mainstream media. To create proper & adequate space with the Dalit perspective in the mainstream media national/ International on Dalit issues is primary objective of the PMARC.

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    All India Federation of Trade Unions (New)

    H – 87, JJ colony Bawana

    New Delhi - 110039

    Mobile No. – 8800356565


    Press statement

    Stop Terror and Repression – Release Struggling Peasants Immediately

    On 6th June 2015 huge police force numbering 700 with deadly weapons attacked and injured several struggling villages of Sipasarubali Mouza under Brahmagiritaluka of Puri district of Orissa. Police has arrested 33 villagers including women and assaulted them. Government force has exerted wide spread terror and repression. They have arrested comrade Basudev Das, the important leader of all India khet mazdoor sabha from his resident.

    For a long time people of Sipasarubali wedge peaceful relentless struggle under the banner of Upakaliya  Jami-o-Jangal Suraksha Sammttee (UJJSS), supported by AIKMKS to protect the land and the forest from land mafia, forest mafia and from natural disaster. Agitation was going on for a long time and the UJJSS was able to protect the area. Several times agitation faced with external armed attack goons and government police. This is well known fact that long Orissa coast is perennially cyclone and flood prone region. Even years after years people living in coastal region suffered serious devastation. Many a times the coastal people helplessly witness that hutments and homes being washed away or swallowed by high tidier waves of the sea and their lives and livelihoods had been destroyed.     

    Central and state government are very much aware of this fact but continuously government refuses to act on many valuable suggestions made by the scientists. Not only this natural protections that were present in the coast like mangroves sand domes and the forest, are allowed to be endlessly destroyed. Seriously effecting the environmental balance, depriving people from their traditional means of livelihood like fishing and uprooting the people from their land and cultural life and social environment, the government is planning to hand over the vast coastal areas to MNCs' or to Indian big bourgeoisies in the name of Developing hotels industries and tourist outfits.

    The demand of people was refused by state government. Now they are determined to destroy the area for the narrow interest. Many attacks in the past were resisted by the people.

    But on June 6th 2015 the organised attack by the huge police and assaulting the villagers and subsequently arrested 33 villagers and spread terror and repression throughout the region. They have also issued warrant of arrest against comrade Srikant Mohanthi, the secretary of Orissa CMS and leader of AIKMKS.

    District collector of Puri district invited villagers to discuss the matter. The villagers have agreed to discuss the matter and accordingly the leaders went to office of collector. Seeing the representative of industrial development corporation were also present at the meeting the villagers refused to talk to IDP. Government is planning to hand over the area to IDP to build infrastructure for the corporate houses and destroy the forest and subsequently evicting the villagers from the land and homes.

    But on 6th June government acted as agents and goons of MNCs' and proved that they are against the people, land and forest.

    AIKMKS strongly condemned the heinous and brutal attack on the peoples' movement and demand the following—

    1. Immediate release of arrested people.

    2. Withdraw all false cases unconditionally.

    3. Withdraw order of arrest of the leaders without delay.

    4. Stop harassment and and repression immediately.

    5. Cancel the Shamuka Hotel project proposed to be set up in Sipasarubali mauza and accord the legal rights to the local poor who have freed the area from the illegal occupation of land mafias'.

    6. Abandon the plans like coastal high ways that are harmful and dangerous to the environment.

           Date- 19/06/2015                                                                                  Com. Jagdish Sharma

                                                                                         Member Delhi state committee AIFTU (New)

    0 0

    Let's have a national day for Namaz, too!
    Muslims have absolutely no objection to Yoga Day. Their only argument is that they should not be persuaded to join it, and they would have appreciated more if instead of the Government, the Hindu organisations had organised it. We wish all our Hindu brothers a Happy Yoga Day and will be more than happy if we find them engaged in Yoga exercises as a routine rather than simply being a part of a one day show.
    Dr. Javed Jamil
    India is going to have Yoga Day on 21st June. Not only it is being organised by the Government itself but is being organised on a day when "Surya Devata" (Sun god) will be visible for the maximum time in the year. And of course the initiative came from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been travelling around the world as Hindu Prime Minister of India, distributing Gita and visiting temples. It is always good if a person is practically religious, and those who campaign against the very name of religion are no friends of morality in life. Secularism in Indian context is not the denial of religion but respect to all religions. But a secular state like India needs to either equally respect all the religions or must avoid making show of its special respect for any particular religion. But Modi Government has chosen to do exactly the same. It does not stop reminding the people that despite its avowed proclamation of all communities being equal, in its eyes Hindus (and their practices) are more equal than others.
    There is no denying that Yoga may be a good form of exercise like most of the rituals of most of the religions are. But Yoga is not simply a physical exercise; it is also a spiritual one and spiritual exercises involve some kind of devotion to some "supreme" entity. It would have been great if the initiative had been taken by the Hindu religious organisations rather than the government and Hindus had participated in big numbers.Hindus doing yoga can certainly be expected on average to be more morally and physically healthy than Hindus not doing it.
    But the truth is that Islamic practices like Namaz, Fasting, and Circumcision, Qur'anic injunctions of breastfeeding for 2 years, Islamic bans on gambling, alcohol, promiscuity, homosexuality and abortions, all have huge beneficial effect on health, with almost each one of them substantially increasing not only the life expectancy but also the standard of health. Can we then have a Namaz Day for country, an anti-Drinking, anti-gambling, anti-obscenity, anti-gay, anti-abortion and a circumcision day for the whole country? What will be the reaction of BJP if such days are celebrated in a Muslim majority state of the country like Kashmir? They can certainly agree to some of them which are not directly recognised with the name of Islam.
    Islamic prayers (Salat or Namaz) are even more beneficial to health than Yoga. In my latest book, "Qur'anic Paradigms of Sciences & Society", I have discussed in detail how during my days as MBBS student in King George's Medical College, Lucknow, I first authored a full paper on how the sequence of washing organs in Wudhu is in accordance with the sequence of organs on the post central gyrus of our brains, and how Sajdah (Islamic prostration) is a position in which the cardiological output is maximum, and the supply of blood and oxygen content in the brain is optimum. Here are some of the excerpts from the long chapters:
    "It is important to note that
    1.    The mapping is not in the order like head, face, trunk, hands, foot etc, but according to the spinal enervation. So is the order in the Wudu.
    2.    Mouth is rinsed first and the face is washed later. This is exactly the sequence the homunculus shows.
    3.    Again, instead of rubbing head along with the face, hands and forearms are washed first and then head is rubbed. This again is according to the sequence shown in the map.
    4.    In Wudu, first, hands are washed followed by wrist, forearm and elbow. Homunculus again depicts the same sequence, not from elbow to hand.
    5.    It is also highly significant that Homunculus, the mini man on the map, is a highly distorted image of man5-6. This is because the representation of different organs on the map is not in accordance with what the human image is but in accordance with the sensitiveness of different organs in the brain7. Thus the mini-man has massive lips and very big hands, face and feet. The portion from the neck to the legs occupies hardly 15-18 per cent of the mini-man. This means that by washing only certain portions in the Wudu, one activates almost the 80 percent of the mini-man inside the brain.
    6.    The homunculus plays an extremely significant role in temperature control mechanism of the body. In the events of the infarction of this area of the brain, there are huge temperature regulation failures on the corresponding sides of the body
    7.    As is seen in the picture of mini-man as mapped in the brain, hands and face occupy the largest portions and cover more than 70% of the total area. By rubbing these portions therefore, as in Tayammum, too, a very significant portion of the brain is activated. (In Tayammum, which is done in absence of water, hands and face are rubbed with sand or soil.)……..
    "Wudhu helps in countering the skin cancers. Approximately 130,000 malignant melanomas occur globally each year, substantially contributing to mortality rates in fair-skinned populations…..
    "The recurrent washing of the skin and the removal of sweat, dust and other chemicals will also decrease the incidence of infective and allergic disorders of the skin. These include furuncles, pyomas, deep-seated abscesses, rashes, allergic dermatitis, etc….
    "Oral Hygiene is another important outcome of the Wudu. The rinsing of the mouth and the brushing of teeth (Miswak) are sure to cause a substantial decrease in all the diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums……
    "The regularity of the prayer ensures that a person maintains a strict regime of hygiene. A Salat cannot be offered unless a man purifies himself. If one is in a state of impurity following a sexual intercourse, one has to take bath in a specified manner to ensure that all the discharges involving a sexual contact are fully removed. If one is not in a state of sexual impurity, one is required to wash one's organs that are usually exposed during the day…..
    "Different postures of the prayer have been designed in a way that most of the motor system of the brain gets activated and an overwhelming majority of the muscles of the body are brought into action. Different postures help in the relaxation of the muscles that usually become taut owing to taxing activities of the different types of works. The postures of Salat are also a more comprehensive and easier-to-do alternative of the various yoga exercises. …..
    "The timing of the prayers and the number of units in different prayers are also significant in terms of their impact on health.  As has been elaborated above, every Salat comprises a certain number of units (rakahs), which are repeated several times thus repeating postures from standing to bending to prostrating to sitting a number of times. This ensures several rounds of exercises involving the activation of different muscles and motor areas in the brain and spinal cord as well as increased circulation of blood to different areas in a rhythmic pattern. Obviously, the more the number of units the more will be the refreshing effect on the body. Now the timing and the number of units in the 5 compulsory Salats have been designed to produce maximum effect….
    "It can be seen that 48 units in 5 prayers a day will involve 96 Sajdahs, 48 rukus, 48 qayam (standing) and 74 sitting positions and 34 salams (turning neck right and left). It also involves 18 movements on the elbow joint (Takbeer), this number being much greater in Shafai and Shia schools, 248 movements (flexion and extension) of hip joints and at least 96 movements of the knees. These are approximate numbers. With these kinds of figure, the net impact on the physical, mental and spiritual health of the individuals has to be tremendous. But it must be clarified that the basic aim of the prayers is not body building; Prayers are meant for proximity with God, but God has been kind enough to design a scheme of prayers that also cause huge physical and mental benefits."
    Alcohol causes more than 2 million deaths worldwide annually and is also the leading factor in crimes in general and crimes against women in particular, road accidents, murders, unhygienic sexual practices, suicides and family tensions. Homosexuality is the unhealthiest of all sexual relations and can cause a decrease of 20-30 years in life expectancy.
    Circumcision on the other hand can increase life expectancy by several years as it has a protective effect against AIDS and several cancers.
    This reminds me of my book, "Islamic Model for Control of AIDS", written in 1997. In a programme at Chandigarh, Mr. Rashpal Malhotra, Director CRRID, tauntingly said in a gathering, "Look at this man Dr Javed. He links everything to Islam, and now he is advocating that all Hindus must circumcise." I retorted, "Mr Malhotra! Yes, I am the first in the world to advocate that circumcision should be included in AIDS Control programme. But I tell you now that it is only this one suggestion out of the whole programme I have presented, which will ultimately be accepted by WHO. This is because circumcision does not affect any market, while bans against promiscuity, homosexuality and pornography would never be acceptable to market forces," 7 years later, WHO accepted circumcision as one of the measures in AIDS control programme.
    Qur'anic injunction of 2 years' breastfeeding has also immense importance for health and has been shown to increase life expectancy by around 10 years.
    Even if a Namaz day is organised, Muslims will never like non-Muslims to perform Wudhu and Namaz, even if it involves no chanting of Islamic prayers and Surahs, because Namaz is essentially for those who believe in the oneness of God and Quran and Muhammad  (SAWWS) being the Final of all messages and messengers of God. But they would certainly appreciate if the government allows special concessions on this day in offering collective prayers, and special programmes (attended by people belonging to all religions) allowing Muslims to explain the importance of Namaz.
    Muslims have absolutely no objection to Yoga Day. Their only argument is that they should not be persuaded to join it, and they would have appreciated more if instead of the Government, the Hindu organisations had organised it. We wish all our Hindu brothers a Happy Yoga Day and will be more than happy if we find them engaged in Yoga exercises as a routine rather than simply being a part of a one day show.


    Posted by: Abu Taha <>

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    Madrassas must teach academic subjects to avail govt aid: Maharashtra minority minister

    Submitted by on 13 June 2015 - 3:02pm
    By Staff Reporter,
    Mumbai: In an effort to modernize madrassas in the state, Maharashtra government has decided to make it obligatory for madrassas to teach students subjects such as English, mathematics, science and social sciences if they want government aid.
    Maharashtra Minority Affairs Minister Eknath Khadse has announced that these subjects will have to be compulsorily taught in madrassas across the state in addition with traditional religious studies.

    Mumbai "Hajj House UPSC IAS students
    File Photo of UPSC coaching centere at the Hajj House in Mumbai. Use for Illustration purporse only.
    As per the report in Marathi news daily, the minister has further stated that madrassas which do not follow this directive will not be eligible for government grants.
    "The government is committed to the development of Muslims in the State and we have decided to expand the scheme base to ensure that quality education reaches Muslim students," said Khadse.
    Stressing that it is an attempt to modernize madrassas he said, "We want the minority to come up in all spheres of life. Thus, it is important that when they give religious teachings to students, they also give knowledge of other subjects at the same time. Thus, we have decided to make it mandatory for madrassas to teach these four subjects as well."
    Khadse also said that government will facilitate in appointing three teachers for teaching these subjects in the respective madrassas and the madrassas' body will be given authority to appoint teacher of their choice with B Ed qualification.
    He said that madrasas currently get Rs 2 lakh as financial aid from the state government, and that they would continue to get the basic aid even if they did not teach the 4 subjects but the additional aid will be only given to those madrassas that teach these subjects.
    "Under the Multi Sector Development programme of the Centre that will be started from this year, madrassas were to get Rs 3 lakh for modernisation and Rs 50,000 for book purchase in addition to Rs 2 lakh the government already gives. If madrasas do not teach the four subjects, they will not get these grants," Khadse said.
    It is not mandatory for the madrassas to accept aid given by the government and hence those madrassas not inclined to allow government meddling in its affairs are at free will not to agree to this government directive.
    There are 1,890 registered madrassas in the state and according to the government officials 537 madrassas have already given their consent for teaching these subjects but the government is attempting to rope in more madrassas to become part of this scheme.

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    Ambedkar's grandson Anandraj attacked, escapes unhurt

    Republican Sena president Anandraj Ambedkar was attacked inside Peoples Education Society College in Mahad, adjoining Raigad district, state party general secretary Vasant Kamble told IANS.

    At least one of his supporters was seriously injured, he said.

    "The incident occurred around 1 p.m. when Anandraj Ambedkar was about to go and meet the college principal in his office. Suddenly, some rival political activists attacked him with sticks, rods and other weapons and attempted to prevent his entry there," he said.

    However, Anandraj Ambedkar escaped unhurt as accompanying party workers shielded him from the attackers, who are said to be local Shiv Sena activists.

    At least four Republican Sena workers were injured, including one whose condition was said to be serious, Kamble said, adding that police were probing the matter.

    Anandraj Ambedkar has been at the forefront of an agitation to demand a memorial to the principal architect of the Indian Constitution and Dalit icon Dr B.R. Ambedkar at Dadar in Mumbai.


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    CC News Letter 17 June - Meet The Woman Behind #BlackLivesMatter—The Hashtag

    Dear Friend,

    If you think the content of this news letter is critical for the dignified living and survival of humanity and other species on earth, please forward it to your friends and spread the word. It's time for humanity to come together as one family! You can subscribe to our news letter here You can also follow us on twitter, and on Facebook,

    In Solidarity
    Binu Mathew

    Why We Fight For The Living World: It's About Love,  And It's Time We Said So
    By George Monbiot

    I see the encyclical by Pope Francis, which will be published on Thursday, as a potential turning point. He will argue that not only the physical survival of the poor, but also our spiritual welfare depends on the protection of the natural world; and in both respects he is right

    Meet The Woman Behind #BlackLivesMatter—The Hashtag
    That Became A Civil Rights Movement
    By Liz Pleasant

    Alicia Garza and two friends first tweeted #BlackLivesMatter to spark a conversation after the death of Trayvon Martin. Three years later, their hashtag has become a movement

    Oppression of African Americans Is Not A Liberal Invention
    By Matt Peppe

    The most important accomplishment of Black Lives Matter has been to make these issues visible to so many people across the country. Unfortunately, many who benefit from white supremacy are determined to keep it invisible. As the national conversation shifts to confront systemic racism and discrimination, conservative confirmation bias is difficult to overcome. But in the end the facts speak for themselves. The more they lead to real social change, the stronger the conservative backlash will be at those who bear the message. Fortunately, the movements that have developed have shown every indication they are up for the challenge and are in the struggle for the long haul

    Ten Myths About Greek Relations With The European Union, The IMF And The USA
    By Jon Kofas

    Greek myths advanced by apologists of austerity and neo-liberalism

    Neil Young Is Starving The Poor! The Pro-GMO Lobby's Latest Scapegoat
    By Colin Todhunter

    The pro-GMO lobby's latest scapegoat is Neil Young who recently released an anti-GMO/ Monsanto album

    Just Politics: Iran, Like The Rest, Is Not Blameless
    By Ramzy Baroud

    Iran is part and parcel of ongoing conflicts, has contributed to some, reacted to others; it labored to defeat US ambitions, but also cooperated with Washington when their interests intersected. It is as sectarian as the rest, and abashedly so. This is not an attempt at implicating Iran, but an attempt at an honest reading into a war involving many parties, whose hands are equally bloody

    Fake Degree-Organized Racket Defaming Indian Education Standard
    By Mousumi Roy

    Recent arrest of Law Minister, Jitendra Singh Tomar, of present Delhi local government has added to new dimension, to show the extent and level this organized racket is operating in our country. In lighter side, this episode has become talking point as "Munna Bhai LLB"

    Fact Finding Report On Illegal Detention And Custodial Torture Of Juvenile
    By Koraput Youth Association

    Shaken by the media reports of illegal detention and custodial torture of a 13-year old Dalit boy Sankar @ Rahul Garada, members of the Koraput Youth Association (KYA) decided to intervene into the matter and make all efforts to give justice to the juvenile victim. A first step in this direction was conducting a fact finding and for this five youth members of KYA visited the victim and his family to get to the core of illegal detention and custodial torture incident

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    (हस्तक्षेप.कॉम) वंदे मातरम् गाने वाले ही अब ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनी के मालिक हैं

    Current Feed Content

    • डा. केके रत्तू बने डीएवी विवि के मीडिया निदेशक

      Posted:Wed, 17 Jun 2015 17:43:45 +0000
      डा. केके रत्तू बने डीएवी विवि के मीडिया निदेशक दूरदर्शन में तीन दशक से ज्यादा समय तक काम कर चुके पूर्व निदेशक कृष्ण कुमार रत्तू अब जालंधर में डीएवी विवि में नए मीडिया निदेशक के तौर पर दूसरी पारी शुरू...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • खजाना खाली है, तब एक साल में भाजपा सांसदों ने फूंक दिए 25 करोड़

      Posted:Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:51:03 +0000
      खजाना खाली  नई दिल्ली। लोकसभा चुनाव के दौरान खुद को चाय वाला कहने वाले नरेंद्र मोदी के प्रधानमंत्री बनने के बाद भले ही आम जनता के बुरे दिन आ गए हों लेकिन भाजपा सांसदों के अच्छे दिन आ गए हैं। भाजपा...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • जगेंद्र तुमने इतनी बड़ी लड़ाई क्यों मोल ली??

      Posted:Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:37:51 +0000
      मुझे जलाया क्यों…. कुछ कहते नहीं बन रहा. यह दृश्य देखकर अपनी साँस भी भारी लग रही है. बस एक आह हो रही है…. नसें ऐंठ देने वाला हत्याकांड है यह. किसे दोष दें क्या कहें! कुछ कहते ही फलानी...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • वंदे मातरम् गाने वाले ही अब ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनी के मालिक हैं

      Posted:Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:20:32 +0000
      हिमालय टूटे या समुदंर सूखे या अब कबहुं न बरसे मेघा, हमारा क्या? ख्वाहिशों और ख्वाबों की तितलियों के पीछे भागते-भागते न जाने कहां कहां भटकता रहा ज़िंदगी भऱ और रुसवाइयों की गिरफ्त में छटफटाता रहा...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • जिस तरह उत्तर प्रदेश में पत्रकारों पर हमले हो रहे हैं, ऐसा आपातकाल में भी नहीं हुआ

      Posted:Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:12:44 +0000
      उत्तर प्रदेश में पत्रकारों पर हमले  वैसे भी यह समय बहुत खतरनाक हैं, सत्ता को वोट/ और समर्थन देने वाले रामजादे कहलाते हैं और बाकी ….जादे जाए तो जाए कहाँ ….. इन दिनों जिस तरह उत्तर प्रदेश...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • आरोपी मंत्री राममूर्ति सिंह वर्मा को बचाने में लगी है अखिलेश सरकार -अजीत

      Posted:Wed, 17 Jun 2015 12:58:41 +0000
      आइपीएफ के प्रतिनिधिमण्डल ने खुटार शाहजहांपुर का दौरा किया, पत्रकार जगेन्द्र के परिजनों से बात की सपा के राज में पत्रकारों, महिलाओं समेत आम लोगों पर हमले बढ़ रहे हैं शाहजहांपुर/17जून/ उत्तर प्रदेश की...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • जागेंद्र सोते हुओं को नहीं, सोने का बहाना कर आँख मूंदे हुओं को जगा रहा था

      Posted:Wed, 17 Jun 2015 12:36:11 +0000
      आँख नम होना दूर कुछ ठेकेदार पत्रकार तो आरोपी की हिमायत में खड़े हैं उसने भी कहा था न उसकी हत्या हो जायेगी। वह जागेंद्र था। सोते हुओं को नहीं, सोने का बहाना कर आँख मूंदे हुओं को जगा रहा था। मलाल तो यह...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • रघुवंशिन कर सहज सुभाऊ मन कुपंथ पग धरे न काहू

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:44:00 +0000
      आज के संवैधानिकों और नियामकों की तरह हमारे पूर्वज भी समर्थों के लिए छेद छोड़ना नहीं भूले हैं। केवल आपात्कालीन धर्म का अनुच्छेद रख देने में तो उनका अपना कोई हित साधित होना था नहीं, इसलिए इतने उपखंड...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • Lalit Modi had some very high profile cheerleaders

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:32:10 +0000
      Lalit Modi had some very high profile cheerleaders as well who entertain the Man in exile! Rajasthan link exposed? Did Vasundhara Raje endorse Lalit Modi's application for immigration? Remember...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • गजेन्‍द्र चौहान की नियुक्ति के विरोध में प्रदर्शन

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:16:43 +0000
      साॅफ्ट पॉर्न फिल्‍मस्‍टार और बलात्‍कारी आसाराम के भक्‍त गजेन्‍द्र चौहान की पुणे के प्रतिष्ठित फिल्‍म एंड टेलीविज़न इंस्‍टीट्यूट #‎FTII‬ के चेयरमैन के पद पर नियुक्ति के ख़‍िलाफ़ पुणे में शुरू हुए...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • समाजवादी पार्टी के फ़र्ज़ी समाजवाद में बुरी हालत मज़दूरों की

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 15:44:38 +0000
      नाम समाजवादी पार्टी और काम शुद्ध पूंजीवादी। यही हाल है उत्तर प्रदेश की तथाकथित समाजवादी पार्टी सरकार का। साप्ताहिक समाचारपत्र मजदूर बिगुल ने इस संबंध में अपने मई 2015 के अंक में सत्येंद्र की रिपोर्ट...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • Sakshi Maharaj CLAIMS to be TRUE MUSLIM,

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 13:37:29 +0000
      Sakshi Maharaj CLAIMS to be TRUE MUSLIM Sakshi Maharaj has stated that he is a TRUE MUSLIM, as he has IMAAN, and he can offer NAMAAZ to Allah in a MOSQUE. He also believes that Prophet Mohammed was a...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • Ultimate Genie`s days out! Ambani Adani Swaraj Jaman is the tip of the Iceberg Purity!

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 12:51:28 +0000
      Ultimate Genie`s days out! Ambani Adani Swaraj Jaman is the tip of the Iceberg Purity! Never complain? Why do we complain? We opened the cock of the Bottle and the Ultimate Genie is out to fulfil the...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 12:28:27 +0000
      HIRE AND FIRE POLICY FOR GOVT SERVANTS Huge, useless, mostly corrupt Bureaucracy is the Bane of India. Atleast corrupt politicians can be removed in elections every five year. But corrupt IAS/IPS...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • विभाजन की लकीरें

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 10:04:30 +0000
      विभाजन की लकीरें सआदत हसन मंटो ने अपनी मशहूर रचना 'टोबा टेक सिंह'में एक मेंटल हॉस्पिटल का जिक्र करते हुए बताया था कि सन् 1947 में सिर्फ हिन्दुस्तान के लोग और ज़मीन नहीं बँटे थे, बल्कि...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें
    • सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल हुआ मोदी का "मानवीय चेहरा "

      Posted:Tue, 16 Jun 2015 09:22:07 +0000
      कैंसर पीड़ित पत्नी के इलाज के लिये "मानवीय"आधार पर विदेशमंत्री (?) सुषमा स्वराज की अनुशंसा पर ललित मोदी को दो वर्ष के लिये ट्रैवल डाक्युमेंट मिले। उनके जो ताज़ा फोटो इन दिनों सोशल मीडिया...

      पूरा आलेख पढने के लिए देखें एवं अपनी प्रतिक्रिया भी दें

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    Press release – In solidarity with Tamil Novelist Joe D'Cruz #FOE

    Self-styled protectors of morality and religion have risen again to stifle a writer's right to write and, more dangerously, our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression. As the latest target of communal intolerance, Sahitya Akademi awardee and Tamil novelist Joe D'Cruz has been accused of criminal defamation by V. Alangara Bharathavar, general secretary of the Meenavar Viduthalai Iyakkam (Fisherfolk Liberation Organisation) in Thoothukudi. The claim that the novels "Korrkai" and "Aazhi Soozh Ulagu" (Sea Encircled World) offended the Catholic faith is disputable and is one point of view. Novels are works of creative literature and lend themselves to multiple readings. Moreover, both these novels have been in the public domain for several years earning only praise and pride for the fishing community.

    Written as it is in the Tamil dialect of the South Tamil Nadu fishing community that he is part of, the books should be seen as a valuable addition to Indian literature on a community that is seldom the subject of literary or even non-fictional works.

    We, the below-signed, extend our fullest support to D'Cruz in his legal battle. We have no doubts that the criminal defamation suit will fail. We also have no doubts that the suit is merely an attempt by the petitioner to gain cheap publicity and harass the writer.

    Gnani Sankaran
    T.N. Gopalan
    V. Geetha
    Nityanand Jayaraman
    A. Mangai
    Prof. V. Arasu
    T.M. Krishna
    T. Venkat
    Anand Patwardhan
    Dr. Anandhi S.
    Madhumita Dutta
    Prema Revathi
    Leela Samson
    Dr. Vijay Baskar
    Prof. Vasanthi Devi
    Lawrence Surendra
    Dr. Karen Coelho

    Joe D'Cruz is a Tamil writer who established his place in the Tamil literary field with his first work 'Aazhi Choozh Ulaku' ('World surrounded by Ocean'). His second work 'Korkai' is about the port town Tuticorin. He was the recipient of the Sahitya Akademi award in 2013 for KorkaiJoe D'Cruz has recently been in the news for being ostracized by activists for his support of Modi. 

    Our Contributing Editor Aravindan Neelakandan's interview with Joe D'Cruz is reproduced below:

    1. If I am right you have always been threatened with violence and an undeclared but effective excommunication. Right?

    When 'Aazhi soozh ulaku' (my first novel) came, the first letter that came to me was from a venerable old man from a non-descript coastal village. Even as an unofficial excommunication was getting implemented silently, this venerable old man wrote: 'May your mother be blessed for bringing out this grand literary narrative of our people'. Another letter came from Rameswaram – a coastal fisherman had requested me to come there and see their lives. Such people supported me. They invited me. They shared their problems in broken voices and soiled papers. But (those in) seats of power who were exploiting the innocence of the coastal communities went to great extent against me, from unofficial excommunication to petitioning my company higher officials. But the power of the common people and the trust and love that they gave me sustained me. So the threats never bothered me. (Getting emotional)

    So at that moment I decided to dedicate my life to the cause of our coastal people…I vowed it on my Aatha (mother/goddess). The only time I went to my village was when my father died. It was for his funeral. Till then I refrained from going there because I did not want to be the cause of a rift in the village. But when I came to the village I realized one thing. Even in the village where the vested interests thought they had stranglehold, the people loved me. The love and affection I have is not limited to the boundaries of my village but(extend) to the entire coastline of Mother India. I see all the diverse coastal communities along the entire Indian peninsula as pearls of different colours garlanded at the feet of Mother India.

    Joe D Cruz (2)

    2. I remember youths from coastal community coming to protect you after they came to know of an attack being planned against you. Can you elaborate?

    About two years back (when the) 'Valampuri John award' was given to me, the same elements which cry against me wanted to stop the function. At that time I started getting threatening calls. They spread the word that I would be knifed. I again decided not to come for the award function, not because I was afraid. But I know how these vested interest would use the emotions of some innocent youth of the coastal region and the boy may end up with his life shattered. So I decided not to come. But the organisers, when they came to know of this, they made all necessary arrangements that no untoward incident would happen. When a community lovingly protects you and when you are selflessly working for the people, then these threats do not affect you.

    3. But unlike left-wing writers you never made fame out of these threats which were far more real than any the so-called progressive writers faced… why?

    From Kannian Poonkuntanar (Sangham Tamil poet) to Paulo Coelho, there is a consistent theme. When you follow what your inner voice tells you, when you walk the path of your highest calling, nothing can harm you and the entire universe will be at your service. This is a principle I have experienced in my own life. There are people who have to get fame through real and perceived threats. But I do not need either fame or name. I seek to live for my people. I love them. I write so that they can live happily, honourably, and with prosperity. So I do not have time to go publicity hunting with these threats. Perhaps that may be the reason. Even otherwise I choose not to get fame through the threats to my life. I love even those who make such threats. They too are my people.

    4. Your support to Modi brought you abuse and threats, can you elaborate on those days?

    When my novels came and when I got Sahitya Academy (award) some friends, who happen to be comrades, arranged felicitations and all. I attended them. I considered them as my readers and friends. I demanded no ideological alligance from them. But when I opened my mind about support to Modi everything changed. They attacked me. A potential publisher who had promised to translate my novel, with whose translator I have worked for years spending my time and energy, went back on their word, after listing the translation in their catalogue.

    People would arrange some meeting and then suddenly it would be cancelled. Well…I underwent ostracization all of a sudden. But I told such 'friends' one thing. You being my reader or my friend does not mean I have to be a prisoner in your ideological home. If you think I cannot voice my opinion freely just because you give your appreciation to me then please remember one thing: A writer needs appreciation. But he needs freedom more than the appreciation. Between appreciation and freedom he will choose freedom. 

    5. Do you think there is hypocrisy in the so-called freedom of expression crusaders when they remain tactfully silent when you are attacked.. the recent one being only the latest in a series of attacks that you have been facing silently for the last two years?

    There is definitely a double-tumbler system here. There is no doubt about it. But it does not surprise me. You see … there is a socialist bourgeois here. It is a neo-Nehruvian creation. They want to picture and paint the human sufferings in the best possible colors and make a high-flying living out of it. They have to show themselves as fighters…five-star literati for the poor. They hate it when someone from the ordinary people, the real marginalized sections of the society, comes up and tells people to move on… to become prosperous, to claim their rightful and honorable place in the society. If the poor no longer remain poor, how can these high class people make a living?

    The pornographers of poverty seek a pleasure out of the poverty of our people and make that a virtue. To me, on the other hand, literature speaks the soul of the people and catalyzes them to expand like the oceanic circle. So naturally these people will not come for my cause. Nor do I expect them to come. If RSS says it will wind up today, who do you think will be affected the most? It is these atrocity-literature mongers who make a living out of the urban myths of persecution. They even started inventing Hindutva in my novels once I supported Modi.

    6. What about the charge that you have offended Christian faith…

    Let me make one thing very very clear. I am a practicing Catholic Christian. My voice is not against Christianity or Catholic religion. My voice is against the vested interests in the organized religion which are exploiting the common people. They say Catholic Church gave us education…yes, it is true.. but where are the community leaders, and entrepreneurs and educationists who should have come from this vibrant community? They also gave us herd mentality and we need to break from that … which is not against the spirit of Jesus but in tune with what He taught.

    Another problem is my emphasis on our own spiritual traditions which are far older… like the mother goddess worship which is very much in our blood.

    I am today the voice of my people as the guardian of the coast of Mother India … as the owners and creators of this age old civilization… from Ramayana to Mahabharatha to every Purana my people have a role in it, they are not an imported people. They have their roots in this culture and in this spiritual tradition. The fact that I am a Catholic cannot deny this heritage of our people. I hence speak their voice.. the voice of our ancestors speaks through me.

    And how can that offend any religion?

    7. Evaluate Modi's performance in one year… .

    When I voiced my support for Modi I did this for three reasons: One: I have experienced the change Modi brought to resource-scarce, earth-quake ravaged Gujarat. He made Gujarat an important maritime hub. So I know this man can do miracles because he cares for the people. Two: He comes from the lower rungs of the society. He knows what is poverty. In this I share an affinity with him. So he knows it is wrong to insult and exploit the poor as much it is wrong to glorify or romantize poverty. So he will work for the common Indian. Thirdly: He has been the Chief Minister who wanted to improve his state. So he knows how the centre-state relation is an important factor in the development process. So only such a person who knows what it is to be a Chief Minister aspiring for the welfare of his state, when he becomes the Prime Minister can help the states to develop.

    … and I should say I do see a sea change in this one year. There is no corruption. There is a mindset change.

    When I hear cheap criticism of this man's foreign tours I really feel offended. To be in constant travel is no joke and he is not doing that for pleasure but for the nation. He travels to strengthen relations where they exist. He travels to forge relations where they do not. He for the first time uses the Indian communities abroad to create networks. He is creating a network of economic cooperation and strategic partnership. This is a grand experiment he is doing. We should have done this long back and thank God for a Prime Minister who is at last sowing the seeds for a prosperous future India. And we cannot judge the fruits of what he sows now itself. Yet we can say here is a person who works hard for us – for you and me and our children- not taking even a single day holiday.

    Things may still be not fast enough as we desire them to be. But I have my hopes for the future of our nation pinned on the chaiwala.

    0 0

    Press Release – Mathela village's struggle against illegal and unregulated stone crushers enters 17th day

    17th June 2015, New Delhi: A people's protest against 2 proposed and 3 stalled stone crushers is going on in the Mathela village of Tehri district of Uttarakhand for the last 17 days. This historic village of Madho Singh Bhandari is collectively struggling against the installation of stone crushers as they are severely impacting the agriculture and environment of the village.

    Despite the recent Commissioner's investigation report, which was ordered as a resolution to people's protests, has clearly pointed out that all the stone crushers have broken the regulations, yet there has been no action to stop the functioning of the crushers. Seeing in-action, people have reassumed the protests. At the same time, police have been trying to suppress the peaceful people's struggle and unjust cases against the protesters have been filed. Protesting against police repression, Sameer Ratudi activist of 'Himalaya Bachao Andolan' did eat not or drink anything for 6 days. After it was ensured by the representatives of the government that the police officials involved will be charged, Sameer Ratudi started drinking water but the fast still continues. Today is 13thday of the fast by him and the headperson of the village Shoorvir Singh Bisht. The demands are straight and two-fold-

    • Immediately stop the functioning of illegal and unregulated stone crushers in Mathela, Tehri
    • Cancel the unjust and false cases against the protesters

    As the country as well as the nearing nations are witnessing hazardous environmental depletion and climate change, resulting into disasters and tragedies, activities that threaten the nature must be put on hold. Stone crushing is one such activity which must be stopped. With environmental safeguards being diluted and laws to destroy the land and agriculture, such as the recent Land Acquisition Ordinance, being pursued by the Government, struggles against this unmindful pursuit of power being fought in Mathela as well as thousands of villages and cities of the country are our only hope for a better and sustainable future.

    We appeal to all the concerned citizens to support the struggle of the people of Mathela by writing to the CM Uttarakhand and/or making calls, demanding stoppage of stone crushers in Mathela urgently. Following are the details:

    Chief Minister Secretariat

    Address: 4 Subhas Road,

    Uttarakhand Secretariat,Fourth Floor New Building,
    Dehradun,Uttarakhand,Pin Code 248001

    Phone No-0135-2650433, 2655177





    Medha Patkar – Narmada Bachao Andolan and National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM); Prafulla Samantara – Lok Shakti Abhiyan & Lingraj Azad – Samajwadi Jan Parishad – Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti, NAPM, Odisha; Dr. Sunilam, Aradhna Bhargava – Kisan Sangharsh Samiti & Meera – Narmada Bachao Andolan, NAPM, MP; Suniti SR, Suhas Kolhekar, Prasad Bagwe – NAPM, Maharashtra; Gabriele Dietrich, Geetha Ramakrishnan – Unorganised Sector Workers Federation, NAPM, TN; C R Neelkandan – NAPM Kerala; P Chennaiah & Ramakrishnam Raju – NAPM Andhra Pradesh, Arundhati Dhuru, Richa Singh, Nandlal Master – NAPM, UP; Sudhir Vombatkere,  Sister Celia – Domestic Workers Union & Rukmini V P, Garment Labour Union, NAPM, Karnataka; Vimal Bhai – Matu Jan sangathan & Jabar Singh, NAPM, Uttarakhand; Anand Mazgaonkar, Krishnakant – Paryavaran Suraksh Samiti, NAPM Gujarat; Kamayani Swami, Ashish Ranjan – Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan & Mahendra Yadav – Kosi Navnirman Manch, NAPM Bihar; Faisal Khan, Khudai Khidmatgar, J S Walia, NAPM Haryana; Kailash Meena, NAPM Rajasthan; Amitava Mitra & Sujato Bhadra, NAPM West Bengal; Bhupender Singh Rawat – Jan Sangharsh Vahini & Rajendra Ravi, Madhuresh Kumar and Shabnam Shaikh, Kanika – NAPM, Delhi


    For further details, Contact Vimalbhai: 09718479517

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    Swarup Sampat nominated as Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) member

    • Posted: June 18, 2015
    swarup min

    Today, bollywood actor Paresh Rawal's wife Swaru Sampat, and actress and former Miss India has been nominated to the reconsititued Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE), the highest advisory body on education in the country which is headed by Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani.

    Sampat has been nominated under 'creative arts' category.

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    Niyamgiri tribals demand complete withdrawal of Vedanta Aluminium Ltd (VAL)

    Posted by :kamayani On : June 18, 2015

    Odisha Sun Times Bureau
    Rayagada, Jun 17:

    Dongria kondh tribals in Kalahandi and Ryagada districts of Odisha today demanded the complete withdrawal of Vedanta Aluminium Ltd (VAL) from the area since the palli sabhas held under the directive of the Supreme Court had already given their verdict against mining of bauxite in the Niyamgiri hills.

    File PicFile Pic

    Hundreds of Dongria kondh men and women residing in 80 odd villages atop the Niyamgiri hills gathered at a meeting organized by the Niyamgiri Surakshya Samiti (NSS) at Sakata village at the base of the hills under Muniguda block in Rayagada district accusing VAL's Lanjigarh refinery of causing damage to the environment of Niyamgiri hills. They alleged that the sound and air pollution caused by the company's refinery had affected the lives and livelihoods of the tribals residing atop the hills.

    The Niyamgiri Surakshya Samiti wondered why the government was not asking the VAL to move out of the area since palli sabhas held under the directive of the Supreme Court on mining in Niyamgiri hills had already rejected the proposal.

    Dongria kondhs at the meeting warned that they would take law into their own hands if the government failed to take any action in this regard.

    "Sound and air pollution and the glow of halogen lights have driven out birds and animals from these hills. Pollution from the plant has affected both the size and quality of fruits growing in these hills. They have shrunken in size and don't taste the same anymore. Moreover, leaves are covered with a thin film of ash and other pollutants released into the air by the refinery. Since it hasn't got mines, the factory here should be shut down," said Lingaraj, convener, Niyamgiri Surakshya Samiti.

    "The factory should go. Niyamgiri mines should go. Then only we can live in peace. Only after Lanjigarh factory is shifted shall our people live in peace and our hills, lands, water and air will survive. That's why we have taken up to agitation," said Lado Sikka, Secretary, Niyamgiri Surakshya Samiti.

    0 0

    हत्या और आत्म हत्या से बड़ी घटना है मृत्यु
    दुनिया भर में चर्चित शाहजहाँपुर में हुए पत्रकार जगेन्द्र हत्या कांड को
    हत्या और आत्म हत्या के बीच उलझाने का प्रयास किया जा रहा है। प्रभावशाली
    नामजद आरोपी, पुलिस और कुछ मीडिया संस्थान शर्मनाक तरीके से दिवंगत
    पत्रकार का चरित्र हनन तक करने लगे हैं, जबकि बड़ा कारण हत्या, आत्म हत्या
    और चरित्र नहीं, बल्कि मृत्यु है। बड़ी बात यह नहीं है जगेन्द्र मरा कैसे?
    बड़ी बात यह बात है कि जगेन्द्र मरा क्यूं?

    शाहजहांपुर में जगेन्द्र 1 जून को जला, उसी दिन गंभीर हालत होने के कारण
    जगेन्द्र को उपचार हेतु लखनऊ के लिए भेज दिया गया, जहां 8 जून को उसकी
    मृत्यु हो गई। अगले दिन राज्यमंत्री राममूर्ति वर्मा, उस समय के कोतवाल
    श्रीप्रकाश राय सहित छः लोगों को नामजद करते हुए कई अज्ञात लोगों के
    विरुद्ध जगेन्द्र के बेटे राहुल की ओर से पेट्रोल डाल कर जिंदा जला देने
    का मुकदमा दर्ज कराया गया। प्रत्यक्षदर्शी के रूप में एक महिला गवाह बनी,
    जिसने अब पुलिस को बयान दिया है कि जगेन्द्र ने स्वयं आग लगाई, इसी बयान
    को एक अखबार ने उछाला है और महिला को दिवंगत जगेन्द्र की मित्र बताया है।

    अब बात 1 जून से पहले की करते हैं। जगेन्द्र राज्यमंत्री राममूर्ति वर्मा
    के विरुद्ध फेसबुक पर निरंतर खुलासे कर रहे थे, जिससे राज्यमंत्री
    राममूर्ति वर्मा का चिढ़ना स्वाभाविक ही है। उन्होंने इसी रंजिश में एक
    अमित भदौरिया नाम के व्यक्ति की मदद कर दी, जिसकी जगेन्द्र से रंजिश चल
    रही थी। जगेन्द्र के विरुद्ध राममूर्ति वर्मा का साथ पाकर अमित भदौरिया
    ने अप्रैल के महीने में जानलेवा हमला करने का एक फर्जी मुकदमा दर्ज करा
    दिया। राममूर्ति वर्मा के ही दबाव में पुलिस निष्पक्ष जांच करने की जगह
    जगेन्द्र की गिरफ्तारी करने में जुट गई। जगेन्द्र भूमिगत हो गया और पुलिस
    के अफसरों से गुहार लगाने लगा कि निष्पक्ष जांच करा दीजिये, पर उसके
    प्रार्थना पत्रों को किसी पुलिस अफसर ने गंभीरता से नहीं लिया, इसके
    बावजूद जगेन्द्र ने लिखना बंद नहीं किया। जगेन्द्र लगातार राममूर्ति
    वर्मा के खुलासे करते रहे। उनकी अवैध संम्पत्ति और खनन आदि में संलिप्त
    होने की खबरें छापते रहे, जिससे राममूर्ति वर्मा ने पुलिस पर और अधिक
    दबाव बनाया। जगेन्द्र को राज्यमंत्री राममूर्ति वर्मा की ओर से और भी कई
    तरह के खतरे महसूस होने लगे, तो जगेन्द्र ने 22 मई को फेसबुक पर लिखा कि
    राममूर्ति वर्मा उसकी हत्या कराने का षड्यंत्र रच रहे हैं और उसकी हत्या
    करा सकते हैं।

    28 मई को एक आँगनबाड़ी कार्यकत्री ने आरोप लगाया कि कोतवाल श्रीप्रकाश राय
    उसे गेस्ट हाउस ले गये, जहां राज्यमंत्री राममूर्ति वर्मा आदि ने उसका
    यौन शोषण किया, इस मुकदमे के संबंध में जगेन्द्र ने न सिर्फ लिखा, बल्कि
    गवाह भी बन गया। इस मुकदमे के बाद राममूर्ति वर्मा और पुलिस विभाग में
    हड़कंप मच गया। जो पुलिस अब तक राममूर्ति वर्मा के दबाव में जगेन्द्र को
    खोज रही थी, वो पुलिस अब खुद भी सीधे दुश्मन की तरह जगेन्द्र को खोजने
    लगी और 1 जून को पुलिस ने जगेन्द्र को घर में घेर भी लिया, तभी जगेन्द्र
    के जलने की घटना हुई। उसी दिन जिला अस्पताल में जगेन्द्र ने मजिस्ट्रेट
    के समक्ष बयान दिया कि पुलिस ने उसे जलाया है और आरोपी कोतवाल श्रीप्रकाश
    राय ने मुकदमा लिखा कि जगेन्द्र ने आत्म हत्या का प्रयास किया है।

    अब बहस इस पर हो रही है कि जगेन्द्र ने आत्म हत्या की, अथवा उसकी हत्या
    हुई? हत्या के पक्ष में जगेन्द्र का अपना बयान, फेसबुक वॉल पर मौजूद
    खबरें और 22 मई की वो पोस्ट, जिसमें उसने अपनी हत्या होने की आशंका जताई
    थी, वही काफी है, इसलिए आत्म हत्या पर बात करते हैं। मान लेते हैं कि
    जगेन्द्र ने आत्म हत्या ही की, तो सवाल यह उठता है कि आत्म हत्या करने के
    हालात किसने उत्पन्न किये? जगेन्द्र ने खुशी में तो आत्म हत्या की नहीं
    होगी। जाहिर है कि राज्यमंत्री राममूर्ति वर्मा और पुलिस के दबाव में ही
    उसने आत्म हत्या की होगी, तो आत्म हत्या करने को मजबूर कर देना भी कोई
    छोटा गुनाह नहीं है। भारतीय दंड संहिता में यह उल्लेख है कि आत्म हत्या
    को मजबूर कर देना भी हत्या की ही श्रेणी का अपराध है, इसीलिए
    प्रत्यक्षदर्शी गवाह का यह कहना कि जगेन्द्र ने आत्म हत्या की थी, नामजद
    आरोपियों को दोष मुक्त नहीं कर देता।

    जगेन्द्र के हत्या के मुकदमे की प्रत्यक्षदर्शी गवाह और राममूर्ति वर्मा
    आदि पर यौन शोषण का आरोप लगाने वाली महिला एक ही है, जिसे एक अखबार ने
    जगेन्द्र की मित्र बताया है, मतलब चरित्र हनन करने का भी प्रयास किया है
    और यह भी सिद्ध करने का प्रयास किया है कि जगेन्द्र की मित्र का ही यह
    कहना है। असलियत में महिला जगेन्द्र की मित्र नहीं, बल्कि दो पीड़ित एक
    साथ आ गये थे। महिला भी सत्ता पक्ष की सताई हुई थी, तभी उसने यौन शोषण
    जैसा आरोप लगा दिया। अब जगेन्द्र नहीं है, साथ ही आंगनबाड़ी कार्यकत्री की
    परेशानियां सुलझा दी गई होंगी, तो वो क्यूं किसी से दुश्मनी बढ़ायेगी।
    हाँ, मित्र होती, तो जरुर जगेन्द्र के न्याय के लिए स्वयं की बलि भी चढ़ा
    देती। अब संभावना यह भी है कि यौन शोषण के प्रकरण में भी वह यह कह दे कि
    राममूर्ति वर्मा और पुलिस आदि पर उससे जगेन्द्र ने ही आरोप लगवाये थे।

    स्वतंत्र पत्रकार
    B.P. Gautam's profile photo

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    Modi government is killing Vajpayee's food security scheme

    By phasing out the Antyodaya scheme, the government could deprive the poorest of poor of adequate food security.
    Modi government is killing Vajpayee's food security scheme

    Photo Credit: Mansi Thapliyal/Reuters
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    The Narendra Modi government has issued an executive order that contravenes the National Food Security law passed by Parliament in 2013 and effectively phases out the Antyodaya food scheme launched by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 2000.

    Issued on March 20 by the Department of Food and Public Distribution, the order recently came to the attention of Right to Food activists. They allege some of its provisions are illegal and could end up depriving lakhs of poor people of their legal entitlements of subsidised food rations.

    "The PDS control order is overreaching the provisions of the National Food Security Act which has been legislated by Parliament," said Biraj Patnaik, the advisor to the Supreme Court on food security matters. "Some of its sections are illegal and will not stand scrutiny of the Supreme Court."

    "I am particularly agitated about the phasing out of the Antyodaya scheme," said Jean Drèze, economist and activist. "Firstly, it is illegal since Supreme Court orders make the scheme mandatory for some social groups. The scheme covers 20 million people. It provides a good means to reach the poorest of the poor. By phasing it out, the government is giving a clear message: the poor should help themselves."

    Here are excerpts of the controversial provisions:

    Citizens vs Residents

    4. (2) The State Government shall issue a ration card only to a citizen ofIndia who is resident of that State and who fulfills the conditions for getting a ration card as may be prescribed by the State Government.

    The order limits the distribution of food ration cards to "citizens" of India as against "residents" as provided under the National Food Security Act. The only exception allowed is on "humanitarian" grounds to those who have been granted the status of refugees by the Central government. "This would result in nothing but the harassment of migrant workers especially Bengali-speaking migrants who face discrimination on charges of being Bangladeshis," said Patnaik.

    Making Aadhaar mandatory

    4. (9) The form referred to in sub-clause (7) may include requisite details including Aadhaar number, bank account details, and mobile telephone number.

    The order makes the Aadhaar number mandatory for those applying for ration cards despite clear orders by the Supreme Court striking down the mandatory use of the 12-digit unique identification number in government schemes.

    Freezing coverage

    3. (6) For the purpose of allocation of subsidised foodgrains under Targeted Public Distribution System by the Central Government, there shall be no increase in the State-wise number of persons covered under Targeted Public Distribution System till the data from the next population Census, after the commencement of this Order, becomes available.

    The order freezes the coverage under the National Food Security Act until the next census by disallowing provisional census data to be used for updating the number of beneficiaries. This means a new born child will have to wait until the next census to become eligible for food subsidies by the central government. If a state government wishes to extend the coverage to new born children, they would have to do so at their own expense.

    The end of Antyodaya

    3. (3) …Provided that when an Antyodaya household becomes ineligible on account of migration outside the State, improvement in social or economic status, death, etc., no new Antyodaya household shall be identified in that State and the total number of Antyodaya households shall be reduced to that extent.

    In what might be politically the most significant change, new cards can no longer be issued under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana, which effectively means the scheme launched by the previous BJP government in December 2000 is being phased out. Inspired by Hindutva ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhyay's concept of Anytodaya or uplifting the person at the last mile, the Antyodaya scheme began by providing ten million of the poorest and most vulnerable families 35 kilos of foodgrains each at Rs 3 per kilo of rice and Rs 2 per kilo of wheat.

    Instead of entitlements per household, the National Food Security law provides individual entitlements of 5 kilos per person at the same prices. Individual entitlements are more rational and equitable since household sizes vary. But the Antyodaya category was retained in the National Food Security as social protection for small-sized poor households, particularly elderly couples and widows, who cannot afford to buy grains in the market. "A survey of ten states in 2013 showed that the scheme is functioning well," said Drèze. "Households were getting 87% of their entitlements. Some states are using the scheme to provide edible oil and pulses to the poor."

    Said Patnaik, "It is shocking that the NDA government is undoing the legacy programme of the Vajpayee government and one that the then prime minister had nurtured over time because it was meant for the poorest of the poor."

    Phone calls made to the food minister Ram Vilas Paswan were not answered. Attempts to speak with the food secretary and joint secretary failed as their office staff claimed they were busy in meetings. Queries have been emailed to both the officials and the report will be updated in case they respond.

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    Press release – Brutal murder of Barangay Health worker




    The Community Based Health Programs (CBHP) in the Philippines strongly condemn the brutal murder of Barangay Health Worker (BHW) Rosalie "Saling" Calago and her husband Barangay Kagawad and community leader Endric "Bayoto" Calago.


    The couple was strafed with bullets and their bodies were burned in their house by suspected elements of the 11th Infantry Batallion based in Brgy. Mckinley, Guihulngan City, under 302nd Brigade of the Philippine Army at around 10:00 in the evening on May 24, 2015 at Sitio Bantayan, Barangay Tacpao, Guihulngan, Negros Oriental.


    Saling, 45, is a BHW, Barangay Nutrition Scholar, member of Gabriela, barefoot reporter of local radio programs Kaling Kag Tugda and Pugasan in Negros and Cebu, and a staunch supporter of CBHP and Community Health Workers (CHW) in their locality. Bayoto, 47, is a Barangay Kagawad (village official) and Vice-Chairperson of Kaugmaon-Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas. Both are members also of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


    Saling has been actively supporting the Franciscan Mountain Clinic, a community-managed program run CBHP-trained community health workers in her capacity as a Barangay Health Worker.  She also believed in empowering communities in laying down the foundation of people-managed alternative health care system at the community level.


    "The attack against health workers is an affront to the people's right to health.  The military kill or harass health workers and deprive thousands of people in poor and neglected communities with important health care services," said Dr. Magdalena Barcelon, chairperson of the Council for Health and Development's (CHD) Board of Trustees. CHD is the national organization of 64 CBHPs in the Philippines.


    The murder of Saling Calago adds up to the increasing and intensifying attacks against health workers who are critical of government programs and policies and choose to serve the poor and the marginalized population.  Dr. Chandu Claver survived an assassination attempt in 2006 but his wife, Alyce Claver was killed. Health workers are being illegally arrested and detained for crimes they did not commit as in the case of the Morong 43 in 2010, Zara Alvarez of Negros Island Health Integrated Program for Community Development (NIHIPCD) in 2012 and trumped up charges against Josephine Torrecampo;  and Mindanao CBHP staffs Helen Igloria and Rosalinda Omayao most recently.  Many more are being harassed and threatened.


    Despite the climate of terror and culture impunity, Dr. Barcelon expressed that CBHPs will never be cowed because of their deeply ingrained commitment to serve the poor and the oppressed.


    CBHPs all over the Philippines vow to strengthen its ranks, organize and mobilize the people for health and human rights, and seek all remedies to attain justice for the Calagos and all victims of human rights violations in the country, Dr. Barcelon concluded.


    Justice to the Calago couple and all victims of human rights violations!


    Punish human rights violators!


    End the culture of impunity in the Philippines!


    Reference:         Magdalena Barcelon, M.D.

                             Chairperson, Board of Trustees

                             Council for Health and Development


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    Rihai Manch Press Note-सूबे में व्याप्त जंगल राज के खिलाफ आपातकाल की बरसी पर लखनऊ में विरोध प्रदर्शन करेगा रिहाई मंच
    For Resistance Against Repression
    सूबे में सुरक्षित नहीं महिलाएं - रिहाई मंच
    सूबे में व्याप्त जंगल राज के खिलाफ 25 जून शाम 4 बजे गांधी प्रतिमा,
    जीपीओ हजरतगंज लखनऊ पर होगा धरना

    लखनऊ 18 जून 2015। रिहाई मंच ने कहा है कि गोरखपुर में सपा विधायक राजमति
    निषाद के बेटे द्वारा अवैध पंचायत लगाकर प्रेमी युगल के मुंह पर कालिख
    पोतकर घुमाने, कुशीनगर में आगनबाड़ी कार्यकर्ता मीरा का दबंगों द्वारा
    बाल काटने, महराजगंज के डिप्टी जेलर डीएन गुप्ता द्वारा विदेशी महिला के
    साथ पिछले तीन महीने से बलात्कार, सपा नेता द्वारा सीतापुर में छात्रा के
    साथ सामूहिक बलात्कार, वाराणसी के सामने घाट की 14 वर्षीय दलित लड़की को
    पिछले एक महीने से मकान मालिक द्वारा अगवा करने के बावजूद स्थानीय
    थानेदार द्वारा मुकदमा दर्ज न करने की घटनाएं साफ करती हैं कि प्रदेश में
    महिलाएं सुरक्षित नहीं हैं। मंच सूबे में व्याप्त इस जंगल राज के खिलाफ
    आपातकाल की बरसी पर 25 जून, गुरूवार को शाम 4 बजे से गांधी प्रतिमा,
    जीपीओ हजरतगंज, लखनऊ पर धरना देगा।

    रिहाई मंच प्रवक्ता शाहनवाज आलम ने कहा कि प्रदेश सरकार महिलाओं की
    सुरक्षा कम विज्ञापन ज्यादा कर रही है, ठीक मोदी की तरह। उन्होंने कहा कि
    जिस तरह से महिलाओं के उत्पीड़न में सपा के विधायक, नेता और सपा के चहेते
    नौकरशाह संलिप्त हैं, उसमें महिला हेल्प लाईन या फिर यूपी महिला सम्मान
    प्रकोष्ठ सिर्फ कागजों तक सीमित होकर रह गई है। उन्होंने कहा कि पत्रकार
    जगेन्द्र के बयान और राज्य मंत्री पर एफआईआर दर्ज होने के बावजूद
    गिरफ्तारी रोकने के लिए जब प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री अखिलेश यादव एक
    बलात्कार, हत्या, खनन और स्मैक तस्करी जैसे आरोपों से घिरे मंत्री के
    पक्ष में उतर आए हों तो समझा जा सकता हैं कि सपा मंत्री, विधायक और सांसद
    क्या-क्या कर रहे होंगे। ठीक इसी तरह खालिद मुजाहिद हत्याकांड में
    मुख्यमंत्री अखिलेश यादव ने हत्यारोपी पूर्व डीजीपी विक्रम सिंह, पूर्व
    एडीजी कानून व्यवस्था बृजलाल पर नामजद एफआईआर होने के बावजूद गिरफ्तारी
    नहीं होने दी और फर्जी तरीके से पुलिस से फाइनल रिपोर्ट लगवाकर हत्यारों
    को बचाने की कोशिश की।

    रिहाई मंच नेता राजीव यादव ने कहा कि जिस तरीके से पिछले दिनों उन्नाव के
    एक पत्रकार ने जगेन्द्र के इंसाफ के लिए आत्मदाह करने की कोशिश की उससे
    प्रदेश में इंसाफ के प्रति जनता में उपज रहे आक्रोश को समझा जा सकता है।
    अखिलेश यादव की इसी तरह किसानों के प्रति अदूरदर्शी नीति के चलते
    मार्च-अप्रैल महीने में 550 से अधिक किसानों की सूबे में आत्महत्या व दिल
    का दौरा पड़ने से मौत हो गई है। उन्होंने तमाम मानवाधिकार, पत्रकार,
    सामाजिक संगठनों और आम जन से आपातकाल की बरसी पर 25 जून, गुरूवार को शाम
    4 बजे गांधी प्रतिमा, जीपीओ हजरतगंज पर होने वाले धरने में शामिल होने की
    अपील की।

    द्वारा जारी
    शाहनवाज आलम
    प्रवक्ता, रिहाई मंच
    Office - 110/46, Harinath Banerjee Street, Naya Gaaon Poorv, Laatoosh
    Road, Lucknow
    E-mail: -

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