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This is my Real Life Story: Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams. It is hightime that I should share my life with you all. So that something may be done to save this Galaxy. Please write to: bangasanskriti.sahityasammilani@gmail.comThis Blog is all about Black Untouchables,Indigenous, Aboriginal People worldwide, Refugees, Persecuted nationalities, Minorities and golbal RESISTANCE.

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    Minor girl attacked with acid because her mother is vocal against police atrocities #Vaw


    The Acting Chairman

    National Human Rights Commission

    Manav Adhikar Bhavan

    Block- C, GPO Complex


    New Delhi – 110023


    Respected Sir


    I want to draw your attention over repeated incidents of acid throwing upon a minor girl belongs to Schedule Caste community. The girl is the daughter of a local panchayet member. Her mother; the panchayet member, is instrumental against the atrocities committed by the local police and posted Border Security Force personnel. This is only the one part of the fact; but another part is more shocking and horrid. The police personnel of local police station shamelessly trying to shield the culprits and violate the procedure related to registration of complaint and grievance. Their act is in total connivance with the culprits. The acquiescence of police with the miscreants having political patronage is to teach a lesson to the mother of the victim girl with vengeance. The mother often vociferously condemned police and BSF atrocities at the said area. Involvement of Mr. Surajit Thakur; aSub Inspector of Raninagar police station with this heinous crime has crossed every limit of judicial propriety.

    The victim girl was attacked with corrosive substances for two consecutive days; first day the culprit attempted but failed to hurt the victim but second day the substance hit the body of the victim and she was grievously injured; the police registered a complaint on the first day and section 326 (B) of Indian Penal Code was charged but refused to register the complaint of the mother on second day's incident which definitely attract section 326 (A) of IPC. The police violated the legal provisions to register FIR on cognizable offences. Mr. Surajit Thakur even tried to hamper the proceeding of statement recording under section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code.

    The incident was in total contravention of articles 3(1), 6 and 9 of United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child and article 1 of Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials; adopted by General Assembly resolution 34/169 of 17 December 1979. Law Commission of India in its 226thReport elaborately discussed the problem of Acid attack and made some recommendations which should be adhered to.

    I am attaching a detail of the incident and demand for:-

    • Immediate and adequate protection of the victim girl
    • Independent investigation over the incidents
    • Proper legal actions against the culprits
    • Proper actions against the police personnel for their illegalities and misconducts
    • Financial compensation

    Sincerely Yours


    (Kirity Roy)

    Secretary- MASUM

    National Convener- PACTI


    Name and details of the victim  Ms. Purobi Mondol (12 years) daughter of Mr. Pran Ballav Mondol; resident of village – Char Rajapur, Police Station – Raninagar, District – Murshidabad

    Details of Secondary victim –  1.Father – Mr. Pran Ballav Mondol (50 years)  2.Mother –Mrs. Bithika Mondol 3. Elder sister – Prabali Mondol

    Name and Details of Perpetrators– 1.  Mr. Hiren Mondol son of late Jogindra Mondol 2. Mr. Surojit Thakur, Sub Inspector; Raninagar Police Station

    Date and Time of the incident  –  On 20th May 2015 at 1.30 pm and on 21st May 2015 at 9 am.

    Place of the incident –   In the residence of Mr. Pran Ballav Mondol

    Details of the incident –  Mrs. Bithika Mondol, mother of Ms. Purobi Mondol is an ICDS worker by profession and also the head (prodhan) of local gram panchayet. Besides his husband Mr. Pran Ballav Mondol she has two daughters namely Ms. Prabali Mondol (20 years), and Ms. Purobi Mondol (12 years).

    Mr. Hiren Mondol son of late Jogindra Mondol is very renowned anti social of that locality. He has political patronage from local political groups. Often he and his companions tried to harass Ms. Bithika Mondol out of political divergence but failed.

    On 20.05.2015 at 1.30 pm Ms. Purobi Mondol daughter of Ms. Bithika Mondol was alone in her residence. When she went to attend natures call; Mr. Hiren Mondol threw acid (corrosive substance) targeting her body through the open roof of their toilet, but somehow it failed to hit the girl. She screamed for help. After listening this, her elder sister Ms. Pubali Mondol and her neighbors rushed to that place. Mr. Hiren Mondol ran away from the place while neighbours reached the place. Parents of the victim were not at home and after receiving the information rushed to their home. They went to Raninagar Police Station at first instance to lodge a complaint against the perpetrator Mr. Hiren Mondol. At first, the Sub Inspector of Raninagar Police Station; Mr. Surojit Thakur showed his reluctance to register the complaint, verbally abused the victim and his parents and finally but finally registered the complaint.

    On 21st May 2015, Mr. Hiren Mondol again with his followers attacked the girl. At that time victim was in her residence. The said miscreants threw acid upon her and this time unfortunately the substance hit the victim and her legs were burnt. Just after the incident the perpetrators ran away from that place. Then victim's mother called the S.I of Raninagar Police Station; Mr. Surojit Thakur over telephone and informed him about the incident. Mr. Thakur came to her place and in the name of investigation; he only pressurized the minor victim along with her parents to come to police station. After reaching at Raninagar Police Station, the Inspector in Charge of Raninagar Police Station and Mr. Surojit Thakur verbally abused them and refused to accept the complaint regarding the incident of 21st May and asked them to withdraw the previous complaint. Later, said police personnel sent the victim to Godhanpara Primary Health center for medical checkup. Mr. Surojit Thakur reached at the said medical facility and asked the attending doctor to alter his findings to shield the miscreants; which the parents protested and furious Mr. Thakur abused them in public.

    On the same day victim was sent to Lalbagh Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court for recording of her statement in accordance to the section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code. After reaching at the court, the victim was locked in a room and one lady constable was along with her without any documents from police. The parents of the victim were tensed as the police purposefully sent the victim without any required documents and papers from the police station, and they contacted a lawyer; Mr. Rana Mahanto and with his assistance victim was brought before the Magistrate. Due to unavailability of proper documents the magistrate called Mr. Thakur and after listening the victim's account, Magistrate rebuked the Investigating Officer of this case; Mr. Thakur and ordered him to send the victim to Lalbagh Sub-divisional Hospital for treatment. Then victim was sent to the said hospital but as at the time there was no doctor, Mr. Thakur handed over the victim to her parents and shirked off his responsibility and left the hospital, he even said that they will not intervene in this matter in future and the parents are 'free' to do whatever they feel fit. The said police officer even warned them by saying that 'nobody will hassle him'. After that the parents of victim brought her to district hospital; Berhampore Medical College and Hospital. After initial treatment, doctors opined for a consultation with orthopedic experts.

    We have been informed that the victim girl was again attacked by the same goons and police having nexus with the accused trying to shield them.

    Kirity Roy
    Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
    National Convenor (PACTI)
    Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
    40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
    Balaji Place
    PIN- 712203

    Phone- +91-33-26220844 / 0845
    e. mail :


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    Section 498A, Marital Rape and Adverse Propaganda #Vaw #Justice

    to salvage Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code from the shackles of adverse propaganda and "misuse" by the media, goaded on by men's rights groups from the urban and privileged classes, and restore it as a viable law to protect victims of all types of domestic violence. The provisions of the civil law of Domestic Violence Act should be linked to the criminal provision which will help all affected women much more than the introduction of the charge of marital rape.

    Two comments by Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Hari bhai Chaudhary when read together sound ominous for the safety and survival of married women in India. On 29 April 2015 the minister commented that since marriage in India is perceived as a sacred union, marital rape cannot be brought within the purview of the law on rape. This seems to convey that men in India have a licence to rape their wives with impunity. The fact that Hindu marriages ceased to be sacramental more than half a century ago, and Muslim marriages have always been contractual is negated by this comment. It also dis regards the legal provision under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which renders cruelty to wives a criminal offence under Section 498A (enacted 30 years ago) and a civil law which provides protection to victims from domestic violence, enacted almost a decade ago.

    Surely, sexual violence would not be outside the pale of these legal provisions. Yet, while making these sexist comments about male privileges within marriage on the floor of Parliament, the minister did not deem it fit to point to any of these remedies available to wives against their husbands for sexually violating their dignity and safety.
    On 3 March 2015, the minister said that the government is proposing to dilute the provisions of this important section because of its alleged misuse and as per the recommendations by the Law Commission of India (LCI).
    While his comments on marital rape have been widely criticised, those on the dilution of Section 498A of the IPC have been welcomed by the media. Some editorials have gone further and commented that there should also be a provision to prosecute women who file false cases under it, as though the general provision regarding fi ling of false cases under the IPC would not suffice where women are concerned (Marapakwar 2015)!
    Surprisingly, the only opposition to this move has come not from civil society but from another union minister. The Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, has clearly stated that this will be detrimental to women since it is the only criminal provision to ensure their safety within marriage, in a country where a large number of women are subjected to brutal domestic violence (Dhawan 2015).
    Those who have criticised Chaudhary for his comments on marital rape and urged the government to delete the exemption granted to husbands under Section 376 of the IPC, on the ground that "a rape is a rape whether within or outside the marriage" have failed to connect the dots and examine the implications of the earlier comment to a large number of battered wives in our country. The experts' opinions seem to suggest that women are trapped within sexually abusive marriages only because of this offending clause and if it is deleted, women will be able to walk out of their marriages at the very first instance of sexual abuse and press criminal charges against their husbands.
    Continuum of Brutality
    When I hear the heart-rending stories of women raped every night, even during pregnancy and childbirth, the question that leaps to my mind is: what else did this woman endure along with forcible violent sex? And also, if it is not rape but brutal physical violence which fractured her skull, broke her limbs, damaged her kidneys, scalded her face, paralysed her or drove her to the brink of suicide, would the violence be less damaging? These concerns are relegated to the sidelines while discussing marital rape. However, for the victim they form a continuum of a life of degradation and despair, where one act of violence cannot be segregated from the other.
    How does making non-consensual penetrative sex more heinous redeem her from this continuum of brutality? The demand for deletion of this clause seems to subscribe to the patriarchal presumption that vaginal violation forms a category apart, even within marriage, than other types of brutality. In support of the demand to render marital rape culpable under the rape law, experts have relied upon various studies, both national and international, which have highlighted the fact that a large number of women are subjected to sexual violence in India. However, the fact that these studies point to an even higher number of women being subjected to domestic violence is not highlighted during these discussions.
    While a 2011 study by the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) stated that one in every five Indian men surveyed admitted to forcing their wives into sex, the same study also mentioned that 65% of Indian men surveyed said they believe there are times when women deserve to be beaten (Gaynair 2011). The National Family Health Survey–III (NFHS–III) conducted in 2005–06 has stated that more than 54% of men and 51% of women responded that it was okay for a man to beat his wife if she disrespected her in-laws, neglected her home or children, or even over something as trivial as putting less (or more) salt in the food.
    This important study revealed that 31% of married women were physically abused and 10% were subjected to "severe domestic violence" such as burning or attack with a weapon. Another 12% of those who reported severe violence suffered at least one of the following injuries: bruises, wounds, sprains, dislocation, broken bones or broken teeth, and severe burns while 14% of the women experienced emotional abuse (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare2005–06). Despite the clinching evidence of wide prevalence of domestic violence in the country, support systems for battered women, such as emergency shelters, medical aid, halfway homes, skill training, financial support, a specially trained and sensitive police machinery, and reliable and effective legal aid, etc, have not evolved. Our only answer to the problem over the decades has been to provide "counselling," where the woman is advised to adjust, reconcile and "save the marriage" even at the cost of danger to her life, because nothing else exists for her outside. In a society where marriage is perceived to be the "be all and end all of a woman's life" a woman who wishes to break the shackles of an oppressive marriage and press criminal charges against her abuser is viewed as a deviant.
    The other state response has been to introduce penal provisions to deal with "dowry related violence" (Section 304B— dowry death and Section 498A—cruelty to wives) and enact the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act to provide civil remedies.
    Dowry or Nothing
    So where do these large numbers of abused women go? For an answer, we need to turn to the statistics provided by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). They bring out the startling fact that since 2008, every year more than 8,000 women are killed by their husbands for dowry. These figures do not include women who were murdered by their husbands for reasons other than dowry (Section 302 murder) or women who were driven to suicide (Section 306 abetment to suicide). These numbers are not even mentioned in the section "Crimes against Women" in the annual NCRB reports, because the government does not consider wife murders for reasons other than dowry serious enough to record as a special category and monitor the trends.
    When we go through the reported judgments under Section 304B, it is evident that hardly any woman who was killed for dowry had fi led a complaint under Section 498A which deals with cruelty to wives, prior to her death. At another level, despite the propaganda by men's rights groups that most cases fi led under this section are false, the conviction rate for cases under Section 304B is relatively high, around 35% (Law Commission of India 2012).
    The NCRB reports also reveal another startling fact. Judging by the number of cases recorded as dowry deaths (304B), Bihar, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Madhya Pradesh (MP) appear to be the most violent towards women. Ironically, in these states, while the number of women who are killed for dowry is high, the number of cases filed under Section 498A is minuscule. For Bihar and UP, it is around four times the figures for dowry murders and for MP the rate improves slightly at seven times.
    States                S 304B  S 498A
    Bihar                  1,182     4,533
    Uttar Pradesh     2,335    8,781
    Madhya Pradesh 776   4,988
    Source: NCRB report—2013.
    Surely for every woman who is murdered for dowry, there would be thousands of others who are subjected to domestic violence, as indicated by national and international surveys. This proves that the number of cases fi led under Section 498A is low as compared to the extent of violence that married women are subjected to. The data is a pointer that the 31% women who were physically abused, the 10% who were subjected to severe domestic violence, and the 14% who were subjected to emotional abuse as per the NFHS-III study either did not approach the police or the police did not record their complaints. This, despite the fact that Explanation (A) of Section 498A is as follows:
    Explanation—For the purpose of this section, 'cruelty' means-(a) any wilful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health (whether mental or physical) of woman…
    Apart from lack of options, another reason why women who are subjected to domestic violence are unable to register their cases under Section 498A is due to the fact that even after 30 years of its enactment, an erroneous view prevails that it is a law exclusively to curb dowry related cruelty. Hence, the police refuse to record a complaint, if an allegation regarding dowry harassment is not added to the complaint of domestic violence. The media, which constantly brings out stories about women misusing this section seldom report cases where the police have refused to record complaints of brutally violated women, thus perpetuating the myth that this provision is misused and needs to be diluted.
    The blame also lies with the women's movement which, in the 1980s, gave dowry-related violence greater importance and demanded separate legal provisions to address this issue. This only served to undermine routine domestic violence. This is similar to the present demand that marital rape should be treated as a separate category from the routine domestic violence in- flicted upon thousands of women in India. Frequently, when a battered woman approaches the police, the police pressurise her to add the allegation of dowry demand by insisting that without it, it is not possible to register her complaint under Section 498A. Women from the lower strata who approach the police station with bleeding wounds and broken bones are ridiculed with comments such as, "If a husband does not beat his wife, who else will? There is nothing special about a husband beating his wife. If you are harassed for dowry, then it is serious, and we shall arrest him."
    Police–Lawyer Nexus
    There is also an economic motive for the police not to register cases of domestic violence of women from the lower class, as there is nothing to be gained from registering such complaints. On the other hand if a woman from the middle or affl uent class approaches them, registering the complaints becomes a lucrative business, as the police can immediately alert the husband and provide contacts of a criminal lawyer for fi ling for anticipatory bail, all for a hefty fee. The police–lawyer nexus within the criminal law is well established and the blame for it cannot be attributed to Section 498A. When a victim of domestic violence approaches lawyers for a protection order, maintenance and child support, or even divorce, they rush to the police station with a written complaint, which includes dowry demands and assure her that it is a shortcut to solve all her other problems as her husband will soon fall in line once a complaint is registered. But ironically, the problems only get compounded. It is not as though the woman was not subjected to domestic violence, but this aspect gets relegated to the background.
    The 243rd report of the LCI on this section has accurately identified the problem and commented as follows: The correct advice of legal professionals and the sensitivity of police officials are very important, and if these are in place, undoubtedly, the law will not take a devious course. Unfortunately, there is a strong feeling that some lawyers and police personnel have failed to act and approach the problem in a manner ethically and legally expected of them. 
    Hardly any case filed under Section 498A reaches the stage of trial where the woman is alive. On the other hand, courts are flooded with applications for anticipatory bail, quashing or compounding the case. Our judges from the higher courts, sitting in their ivory towers, while making scathing remarks that women misuse the law, have never pondered over the fact of why "genuine" cases of domestic violence never reach their courts, even while their courts are flooded with appeals by husbands who have murdered their wives, and are convicted by lower courts!
    Regarding this issue, the LCI has commented in para 7.1: (The) object and purpose (of Section 498A) cannot be stultified by overemphasising its potentiality for abuse or misuse. Misuse by itself cannot be a ground to repeal it or to take away its teeth wholesale. The re-evaluation of Section 498A merely on the ground of abuse is not warranted. While courts are confronted with abusive dimensions, sometimes very visibly in Section 498A prosecutions, we cannot close our eyes to a large number of cases which go unprosecuted for a variety of reasons…. The allegations of misuse do not however mean that the Police should not appreciate the grievance of the complainant woman with empathy and understanding or that the Police should play a passive role.
    The constitutional bench ruling in Lalita Kumari vs State of Uttar Pradesh (2014), is relevant here. This judgment has laid down that if a woman's complaint discloses commission of a cognisable offence, it is mandatory for the police to register an FIR (first information report). Only when the information does not disclose a cognisable offence can the police conduct a preliminary inquiry.
    The LCI has commented further: Section 498–A has to be seen in the context of violence and impairment of women's liberty and dignity within the matrimonial fold. Mindless and senseless deprivation of life and liberty of women could not have been dealt with effectively through soft sanctions alone. Even though values of equality and non-discrimination may have to gain deeper roots through other social measures, the need to give valuable protection to vulnerable sections of women cannot be negated (Law Commission of India 2012).
    The question that we need to address is: what will be the implications of further diluting the provision by making it compoundable? As mentioned earlier, the rate of conviction under Section 498A when a woman is alive is less than 1%. Cases languish in the magistrate courts for years on end, without reaching any finality. In such a situation, it is but natural that parties reach a compromise and compound the case with consent of the court.
    These cases cannot be categorised as "false cases" as our minister has chosen to do. However, by bringing in a perceived dilution, the presumption that women are misusing this legal provision will gain further validity through its sensationalisation in the media, and it will be impossible to file any case under this section in future, even in cases of extreme domestic violence. This will render the lives of thousands of women from poor and margianlised sections even more perilous. Faced with this dismal situation, the need of the hour is to salvage Section 498A from the shackles of adverse propaganda of "misuse" by the media, goaded on by men's rights' groups from urban and privileged classes, and restore it as a viable law to protect victims of all types of domestic violence—physical abuse, mental harassmentsexual violence and dowry-related violence, and not view any of these as violence of a higher category warranting special intervention. This does not need a legislative intervention, but a change in attitude at all levels—the police, the media, the judiciary, and the government functionaries.
    The need is also to link the provisions of the civil law of Domestic Violence Act to the criminal provision if the situation so warrants, so that the woman is simultaneously awarded protection, maintenance, shelter and support. Such a campaign will yield greater results and will become a viable option for sexually violated women than introducing marital rape by deleting the exemption provided for husband under Section 376, IPC, just because it has become a fashion to make such a demand.

    Dhawan, Himanshi (2015): "Maneka against Dilution of Anti-dowry Law," Times of India, 23 March.
    Gaynair, Gillian (2011): "ICRW Survey Reveals Contradictions in Indian Men's Views on Gender Equality," gender-equality-indian-mens-attitudes-complex
    Law Commission of India (2012): Report No 243 on Section 498A IPC, August.
    Marapakwar, Prafulla (2015): "Anti-dowry Law Likely to Be Amended Soon," Times of India, 19 April (Mumbai edition).
    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (2005–06): Government of India; Fact Sheet: National Family Health Survey-NFHS-III.

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    NDTV, Mukesh Ambani, Mukesh Ambani group, Prannoy Roy,  Reliance Industries,

    In 2009, a Mukesh Ambani group entity took control of NDTVunder the guise of a loan agreement. The plan was to find a buyer in "three to five years". No buyer has been found so far and effectively, NDTV is controlled by the Ambanis
    In July 2009, Vishvapradhan Commercial Pvt Ltd, a company associated with Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) gave a loan of Rs350 crore without any interest to NDTV's Prannoy Roy, his wife Radhika Roy and their private holding company RRPR Holding Pvt Ltd. This was a bailout-cum-takeover in the guise of a loan.
    The sole purpose of the loan was to repay funding obtained by Roys obtained from a bank, which is barred by the market regulator. Under the agreement signed on 21 July 2009, the Roys were to issue a convertible warrant that equals to 99.9% of the "fully diluted equityshare capital of the borrowers (the Roys and RRPR Holdings) at the time of conversion" and the Ambani group agreed to limit their aggregate shareholding to 26%.
    Let us unravel for you this wonderfully structured "loan document" which effectively allowed Ambani to take over the company with a few key clauses.
    1. Clause 6 of the agreement talks about the warrant; the details of what this mean are a part of Schedule 1, under terms of the warrant. This says "at the sole option of the lender (Ambanis)", the warrant can be converted into the underlying equity shares "at any time during the tenure of the loan or thereafter without requiring any further act or deed on the part of the lender".  An agreement, which allows the lender to convert a warrant into share even after the tenure of the loan, can only be a sale.
    2. The loan/sale had two conditions. First that the Roys would have to transfer 26% of their equity to RRPR Holdings through the sale of 1.63 crore equity shares. Secondly, that a company called NDTV Four Holdings Ltd, would invest $85 million in NDTV Studios Pvt Ltd and this would be brought into the parent company NDTV through a merger or some other means. The agreement does not go into details about what is this holding company and why the pre-condition of bring back $85 million to India, but we learn this is under investigation.
    3. Another clue that this loan is actually a sale is in Clause 11. It says that the borrower RRPR Holdings will have only three directors; of these, the lender (read Ambani group) will nominate one. More importantly, there can be no quorum unless this nominee director is present at every board meeting. Of course, there is also an undertaking that the lender will not interfere with the editorial policies of NDTV, but we can surmise how effectively that would work.
    4. Clause 19 is titled "Mutual Endeavour". It says that over the next three to five years the Ambani group and RRPR would look for a "stable" and "reliable" buyer for RRPR who will "maintain the brand and the credibility of NDTV". It is now over five years since the agreement was signed, which explains the rumours about the possible sale of this crucial holding that is key to the ownership of NDTV. But it also raises another question: were the Ambanis only bailing out NDTV for someone else? Ambani also owns Network 18 group and reportedly has stakes or has offered similar friendly bailout loans to several other media groups, making it among the largest media owners in India.
    5. Now let us look at some more corroboration. The agreement on behalf of Vishvapradhan Commercial is signed by Mr KR Raja. A simple google search shows that Mr Raja is the same person, whose private telephonic conversation with lobbyist Niira Radia led to Reliance Industries issuing a profuse apology in June 2011, to P Chidambaram, the then Home Minister.  More about Vishvapradhan Commercial's transactions and its connection with Reliance is available in this report in Newlaundry and e-magazine. Mr Raja also figures in connection with RIL's purchase of a stake in NewsX, which was subject of an investigation by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO). This was reported by a media website called The Hoot.
    6. Everybody knows that a loan agreement is concerned about interest and not valuation. This one is different. Schedule 3 (2) and sub clauses b, c and d to the loan agreement deals with issues relating to NDTV and the NDTV Group that need "prior written consent" of the Ambani company. It documents the minimum valuation of the group at Rs1,346 crores; any corporate action below this requires the lender's permission.
    7. Other issues that require such consent pertain to the possible amalgamation, consolidation, merger of NDTV with any other entity,  buyback of equity, reduction or alteration of its share capital or any action with regard to the share capital where by the promoters cease to be in sole control of NDTV and the NDTV group.
    8. These clauses make it very clear that NDTV's promoters can do almost nothing without the consent of the Ambanis. Curiously, none of this is known to the public or to the shareholders and stock exchanges. While SEBI has recently imposed a fine of Rs2 crore on NDTV for a disclosure lapse of I-T notice, the non-disclosure of what it has signed in this loan document appears far more serious.
    The iron-clad agreement signed by RRPR and the Roys with Vishvapradhan Commercial in 2009 make it clear that the Ambanis have had complete control over this group. But it is still not clear whether the group is the ultimate beneficial owner.
    An email sent to NDTV has elicited no response. This story will be updated if and when we hear from the group.

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    How Monsanto Gained Huge Control of the World's Food Supply

    09 June 15


    he Undercurrent, an online news site that bills itself as the antidote to the mainstream media's five-second soundbite, made a five-minute video explaining how Monsanto came to have such a huge control over our food system. In this clever, satirical video, Dan Graetz of The Undercurrent explains that "nothing kills those bloody weeds better than Roundup from Monsanto—the famous makers of Joni Mitchell's favorite DDTAgent Orange, which, aside from the occasional birth defect did a great job of destroying the rice fields during the Vietnam War, the cow-swelling bovine growth hormone and PCBs, everyone's favorite carcinogenic environmental pollutant."

    "But with the revolutionary key ingredient in Roundup glyphosate, the folks at Monsanto have added not just enormous profits to their bottom line, but also the word 'probably' in front of the word 'carcinogenic,'" says Graetz. He's referring to the World Health Organization's (WHO) recent report which found that glyphosate is "probably carcinogenic," which Monsanto vehemently demanded the WHO retract.

    Just how much power does Monsanto wield? Well, they control 80 percent of the U.S. corn market and 93 percent of the U.S. soy market, according to Graetz. So, it comes as no surprise that the National Corn Growers Association and the American Soybean Association are going to bat for them. These two trade organizations issued a statement last week that they are worried the WHO review of glyphosate and its soon-to-be released review of 2,4-D might create "confusion" about two weed killers that have been "mainstays for farmers for decades."

    Graetz says:

    At this point you might be wondering "how is this allowed to happen? How are farmers okay with this?" Two things real quick: market forces and political influence. Now, I know what your thinking: "Big Business controls politics. Tell us something we don't know." But the example I am about to give you is an absolute doozy.

    Watch to find out:

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    Forget NOT Bangladesh War had been followed up by EMERGENCY,Sikh Genocide,Bhopal Experiment of mass destructionBabri Demolition and RSS governance of Gujarat model Genocide!

    Blind Nationalism provoked once again as Hot pursuit means to defeat Janata Challenge!

    Palash Biswas

    Failed Modi replicate Indira to win Indian People and RSS uses Hot Pursuit to hide Modi failure with all the burning issues,burning questions.

    Forget NOT Bangladesh War had been followed up by EMERGENCY,Sikh Genocide,Bhopal Experiment of mass destructionBabri Demolition and RSS governance of Gujarat model Genocide!

    The Bhutto Fame thousands years` war game continued since the partition gets momentum yet again as media reports projects as

    A day after Army carried out the first of its kind surgical 

    strike in Myanmar, the government on Wednesday said 

    India's \response is a "lesson" to all militant groups that it 

    will not hesitate in going beyond its borders to eliminate 


    Most amusing is the fact that ISLAMABAD helps the hegemony to make a tsunami out of the war cry  as Nisar Ali Khan said that Pakistan would never accept India hegemony and the 'Indian leaders should stop day dreaming.'

    Lalu Yadav has been made corrupt and controversial but no politcian has  a spine of steel to stand in resistance against RSS Fascism.I had been involved in JP movement and worked as professional journalist in united Bihar based in Dhanbad coalfields and have witnessed the rise and fall of Lalu.I met Lalu last time in Bareilly Army Air base while he was the chief minster and was accompanied by VP Singh And Ajit Singh during mid term election campaign in 1991.

    Lalu recognized me immediately and we talked right on the runway for long.I talked to VP and Ajit also and Dainik Amarujala published these interviews.

    Once Lalu has decided to stop RSS Fascism,irrelevant of public stance Modi and entire Bajrangi gang understands its meaning.No Paswan or Majhi might face LALU NITISH combine.

    At the same time,it has to be noted that BJP shares power in Jammu and Kashmir with PDP which might not survive against the aspiration of Kashmir Valley and voices the demand to repeal AFSPA.Irom Sharmila on prolonged Hunger Strike  had been neglected by the government and the nation but BJP and RSS might not rule Kashmir without managing Mufti and Mehbooba.

    RSS governance of fascism got the golden opportunity to do away with the image of SOFT State with the Manipur Ambush and Modi did it ordering Hot Ambush and no one might dare to speak against AFSPA.

    As I dealt with the development and posted my opinion on my blogs,RSS brigade of Bajrangi Sena branded the entire AFSPA Geography and humanscape as NON Indian.

    Exactly it is the hegemony mindset with which Delhi Billionaire Millionaire ruling class of racial apartheid and caste dominance rules India and everyone from Kashmir,Northeast and central India and perhaps south India loses the citizenship of India and the Operation continues with as much as venom as Gujarat Genocide and Sikh Genocide.

    Thus,Hindutva ideologue VHP leader Ashok Singhal boasts that GODHRA GIFTED Modi!

    Media reports from Lucknow:

    लखनऊ। विश्व हिन्दू परिषद (विहिप) के नेता अशोक सिंघल ने देश में इस्लाम को मानने वालों पर जमकर निशाना साधा। विहिप नेता ने कहा कि गोधरा में जिहादी इस्लाम ने कार सेवकों को जिंदा जला दिया था और उसी का नतीजा है कि नरेंद्र मोदी जैसा व्यक्ति मिला है।

    सिंघल ने ये भी कहा कि आज दिल्ली की सत्ता उन लोगों के पास है, जो मानते हैं कि अयोध्या में बाबरी मस्जिद नहीं, बल्कि राम मंदिर था। जिहादी आक्रमणकर्ताओं ने जबरन लोगों को इस्लाम कबूल करवाया। जिन्होंने इस्लाम कबूल नहीं किया, उन्हें दलित बना दिया गया। इससे हिंदू समाज को बहुत नुकसान हुआ है।

    गोधरा कांड की वजह से देश को मिले नरेंद्र मोदीः सिंघल
    विश्व हिन्दू परिषद (विहिप) के नेता अशोक सिंघल ने देश में इस्लाम को मानने वालों पर जमकर निशाना साधा।

    अशोक सिंघल ने ये बातें बुधवार को लखनऊ में महाराजा सुहेल देव की जयंती पर आयोजित एक कार्यक्रम में कही। इस दौरान गृहमंत्री राजनाथ सिंह भी मौजूद थे। उन्होंने कहा कि देश का इस्लाम जिहादी है। जिहादी इस्लाम दुनिया से खत्म हो जाएगा, जबकि शांतिपूर्ण इस्लाम बना रहेगा। ये जिहादी इस्लाम दुनिया में शांति नहीं रखना चाहता है, जबकि दुनिया चाहती है कि हम शांति से रहें।

    विहिप नेता ने कहा कि नए-नए जिहादी संगठन खड़े हो रहे हैं। सीरिया से चला आईएसआईएस कहर बरपा रहा है। यह सारी दुनिया देख रही है। उन्होंने कहा कि जब भगवान चाहेंगे, तब राम मंदिर बन जाएगा। उन्होंने सवाल करते हुए कहा कि राममंदिर को लेकर इतनी जल्दबाजी क्यों है।

    विहिप नेता ने इस्लाम को मानने वालों पर जमकर निशाना साधते हुए कहा कि देश में इस्लाम अनुयायी जिहादी हैं। ये जिहादी दुनिया में अमन-चैन नहीं चाहते हैं। राजा विक्रमादित्य ने जो राम मंदिर बनवाया था, उसे मुगलों ने तोड़ दिया। 800 साल बाद नरेंद्र मोदी की अगुवाई में दिल्ली की गद्दी पर हिंदुओं ने सत्ता पाई है।

    And see Lalu full bloom!

    1. Lalu drinks poison, accepts Nitish as CM candidate

      India Today-08-Jun-2015
      RJD chief Lalu Yadav, SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and JD(U) president Sharad Yadav addressing a press conference, in New Delhi on ...
      Lalu-Nitish combine 'enemy No. 1'; ready to work with BJP:
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    2. Story image for Lalu yadav on India Today from Zee News

      Lalu Prasad, Nitish Kumar, Mulayam Singh Yadav to hold merger ...

      Zee News-21-May-2015
      New Delhi/Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and RJD chiefLalu Prasad will hold talks with Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh ...
      Question mark on RJD-JD(U) merger as Nitish skips meet
      In-Depth-Business Standard-22-May-2015
    3. Story image for Lalu yadav on India Today from India Today

      Lalu-Nitish alliance won't affect us: Rajnath

      India Today-20 hours ago
      ... New Delhi residence of Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam SinghYadav. ... while it supports the pact between Lalu Prasad Yadavand Kumar, ...
      Cong asks 'secular' parties to unite to defeat 'communal' BJP
      International-Kashmir Times-07-Jun-2015
      High stakes in Bihar
      Opinion-The Hindu-08-Jun-2015
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    4. Story image for Lalu yadav on India Today from The Indian Express

      Bihar: Nitish Kumar skips rally as Lalu, Sharad Yadav share dais

      The Indian Express-31-May-2015
      RJD chief Lalu Prasad and JD(U) president Sharad Yadav, however, attended the rally. ... I am not at all happy with the turnout today," he said.
      Congress nudges Lalu, JD(U) to hasten pace of tie up
      In-Depth-Business Standard-01-Jun-2015
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      We will ensure BJP`s `ghar wapsi` in Bihar Assembly polls: Lalu on ...

      Zee News-09-Jun-2015
      Ahead of the confirmation, Nitish today reaffirmed that the RJD, JD(U)) and ... The Bihar Chief Minister also added that Lalu Yadavhas no ...
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      Modi govt has 'polarised' country: Cong

      Business Standard-1 hour ago
      Congress today said the Modi government has "failed" on all fronts except for ... Yadav said the constitutional vision of India came under "great ... had joined hands with bitter rival and RJD chief LaluPrasad for a common goal.
    7. Story image for Lalu yadav on India Today from NDTV

      Saved You Twice, Didn't I? Lalu Reminds Nitish Kumar of Favours

      Patna: Lalu Yadav proclaimed today that he will "sit with Nitish Kumar and sort out issues related to our merger." Apparently to ensure that task ...
    8. Story image for Lalu yadav on India Today from BTvIn

      Janata parivar spells trouble for Modi's Land, GST Bills

      BTvIn-7 hours ago
      ... Rashtriya Janata Dal of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Janata Dal (United) of ... Communist Party of India are expected to join the alliance to contest ...
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      Kejriwal's #DharnaRaj to Lalu's #JungleRaj - Opposition in Disarray ...

      Niticentral-8 hours ago
      ... being the Army operation along India-Myanmar border, the Opposition has proven its ... Even their former partner YogendraYadav demanded the ... if the Lalu-Nitish duo wins in Bihar, they will bring back Lalu's jungle raj.
    10. Story image for Lalu yadav on India Today from Daily News & Analysis

      Politicians, why do you lie about degrees when law doesn't ask for it?

      Daily News & Analysis-17 hours ago
      The constitution permits any Indian citizen above 25 years of age to contest ... RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav's daughter Misa Bharti, who had ...

    0 0

    Sushanta Kar 11:54pm Jun 10
    মণিপুরের ডালে দেখুন , অনেক কিছুই কালোঃThough, the home ministry had not taken any decision on not extending the ceasefire with the NSCN-K. Moreover, the NSCN-K cadres were allowed to leave "designated camps" with arms and ammunitions without any resistance of the Army in Nagaland.

    Referring to evidences that sleuth of military intelligence in connivance with a section of home ministry officials had lured the NSCN-K commanders, security sources said that Wangtin Naga was told that his bank account containing nearly `3 crore would defreeze if he helps in breaking the ceasefire. Though, he refused to fall in line.

    In a startling revelation the report sent to Mr Singh pointed out that top home ministry official who was constantly in touch with Manipur chief minister Ibobi Singh travelled to Arunachal Pradesh to meet the NSCN-K commanders a week before Mr Khaplang announced unilaterally to break the ceasefire.

    The top home ministry officials and MI sleuths in New Delhi were not happy over the decision of the Narendra Modi government to remove the Army from counter-insurgency operations in phased manner, security sources said, adding, that if Naga rebel groups are taken on board, no insurgent groups would be able to sustain their armed struggle for a long time in the Northeast
    Original Post
    Palash Biswas
    Palash Biswas 2:09pm Jun 10
    The people living in AFSPA Geography not Indians?
    I am enlightened with this piece of Kamalgandhi History BatraSMRITI!

    Tripuresh Dhar Diwivedi A small begining but a begining nevertheless
    8 hrs · Like

    RatnaRaj Brahma So What ? Whats your problem Mr. Intellectual ? Better an aggressive India than a soft meek India, infact i would give full credits to Modi Sarkar if it continues to pursue such military operations in countries where Anti-India forces have taken refuge...See More
    6 hrs · Like · 2

    Chandra Shekhar Brijwasi Palash Biswas Have You comment anythink (Favour/Againinst/SALUTE to soldiers...etc)...... when they killed our soldier
    5 mins · Like

    Chandra Shekhar Brijwasi And Why You are worried....... they Don't belong to OUR LAND .. they are from Myanmar..HAv U don't read it properl.... SO there is no point to discuss about AFSPA.
    2 mins 
    No more SOFT STATE!Indian Army at war against Insurgency!
    PM Modi had given the go ahead to the Indian Army for "hot pursuit" of militants into Myanmar.Thus,Ghuskar Maar Rahe Hain!
    No chance of withdrawal of AFSPA, Army gets free hand to kill! 

    Palash Scape,the Real India: No more SOFT STATE!Indian Army at war against Insurgency!
    कैसे नहीं दोगे जमीन,देखते नहीं कि सड़कों पर उतरने लगे हैं युद्धक विमान कि झीलों और समुंदरों की गहराइयों से मौसम की जमीं पर होने लगी है अग्निवर्षा
    Palash Scape,the Real India: No more SOFT STATE!Indian Army at war against Insurgency!
    कैसे नहीं दोगे जमीन,देखते नहीं कि सड़कों पर उतरने लगे हैं युद्धक विमान कि झीलों और समुंदरों की गहराइ...

    0 0

    Should world rankings guide our education system?

    Mukund Apte  -  Saturday, April 11, 2015

              The current Education system that is being followed in the world is nothing but the Western system. This system was in use in Europe since Eighteenth Century as laid down by Descartes the French philosopher. In this system the Education has been broken in various 'subjects' and students are acquainted with them in schools/colleges/Universities. At higher education in College/University the students choose some few subjects and go deeper in the subjects. This is called Higher knowledge in those few selected subjects. Of course the student remains fully ignorant in other subjects that he has left in schools only. But because of higher knowledge he gets his ego raised high. Whatever information about his selected subjects he gets from the professors/lecturers, he tries to remember and starts considering himself as the learned individual.and looks at others as inferiors (to himself). His mental attitude thereby becomes full of negative aspects and the spirit of competition engulfs it.

              The subjects about which the education is given are really different aspects about the knowledge considered essential for life on Earth.Since this is only part of the (required) knowledge, it is not whole and hence only partial. In Bhaarat since ancient times Vedas were being taught to good persons who subsequently become knowledgeable about the necessary knowledge ON THEIR OWN. The students were taught the 3Rs (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic) in the Community centers like temples and theगुरुकुल staff used to visit the temples for selecting the students for Vedic learning in गुरुकुल. Thus their base was ready to build the knowledge building in their minds. The difference in Western and Bhaarateey Education systems can be understood better by reading my article "Holistic Education System" that is being attached with this.

            The piecemeal variety of education system that the West (and now whole world including Bhaarat) is following has created lot of problems in the world. The educated people create some gadgets or techniques (for improving human life) but since their suggestions have not taken into account other aspects in other subjects, the inventions do create problems and thereby damage to the life is likely to result. These people consider the information given to them as authentic and thereby other subjects are left out in the consideration. The life is an integrated whole of very many subjects and therefore no effectively useful (and safe) invention has been developed by Western Scientists till now.

            The Education Systems need therefore to be holistic so that it can be useful to the human as well as other life on earth.

             ------Mukund Apte

    From: D.S.Nagda - nagdads@yahoo.comMonday, May 11, 2015

             India after independence was for swaraj for 3 years but then it went back to British colonialism. The person who was for swaraj was killed. And the independence was also killed with him.

             People who studied in English up to 1947 were made to study Hindi and Sanskrit up to 1950, but thereafter they studied the same English again which they studied before 1947. A  waste of few years.

               Unless India takes pride in studying Hindi and Sanskrit and enhance our self-esteem to develop everything our own -boycotting all foreign things, foreign food, foreign medicines, and everything else, foreign dress, customs etc. there seems NO HELP in this or any other matter. So either live with it or change. That will take a perhaps more than 56" chest.


    How English ruined Indian literature


    Obviously, the anchors in English news TV media who conduct the debates have no in depth knowledge or specialisation in any field. However, they seem to think that they can talk on any subject whether it is economics, politics, science and technology, crime investigation, culture, foreign policy, sports, and what not. It is not an exaggeration to say that their knowledge is half baked, which is there for all to see but these anchors do not seem to know.

    They seem to have a set of people who are called to participate in debates and they  seem to be available all the time at their beck and call. With any participants, most of whom are directly or indirectly involved in politics  and not in any way better than the anchors in their  analytical ability, the debate is marked  by lung power rather than substance. The anchor often matches the participants in the lung power, showing no mercy for the viewers. Certainly, intelligent people with facts and figures, who want to observe decorum, cannot have their say in full in these debates, which viewers may be eager to listen.

    Most of the viewers helplessly watch these debates and keep on changing from one channel to another, wondering whether one channel would be better than the other. This rarely happens.

    Fortunately, only a fraction of Indian citizens understand English communication and amongst those who know English, only a small segment have the patience to watch entire debates but the anchors do not care. They seem to whimsically assume that the helpless viewers  will watch anything and everything.

    Of course, the worst of the anchors in English  news TV media are  Arnab Goswami and Karan Thapar, who want to dominate the debate and assume that they know everything and exhibit streaks of arrogance and impoliteness. They put questions and when the participants  respond, they cut them and put more questions and shout so much that no one can hear what the participants  say.  These anchors do not seem to realise that they are so uncivilised in their behaviour.

    With Indians putting up  with several inconvenience  in day today life, the pain of watching  English TV debates is one more pain that they have to endure .



    -FOR ADVOCATES OF ENGLISH in Bharat --a must must must!

    नितीन निमकर •

    It appears from this write that Three Language Formula is also flawed. Then in that case what is new government formula? Kothari Commission has debated this issue threadbare 50 years ago and offered the solutions, but we are not able to decide anything about the language policy. Over emphasis of English has also become detrimental for Indian Languages. More over these English speaking Indian ba***rds are enjoying power disproportionate to their intellect. Promoting German in KVS was also an attempt to undermine third state language by this English lobby. If you observe the drumming of controversy around Sanskrit/German by media, all these media houses are English Language publishers or Indian masses. Nobody of them have emotional, Commercial interest in Indian Languages. Even today after 100 years of English education, we could reach only 5% of the Indian population. Knowledge should be made available in Indian languages so that it will reach masses and that is established well by Kothari Commission.

    Learning any other language than the state language should be left to the individual. It can not be a government policy.

             I feel sorry to say that so called freedom in dark mid night 1947 is the beginning of mental slavery of Indians, where with eyes they can not see the hidden message in freedom, just like the poem of TS Eliot the Waste Land or Vedas. India and Indians are still mental slaves of British Emperor and feeling freedom with ego of self.

            English-speaking and loving class (most of them) of India grow up hating everything Indian, its culture, languages, values, heritage, Indian philosophy and its pioneers and so on.

    I personally know many-many of them. They never learned what is the Indian way of thinking about life and the world and hence they do NOT like a thing a about their motherland.

    Young Indians should prefer to first learn who they are, their roots and sanskriti so they stay grounded in their lives?

              Sanskrit gives the Indian way of thinking, operating and living in the world.

    Family life and life with-in a man is crumbling in the WEST, and they are so desperately looking for novel ways of thinking, operating and living in the world.

    20 millions practice Yoga in USA, top MNCs are running Meditation and yoga classes for their employees. Does it tell you something about the FUTURE of human needs?

    From: AyodhyaPrasad Tripathi  -

     यद्यपि मैं विकास की मुंहताजलिपि और उच्चारण की त्रुटियों से दूषितअंग्रेजी जानता हूँतथापि मैं इसको लिखने और बोलने से परहेज़ करता हूँक्योंकि मानवमात्र की लिपिभाषा व ज्ञान-विज्ञान उसके चक्रों व ब्रह्मकमल (सहस्रार) में परब्रह्म जन्म के साथ ही दे देता हैवेद परब्रह्म का संविधान हैबिना ब्रह्मज्ञान के इसे समझा नहीं जा सकताबिना ब्रह्मचर्य (वीर्य रक्षा) के ब्रह्मज्ञान नहीं मिल सकता और बिना गाय के दूध सेवन और गुरुकुल में योग्य आचार्य से शिक्षा ग्रहण के कोई ब्रह्मचारी नहीं बन सकताइसके अतिरिक्त जिन लोगों के अधिकारों के लिए मैं लड़ रहा हूँउनमें से ०.२% भी अंग्रेजी नहीं जानते. संस्कृत की वैज्ञानिकता पर राजीव भाई के प्रमाण पढ़िये...

    भारत की शिक्षा नीति‍ और राजभाषा नीति

    Posted On June 5, 2015

    -राहुल खटे-



    '><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-83002" src="" alt="hindi" />

    जैसा कि‍ सभी जानते हैं भारत 15 अगस्‍त 1947 को अंग्रेजों की गुलामी से आजाद हुआ। सभी यही समझते हैं कि‍ हम उस दि‍न स्‍वतंत्र हुए। लेकि‍न यह एक बहुत बड़ा धोखा था। लेकि‍न भारत के ही कुछ स्‍वार्थी लोगों ने अंग्रेजी की कुछ राष्‍ट्रवि‍रोधी शर्तों को सशर्त स्‍वीकार कर लि‍या था, जि‍समें एक भाषा नीति‍ भी थी। अंग्रेजों को पता था कि‍ यह देश अपनी भाषा के बल पर आगे और भी प्रगति‍ कर सकता है। इसी को रोखने के लि‍ए अंग्रेजों ने कुछ भारतीय जो अंग्रेजों से मि‍ले हुए थें, ने उनकी भारतीय शि‍क्षा पद्धति में संस्‍कृत को स्‍थान न देने जैसे राष्‍ट्र वि‍रोधी शर्तें भी शामि‍ल थी। अब प्रश्‍न यह उत्‍पन्‍न होता हैं कि‍ ऐसी स्‍थि‍ति‍ उत्‍पन्‍न क्‍यों हुई? समस्‍या जि‍तनी गंभीर होती हैं, उसके कारण भी बहुत शोधगम्‍य होते हैं। इस कहानी की शुरूआत भी आजादी के पहले से होती है। मैकाले नामक अंग्रेज के ही वह जहरि‍ले बीज हैं जो अब फलीभूत हो रहे हैं। दरअसल अंग्रेजों ने भारत की सामाजि‍क और आर्थिक स्‍थि‍ति‍ का सर्वेक्षण करने के बाद जो शि‍क्षा नीति‍ भारत को गुलाम बनाकर रखने के लि‍ए बनायी गई थी। वही नीति‍ स्‍वतंत्रता के बाद भी कुछ लोगों द्वारा जारी रखी गर्इ, जि‍सका यह परि‍णाम हैं कि‍ आज हमारी शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था रोजगार की गारंटी नहीं देती। शि‍क्षि‍त होने के बाद भी नैति‍कता की कोई गारंटी नहीं है। और स्‍थि‍ति‍ और भी गंभीर तो तब हो जाती है जब पढ़े-लि‍खे शि‍क्षा प्राप्‍त लोगों में इन सभी स्‍थि‍ति‍यों के बारे में उदासीनता है। उनमें न भारतीय संस्‍कृति‍ के प्रति‍ आदर है और नहीं उन्‍हें इस बात की जानकारी है।
    उच्‍च शि‍क्षा प्राप्‍त आधुनि‍क पीढ़ी के मन में भारत के इतिहास के बारे में गौरव की भावना नहीं है, क्‍योंकि‍ उनके पाठ्यक्रम में आपने जो परोसा है उसका परि‍णाम यह है यह है कि‍ वे अपने आप को सर्वश्रेष्ठ भारतीय समझने के स्थान अपने आप को कुंठीत, दबे, कुचले महसूस करते हैं। इसका कारण उनका पाठ्यक्रम हैं जिसमें ज्ञान-विज्ञान का संपूर्ण स्रोत पश्चिमी वि‍दवान है और भारतीय वैज्ञानिकों के नाम भी उन्‍हें पता नहीं होते हैं। उनके लि‍ए भारत तो केवल जमीन का टुकड़ा मात्र है। ऐसा हो भी ना क्‍यों अंग्रेजों की खुराफाती दिमाग जाते-जाते भी हमें भेदभाव और अज्ञान का शिक्षा वि‍रासत में दे गयें।
    कि‍सी ने कहा है कि‍ वह देश अपने भवि‍ष्‍य का नि‍र्माण नहीं कर सकता जो अपने अति‍त को भूल जाता है। पश्‍चि‍मी शि‍क्षा हमें डार्विन का वि‍कासवाद सि‍खाती है लेकि‍न आत्‍मा के अस्‍ति‍त्‍व पर हमें आज भी संदेह है। हमने ग्‍लोबलाइलेशन को तो अपनाया है लेकि‍न 'वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्'का नारा हम भुल गये हैं। आर्यभट्ट नामक उपग्रह हमने अंतरिक्ष में स्‍थापि‍त कि‍या है लेकि‍न आर्यभट्ट का एक भी पाठ हमारे बच्चों के पाठ्यक्रम मे नहीं हैं। सुश्रुत हॉस्पि‍टल की नेमप्‍लेट लगी है लेकि‍न सुश्रुत महाशय कौन है, हमें नहीं पता। जि‍स संस्‍कृत की वैज्ञानि‍कता पर स्‍वयं नासा शोध कर रही है, वह हमारे देश में शि‍क्षा में हो या न हो इस पर वि‍वाद है। ऐसे कई सारे वि‍वाद बताए जा सकते हैं जो केवल भ्रम के कारण पैदा कर दि‍ये गये है।
    अब सवाल उठता है कि‍ इन सब से निजात कैसे पाया जाए? इसका एक आसान सा उपाय है शि‍क्षा नीति‍ में भाषा को उचित सम्मान देना। भारतीय भाषाओं को शि‍क्षा की प्राय: सभी वि‍धाओं गौण माना गया है। विज्ञान की डौड के पीछे हम भूल गये है कि‍ प्रकृति‍ का भी अपना एक वि‍ज्ञान है, जि‍से हमारे मनि‍षि‍यों/ऋषि‍यों ने जाना था। प्रकृति‍ कर पूजा करने के पीछे यही प्राकृति‍क वि‍ज्ञान को समझना था। भारत के सभी उत्‍सव/त्‍योहार प्रकृति‍ के परि‍वर्तनों से जुड़े है। प्राचीन ग्रंथों में वर्णित सिद्धांतों पर आज भी शोध की आवश्‍यकता है। इसमें भाषा के अध्‍ययन की वि‍शेष भूमि‍का है। संस्‍कृत जि‍से कुछ लोग मृत मानते हैं, भारत की क्षेत्रीय भाषाओं में उसके आज भी शब्‍द तत्‍सम/तत्‍भव और अपभ्रंष रूप में जीवि‍त है। बायनरी सि‍स्‍टम जि‍ससे कंप्‍यूटर की प्रणाली चलती है, उसे हमारे पिंगल ऋषि‍ ने सर्वप्रथम दुनि‍या के सामने रखा (वि‍श्‍वास करना भी कठीण है)। आर्यभट्ट के गणि‍त के सिद्धांत आज भी गणि‍त वि‍षय का भूषण बने हुए है। डार्विन के वि‍कासवाद को यदि‍ पूर्वजन्‍म और पूर्नजन्‍म के सिद्धांत के साथ जोडकर देखा जाए तो पर्नूजन्‍म के सि‍द्धांत में भी वि‍कासवाद की छाप दिखाई देती है। 84 लाख योनि‍यों के बाद मनुष्‍य जन्‍म की प्राप्‍ति‍ का सि‍द्धांत इसी वि‍कासवाद की ओर इ्रगि‍त करता है। अपने पूर्वजों को बंदर मानने से बेहतर है कि‍ हम ऋषि‍यों को हमारा पूर्वज माने, गोत्र प्रणाली हमारे पूर्वजों के नामों की तरफ ही इशारा करती है कि‍ हम उस ऋषि‍ के कुल में उत्‍पन्‍न हुए है। दशावतारों की कहानी भी मनुष्‍य की उत्‍पत्‍ति‍ से लेकर वि‍कासवाद की कडि‍यां ही लगती हैं। मच्‍छ, कच्‍छ, वराह, नृसिंह, परशुराम, वामन, राम तथा कृष्ण/बलराम का स्‍वरूप जीवसृष्‍टी के उत्‍पत्ति‍ से लेकर आज तक के वि‍कसि‍त मानव का ही तो वर्णन है। केवल आलंकारि‍कता और चमत्‍कारों को थोडा अलग रखें तो अवतारों का क्रम मनुष्‍य वि‍कास की अवस्‍थाओं की तरु इंगि‍त करता है। भारतीय आयुर्वेंद और योग की महि‍मा से आधुनि‍क वि‍श्‍व भी परि‍चि‍त हो रहा है। मच्‍छ अवतार जल से जीवन के प्रारंभ होने के वैज्ञानि‍क तथ्‍य की तरफ इशारा करती है, कच्‍छ अवतार उभयचर जीव जो पूर्णत: जलचर से वि‍कास होकर उभयचर बनने की तरफ संकेत देता है, वराह अवतार पूर्णत: जमीनपर जीने वाले जीवों के वि‍कास की ही कहानी है, नृसिंह प्राणि‍सदृश मनुष्‍य के विकास का ही एक चरण है, वामन रूप छोटे बच्‍चे के रूप में वि‍कास का ही एक रूप है, परशुराम आक्रामकता और युद्धों को दि‍खाता है जबकि‍ उसके बाद का पुरूषोत्तम राम का रूप पूर्ण मानव का प्रतीक है, जो न केवल पूर्ण शारि‍रि‍क रूप से बल्‍की बौद्धि‍क रूप से भी मनुष्‍य के वि‍कास को इंगि‍त करता है। कृष्णावतार पशुपालक (गोपालक) मनुष्‍य का रूप है और उनके भाई बलराम के कंधों पर दि‍खाई देने वाला हल कृषि‍ व्‍यवस्था का ही प्रतीक है। यह क्रम मनुष्‍य के वि‍कास के ही वि‍वि‍ध चरण हैं। जि‍से आलंकारि‍कता और अति‍शयोक्‍ति‍युक्‍त वर्णन ने काल्‍पनि‍क बना दि‍या, जो वास्‍तवि‍क ही है।
    दरअसल पाश्‍चात्‍य वि‍द्वानों के भारतीय साहि‍त्‍य में घुसपैठ और उनके गहन तथा आलंकारि‍क अर्थ को न समझने के कारण भ्रम की स्‍थि‍ति‍ उत्‍पन्‍न हुई है। अंग्रेजों के आगमन और उनका भारतीय सामाजि‍क व्‍यवस्‍था अत्‍याधिक हस्‍तक्षेप के कारण भारत की सामाजि‍क और अर्थव्‍यवस्‍था के साथ साथ देश की शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था को जो क्षति‍ पहुंची है उसको दूर करने के लि‍ए शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था में ऐसे परि‍वर्तनों की आवश्‍यकता महसूस हो रही है जि‍से ध्‍यान में रखकर नई शि‍क्षा नीति‍ की पहल हो रही है।
    150 वर्षों की गुलामी और उसके बाद अपनाई गई शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था के ही यह सब परि‍णाम है। लूट की भावना से आये अंग्रेजों के आगमण और जाते-जाते फूट की भावना का बीजारोपण और उससे फलीभूत मानसि‍कता का असर ही तो हम देख रहे हैं। इन सब में अ्रंग्रेजी माध्‍यम का जलसिंचन ने व्‍यवस्‍था के वटवृक्ष को इतना घनीभुत कर दि‍या है कि‍ अब ऐसा लगने लगा है कि‍ 'अब न होगी इस नि‍शा का फीर सवेरा।'किंतु 'प्राचि‍ की मुस्‍कान फीर-फीर'भी तो है। स्‍नेह का आव्‍हान फीर-फीर नीड का नि‍र्माण फीर-फीर भी तो है, जि‍से हमें ही करना होगा।
    इसके लि‍ए भारत सरकार द्वारा अपनाई गई राजभाषा नीति‍ के कार्यान्‍वयन के लि‍ए सरकार व्‍यवस्था में जागरूकता लानी होगी मगर समस्‍या वही आती है कि‍ व्‍यवस्‍था भी जि‍नसे हमें वि‍रासत में ही मि‍ली हो वे हमें राह कैसे दि‍खा सकती है। इस स्‍थि‍ति‍ से उभरने मे और थोडा समय लगेगा। समाज के सभी स्‍तरों में इस वि‍षय के प्रती जागरूकता की आवश्‍यकता है वि‍शेष कर शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था में । प्राय: देखा जाता है कि‍ सरकारी नौकरी में आने के बाद कर्मचारि‍यों को हमारी राजभाषा हिंदी सि‍खाने के प्रयास होते जो कुछ हद तक कामयाब भी हैं लेकि‍न एक बार घड़ा पकने के बाद उसे आकार देना व्‍यर्थ होता है। हमारी पूरी शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था पहले अंग्रेजीयत के पाठ पढ़ाती है और बाद में हमें उन्‍हे हिंदी के पाठ पढाते है। इसका एक आसान सा उपाय यह है कि‍ शि‍क्षा व्यवस्‍था में एक ऐसी व्‍यवस्‍था हो जो सभी समस्याओं का समाधान कर पाए। हिंदी माध्‍यम से शि‍क्षा ही इसका असरदार उपाय दि‍खाई देता हैं। इससे दोहरा फायदा होने की संभावना है पाठ्यक्रमों को यदि‍ हिंदी में उपलब्‍ध कराया गया तो शि‍क्षा, वैद्यक, कृषि‍, वाणि‍ज्‍य, कंप्‍यूटर, वि‍धि‍, तकनीकि‍ आदी वि‍षयों जो की काफी जटील माने जाते है आसानी से समझ मे आ सकते हैं। वहीं दूसरी तरफ इन्‍हें हिंदी माध्‍यम से पढाने के कारण इन्‍हें लगने वाले समय में भी बचत हो सकती है। जैसे जि‍स पाठ्यक्रम को चार या छ: वर्ष लगतें है उसे दो या चार वर्षों में ही पूरा कि‍या जा सकता है। साथ ही अंग्रेजी को समझने के लगने वाली माथापच्‍ची से भी नि‍जाद मि‍ल जाएगी। केवल देश में कार्य करने वाले और वि‍देश में कार्य करने की इच्‍छा रखने वाले इस प्रकार का वर्गीकरण कि‍या जाए तो वे वि‍द्यार्थी जो वि‍देशों में अथवा अंग्रेजी में शि‍क्षा प्राप्‍त नहीं करना चाहते हैं उन्‍हें अंग्रेजी के बोझ से बचाया जा सकता है। जो वि‍द्यार्थी केवल अच्‍छे अवसरों के लि‍ए वि‍देशों में जाते हैं ऐसे 1 से 5 प्रति‍शत बच्‍चों के लि‍ए उन 95 से 99 प्रति‍शत वि‍द्यार्थीं के सि‍र से अंग्रेजी के भूत का बोझ भी दूर कि‍या सकता है। हमारे देश के ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों के कुछ मेधावी वि‍द्यार्थी तो केवल इसलि‍ए पढाई छोड देते है क्‍योकि‍ वे अंग्रेजी से तंग आ गये होते है। वि‍षय में उनका रूचि‍ तो होती है लेकि‍न केवल आकलन न होने के कारण कई बच्‍चें की पढ़ाई छोड़ने के मामले सामने आते हैं। भारत जैसे कृषि‍प्रधान देश में यदि‍ कृषि‍शास्‍त्र की पढ़ाई हिंदी में उपलब्‍ध हो तो उसका फायदा लाखों कि‍सानों के बच्‍चों को होगा।
    इन सभी बातों पर गौर करें तो राजभाषा नीति‍ के कार्यान्‍वयन की आवश्‍यकता सरकारी कार्यालयों के स्‍थान पर भारत की शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था में होना परमावश्‍यक है। क्‍योंकि शि‍क्षा नीति‍ ही वह स्‍थान है जो देश के अन्‍य नीति‍यों की नींव होती है। जि‍स प्रकार कि‍सी बड़ी इमारत की नींव से ही उसकी मजबूती तय होती है उसी प्रकार देश की व्‍यवस्‍था की नींव उसकी शि‍क्षा व्‍यवस्‍था ही है। उसे यदि‍ नीज अर्थात हमारी स्‍वयं की भाषा में प्रदान कि‍या गया ता नि‍श्‍चि‍त ही सभी क्षेत्रों की उन्‍नति‍ नि‍श्‍चि‍त है। इसीलि‍ए भारतेंदु हरि‍श्‍चंद्र ने कहा है :
    "नीज भाषा उन्‍नति‍ अहै, सब उन्‍नत्‍ति‍ को मूल।।
    बीन नीज भाषा ज्ञान के मि‍टत न हि‍य के सूल।।"

     "नीज भाषा उन्नति अहैसब उन्नत्ति को मूल।।

    बीन नीज भाषा ज्ञान के मिटत  हि के सूल।।"

    लेखक परिचय

    राहुल खटे

    उप प्रबंधक (राजभाषा), स्टेट बैंक ऑफ मैसूरहुबली (कर्नाटक)

    From: M. Srinivasan  -;

    Sunday, June 07, 2015

    We Indians have a tendency, if not belief, that we should ape the western system confirming our inferiority complex.  We have a tendency to respect the white skins be it a big or small beggar.

    This tendency has its initiation by one Jawaharlal Nehru, who happened to be the last British Prime Minister of India.   He was a stooge of the west, bringing the west minster type of parliamentary system.  Our constitution was copied from the west.  One, Nehru had no laity in the originality of the Indianess much less of his if any.  Two, he never considered himself  to be an Indian. He was terribly scared if somebody mistakes him to be Hindu although he called himself pandit.  Yes the hatred for the Hindus was the highest in his agenda when he took over a Prime Minister on 15th August 1947.

    India would have gone greater height had India not got the ignominy of Nehru being the prime Minister. Instead if Vallab Bai Patel should have been the prime Minister.




    0 0

    Modi opposes fundamentalism!
    M.A.Mannan AZAD
    Asked about Khaleda Zia's meeting with Modi, India's Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said, "India supports democracy and opposes fundamentalism" (
    A fundamentalist leader, Modi, who has blood of Muslims and other non-Hindu victims on his hands, has thus resorted to blatant hypocrisy. 
    I circulated the following email on 3 April 2015. I am re-circulating it in view of fundamentalist BJP leader Modi's statement that he supports democracy and opposes fundamentalism. There are fundamentalists in every religion, but when Modi accuses others of fundamentalism, he reminds the phrase, "The pot calling the kettle black". 
    From:  Zoglul Husain (
    Sent: 03 April 2015 
    Secularism India style
    Isha Khan Bhai, Dr. Abid Bahar Bhai and others, in the last few days, discussed the nature of Indian secularism, - the promise and the reality.

    The Preamble to the Constitution of India declares: "WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC", and resolves to secure JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and to promote FRATERNITY. 

    BUT the reality is quite different. Forwarding to you the following two articles:

    Article 1:
    2 February 2015
    (Warning: The Facebook article contains graphic picture of children's burnt bodies.) 
    The article is as follows (Picture not included):
    ভারতে মুসলিম নিধন ও পরিসংখ্যান : উল্লেখযোগ্য কয়েকটি দাঙ্গার সাল ও স্থান:

    ১৯৬১-এর অক্টোবরে আলিগড়ে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৬২-তে মধ্য প্রদেশের জাবালপুরে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৬৪-তে মহারাষ্ট্রের ভিভান্ডিতে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৬৭-তে বিহারের রানচিতে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৬৯-তে গুজরাটের আহমেদাবাদে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৭০-এ মহারাষ্ট্রের ভিওয়ান্দি, জালগন ও মালাদে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৭১-এ বিহারে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৭৮-এ আলিগড়ে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৭৮-৮০ সাল পর্যন্ত বিহারের জামশেদপুর ও উত্তর প্রদেশের ভানারসিতে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮০-তে উত্তর প্রদেশের মুরাদাবাদে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮১-তে আলিগড়ের মিনাকশিপুরাম ও বিহারাশরীফে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮২-তে উত্তর প্রদেশে মিরাটে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮৩-তে আসামে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮৩-তে কর্নটকের ভাটাকালে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮৬-তে বিহারে নেওয়াদাতে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮৭-তে উত্তর প্রদেশের মিরাটে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৮৯-তে বিহারের ভাগলপুরে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৯০-৯১-এ আলিগড়ে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৯২-৯৩-এ মুম্বাই, সুরাট, আহমদাবাদ, কানপুর, দিল্লিসহ সমগ্র ভারতে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ১৯৯৭-এ তামিলনাড়–তে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ২০০০-এ আহমদাবাদসহ বেশ কয়েক এলাকা মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ২০০১-এ কানপুর, মালিগাও তে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা;
    ২০০২-এ গুজরাটে মুসলিম নিধনে দাঙ্গা সংঘটিত হয়।

    আরেকটি হিসেব:

    ২০০৩-এ মুসলিম নিধনে মোট ৭১১টি দাঙ্গা
    ২০০৪-এ মুসলিম নিধনে মোট ৬৭৭টি দাঙ্গা
    ২০০৫-এ মুসলিম নিধনে মোট ৭৭৯টি দাঙ্গা
    ২০০৬-এ মুসলিম নিধনে মোট ৬৯৮টি দাঙ্গা সংঘটিত হয়।
    (Source: Riots and its Aftermath by Shashank Shekhar)

    ভারতের স্বরাষ্ট্র মন্ত্রনালয়ের হিসেবে অনুযায়ী দেশবিভাগের পর ১৯৫৪ সাল থেকে ১৯৯২ সাল পর্যন্ত ৩৯বছরে মুসলিমবিরোধী বড় ধরনের দাঙ্গা সংখ্যা প্রায় ১৩,৩৫৬টি। তবে, পরিসংখ্যানে দেখা যায়,১৯৪৮ সালে ভারত স্বাধীন হওয়ার পর থেকে দেশটিতে ছোট-বড় মিলিয়ে দাঙ্গার সংখ্যা প্রায় ১ লক্ষ।অর্থাৎ স্বাধীনতার পর থেকে ভারতে মুসলিম বিরোধী দাঙ্গার সংখ্যা দৈনিক ৪টিরও বেশি।

    সে হিসেবে বাংলাদেশে কি হিন্দুরা অনুরূপ কোনো দাঙ্গা বা ক্ষয়ক্ষতি দেখাতে পারবে? কখনইও পারবেনা। বাংলাদেশের মুসলমান কোনো প্রকার যুলুম করেনি হিন্দুদের উপর, উপরন্তু মিডিয়ার মিথ্যা প্রচার ও সরকার একচেটিয়া আস্কারায় গোঁড়া হিন্দুত্ববাদীরা মুসলমানদের টুটি চেপে ধরার সুযোগ খুঁজেছে।

    এ ব্যাপারে বাংলাদেশের মুসলমানদের এখনই সচেতন হওয়ার সময় এসেছে।

    (ছবি : ২০০২ সালে গুজরাট দাঙ্গার সময় হিন্দুরা একটি মাদ্রাসায় আগুন ধরিয়ে দিয়ে অসংখ্য মুসলমানআগুনে পুড়ে ছাই হয়ে যায়)

    Article 2:
    Our Beacon Forum

    The Blackest Day In History
    By:Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)

    Date: Friday, 22 August 2014, 1:43 pm
    Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)

    The world democracies and its news media call it the progressive, developing and the largest democracy of the world, the Indian democracy which came into being on the 15th day of August, 1947. Although more than 3.5 million lives were lost, no one pays any attention to this "Genocide of Sikhs", when the Sikhs and Muslims of the British India Empire killed one another, and the worst migration of mankind took place, from West Punjab to East Punjab and vice versa. The wounds have not healed since then (the 15th August, 1947). Why did this happen? It happened because of a person who had been a failure in his profession of law, a person who had carried out the 'Genocide of Zulu tribe' is Africa, the same person who had a rank of "Sergeant-Major" in the British Red Cross, the same person who used to sleep naked with his grand nieces and young girls to test his manhood, to say the least. This was the person who said "If Pakistan came into being, it will be over my dead body." This person whom Sir Winston Churchill called a "naked faqir" - none but "Mahatma" Gandhi.

    Janab M A Jinnah, the Father of Pakistan, use to say "whenever Gandhi has come to see me, he has come to cheat me."

    This person was the father of the Indian democracy. He, a Gujrati Baniya, was assassinated by a Marathi Brahmin and he utter the word "Hay Ram", as though this word he had remembered very well to say before his death on 30th January, 1948. This Father of India, MK Gandhi, had been disrespectful to Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji, the 10th Master of Sikhs. He hated the Sikhs. And he was our world's peaceful person like any citizen of the world, with the exception of the Indian democracy. MK Gandhi never fulfilled his (hollow) promises to the Sikhs made in the pre-15th August, 1947 period.

    Not only MK Gandhi was so violent towards the Sikhs,the 4th largest and youngest religion of the world. His followers had been JL Nehru, VB Patel, Chandu Lal Trivedi, AB Vajpayee, GV Panth, Narender Modi, the then Chief Minister of the Province of Gujarat, presently the Prime Minister of India, responsible for the "Genocide of Muslims of Gujarat" in 2002-2003, in which more than 15,000 Muslims were killed by the Brahmins-Hindus goons and the followers of Narender Modi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Soniya Gandhi and her successor Manmohan Sinh (never elected to the Indian parliament from any constituency of Lok Sabha or the Lower House of Indian parliament).

    Since 15th August, 1947, the major accomplishments of the largest democracy of the world have been:

    Killing of Sikhs: more than 3.2 to 3.4 million
    Killings of Sikhs in an "Undeclared" war on the Sikh Nation, "robbed" Punjab of 15th August, 1947, and the Holy and Historic Homeland of Sikhs, in "Operation Bluestar" of June 1984 & Genocide of Sikhs in November - December, 1984.

    Killing of Muslims: more than 500,000
    Killing of Muslims of the Muzafarnagar district of the U P: 106,000 (September to December, 2013)
    Killing of Muslims of the IDA: JK (Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu Kashmir: more than 500,000

    Killing of Tamils: 15,000 +

    Killing of Christians: over 312,500

    Dalits: tens of thousand

    Assam and its 7-sister: more than 15,000

    Adivaasis, Bodos, Buddhists, non-Brahmins-Hindus minorities, etc: over 20,000

    When such killings of non-Brahmins-Hindus have taken place and going on, along with sexual violations, in millions and in an "Undeclared" war on the Sikhs and their Holy and Historical Homeland, the "robbed" Punjab of 15th August, 1947, it is still the progressive and largest democracy (?). The author calls it an alleged Indian "DEMO[N]CRACY of the world, run by the Brahmins-Hindus-Baniyas-Turbaned Brahmins, since 15th August, 1947.

    Indian democracy's Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardass Modi is the killer, murderer and organizer of "Genocide of Muslims of Gujarat, 2002-2003", when more than 15,000 innocent became the victims of the vicious policies of the Brahmins-Hindus, while he was the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat.

    Narendra Damodardass MODI has been responsible for the Displacement of the Sikh farmers, who made the Gujarati 'unproductive' land to the agriculturally productive land.

    Indeed, for the Sikhs, the 15th day of August, 1947, is one of the Darkest days in the History of the Peace-loving people.

    Above are some of the Highlights of the Brahmins-Baniyas-Hindus-Turbaned demo[n]cracy, in addition to its "clandestine" operations.

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    CC News Letter 10 June - Storm In Maggi's Cup By Vandana Shiva

    Dear Friend,

    If you think the content of this news letter is critical for the dignified living and survival of humanity and other species on earth, please forward it to your friends and spread the word. It's time for humanity to come together as one family! You can subscribe to our news letter here You can also follow us on twitter, and on Facebook,

    In Solidarity
    Binu Mathew

    G7 Pledge Of Zero Emissions By 2100 Masks Worsening
    Climate Emergency And Need For Urgent Action
    By Dr Gideon Polya

    The June 2015 G7 pledges of (a) zero emissions by 2100 and (b) avoidance of a plus 2 degrees C temperature rise were greeted as "the end of fossil fuels". Unfortunately (a) the World will exceed its Terminal Carbon Budget for a 75% probability of avoiding plus 2 degrees C in about 3 years, and (b) a plus 2 degrees C temperature rise is disastrous for Humanity and the Biosphere, yielding at equilibrium sea levels "at least 6 to 8 metres higher" according Dr James Hansen of NASA

    Obama Hints At Escalation Of Iraq-Syria War
    By Patrick Martin

    President Obama ended the G7 summit in Bavaria Monday with a press conference where he took several questions on the deepening crisis in the Middle East and North Africa, and dropped hints of an impending US escalation of the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

    Why EIA, IEA, And BP Oil Forecasts Are Too High
    By Gail Tverberg

    The world economy would need to contract greatly in order to shrink down to the oil available. Such shrinkage might be accomplished by a cutback in trade and loss of jobs. Debt defaults would likely be another feature of the new smaller economy. Such a scenario would explain how future oil production may deviate significantly from the forecasts of EIA, IEA, and BP

    Storm In Maggi's Cup
    By Vandana Shiva

    Lead-laden Maggi is a wake-up call. It's a reminder for the government of its role and responsibility in regulating corporations to ensure that public health and safety are not compromised

    German Banker: Obama Is Destroying Europe
    By Eric Zuesse

    Interviewed on June 6th by German Economic News, the chief economist at Bremer Landesbank, Folker Hellmeyer, says that because of Obama's sanctions against Russia, German exports declined year-over-year by 18% in 2014, and by 34% in the first two months of 2015 (no later figures), but he asserts that "The damage is much more comprehensive than these statistics show," because those are only the "primary losses," and there are in addition "secondary effects," which get even worse over time

    Exposing Lies, Telling The Truth
    By Robert J. Burrowes

    I have just read Andre Vltchek's new book 'Exposing Lies of the Empire'. Let me tell you something about this book of 800 pages. Vltchek writes with passion and poetry, describing the true horror experienced by the world at large, living at the gunpoint of the imperial powers, while also describing and drawing you into a world of progress, culture and refinement that exists in some places and, so we are tantalised, might exist elsewhere too and even, perhaps, one day for us all

    The 1915−1916 Armenian Genocide: An Ideology, Course And Consequences
    By Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović

    The Armenian genocide is one of the most important and influential instances of ethnic cleansing, people's transfer and economic dispossession in the history of modern times. As the first 20th century's genocide, the Armenian genocide has to be, and is, taken into consideration as an example and pattern for subsequent genocides in the coming decades. As such, it is of cardinal historical significance, and it is critically important that today's generationscan properly understand this case study of inhumanity

    What This World Needs Is Some Really Honest Journalists
    By Ramzy Baroud

    I write this with the depth of understanding of one of those who was voiceless and under the thumb of a brutal occupier for most of my life. If there is anything this world needs, it's an honest breed of journalists - who take no sides but that of the oppressed. We can't really find resolution to the tragic events unfolding around us until we understand the truth of how we got into this grim reality in which we find ourselves. Telling the truth is a good place to start

    Global Political Quagmire: Leaders Who Could Not Lead
    By Mahboob A. Khawaja

    The informed global community wishes to see dialogue, reconciliation and opportunities for peaceful settlement of conflicts. Have the Two World Wars resolved any problems facing the humanity? What is the cure to raging indifference and cruelty to the interests of the whole of the mankind? The 21st century new-age complex political, economic, social and strategic challenges and the encompassing opportunities warrant new thinking, new leaders and new visions for change, conflict management and participatory peaceful future-making

    Sri Lanka : Deterioration Of The Legal Intellect (10):
    "Justice System" As A Threat To Democracy And Rule Of Law
    By Basil Fernando

    In countries where modern justice systems are established, completion of a criminal trial within a year is now the rule. In Sri Lanka, when victims of crimes are strong enough not to discontinue their participation, a trial can go on even after 14 years

    The Fualtlines Of Jaitapur And The Geological Suprises Of The New Century
    By VT Padmanabhan1, R Ramesh, V Pugazhendi & Joseph Makkolil

    While the ongoing Nepal earthquake which came in being in April 2015 is still shaking the Himalyas and the IndoGangetic belt, the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and the public sector undertaking – the Nuclear Powr Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) have been placed in an awkward situation as they have no credible explanation for selecting a high seismic risk coastal zone for the biggest nuclear power park in the world which will house six French Areva reactors with a total installed capacity of 10,000 MW(e). Besides the other common issues of cancer and genetic diseases, impact on the farms and fisheries, possibility of an earthquake is the immediate concern of the people in Ratnagiri, Mumbai and other Western Ghat states

    It's The Business, Stupid!
    By Parvez Alam

    Politics is all about business and economics. Business conglomerates are running the world and not the elected governments. The recent Oxfam report 2015 says that "1% of the world's population will own more wealth than the other 99% in 2016." This is grave issue of inequality where democracy prevails in more than 80% of the globe. Democracy stands for building egalitarian society, that's what common masses believed and accepted as the political system. But it seems that ideals of democracy is muffled and twisted for the ruling class

    Vegetarian Vigilantism
    By VidyaBhushan Rawat

    Vegetarianism is basically considered to be a 'nonviolent' approach towards nature and our food habits. People who did not like 'animal slaughtering' and 'cruelty' on them would often turn vegetarians. Many people are vegetarians because of their taste for the food others are because of basic cultural values they inherited. The war in India is not just being vegetarian and non-vegetarian but gone further. It is a well thought action to isolate Muslims and Christians on the basis of their food habits even when the facts are that not all of them eat it. Contrary to this, a very large number of caste Hindus eat beef. It was never a taboo with communities of Dalits and Aadivasis. But the politics behind the whole debate actually intend to communalize the matter further for ulterior political profits

    Political Economy Of Beef Ban
    By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

    Habits, culture, principles, ideologies are meant for poor but for these 'sellers' it is profit even if they have to sale the sentiments of the people and lit a fire to kill people if that give them business. The right wingers in India will never touch an issue which is 'economically' as well as politically loss making. Beef ban and the noise subsequently help it both the way, a booming business of export and rich crop of hatred to harvest during the elections. Shame!

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    Villages buried in deadly Nepal landslide!

    Taplejung landslides kill 47

    Earthquakes are so often and Landslides are more often!We would not learn anything unless the ATOM Bomb blast full bloom to melt all the glaciers to carry away humansape of this divided geopolitics!
    Palash Biswas
    Dear friends,mind you, we have to pay very dearly for this bullshit radioactive freemaket Economy heralding mass destruction just because of Man Made calmities!

    Friends! We have to pay with our civilization enveloped by iconized media blitz so called development as we have grown cemented Jungle deforesting the Himalayas and shut down the free flow of rivers by big big dams to make the Himalayas the mother of all  calamities!

    Those bloody smart cities to be built,the nuclear reactors and these glittering metro cities  mega cities have been subjected to Earthquakes and land slide.

    Nepal seems not to have recovered from the mega Earthquake.Now it is mega landslide and it is the continuity of calamities which does not touch our mind and heart unless we have to bear the burns.

    Earthquakes are so often and Landslides are more often!We would not learn anything unless the ATOM Bomb blast full bloom to melt all the glaciers to carry away humansape of this divided geopolitics!

    We need an UNPRECEDENTED mass awareness campaign to stop this MAD RACE,the Pagal Daur unless the mega earthquake would inflict like some VIRAL attack of calamities as the monopolistic aggression of Capital means destruction of humanity ,civilization and Nature.It means melting glaciers and it means continuous landslides to elope with beautiful valleys!

    International media reports that the latest landslide has killed 15 as Nepal media tells the death toll in dozens!

    At least six villages -- Liwang, Thokling, Thinglabu, Khalung , Khokling and Lingket -- were affected by the landslips.

    The number of casualties may rise. Continuous rains and flash floods in the streams have hampered rescue efforts, police said.

    Helicopters of the Nepali Army from Kathmandu have not been able to reach the affected site due to bad weather. Locals and police personnel are involved in the rescue work.

    Only two of the injured have been ferried to the district hospital. The remaining are yet to receive medical treatment.

    At least 47 people were killed and 80 injured when a landslide swept away a number of villages of Taplejung district in Nepal, officials said.

    Many more were reported missing in the disaster on Wednesday evening. Police said 16 bodies had been recovered.

    The affected regions are located in a remote area from the district headquarter, Myaglung, and it takes at least nine hours to reach the spot.

    "As of now, people have recovered the bodies of 16 people and they told us that 50 others have perished in the landslide," said Surendra Prasad Bhattarai, assistant chief district officer of Taplejung.

    Media reports from Nepal says that the death toll from landslides that buried dozens of houses in different villages of Taplejung district has reached 47 so far.

    The landslides have hit Lingtep village the hardest, killing 20 people and 10 of them are from a single family. Santa Hang Limbu and his nine family members were killed when their house was buried under the debris.

    Five more bodies from Thinglabu, two from Khokling and three from Santhakra have been revered so far.

    The death toll could go higher as many are still reported to be missing, say police.

    Landslides occurred simultaneously in Libang, Thokling, Tinglabu and Lingket villages of Taplejung following a cloudburst in the eastern hills. Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) has recorded 129 mm rainfall in a period of 24 hours on Wednesday.

    Police say they are finding it difficult to rescue people as rains have caused water level to rise in rivers and rivulets. A rescue helicopter flew to Taplejung from Kathmandu but could not land in any of the landslides-hit villages due to adverse weather. Police and locals are digging the landslide debris to recover bodies.

    A landslide in Myangkhama village of Taplejung has also blocked part of the Mechi Highway, making it difficult for additional rescue teams to arrive in the district.

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    On Sunday, June 7, 2015 4:04 PM, javed jamil <> wrote:

    Rahul-Modi war enlivens political scenario
    What Gandhi has to understand is that there is a basic flaw in the distribution of wealth generated by the growing economy and unless he realises the importance of distributional economics, welfare economics alone cannot undo the damage in a significant way. Modi would of course shun the basic theme of distributive economics. … The long term fear is that with his popularity outside the country and his pro-corporate and pro-Hindu policies inside, he will become India's Gorbachev.  This is what Rahul Gandhi perhaps thought and hoped when he admired Modi as another Gorbachev in making.
    Dr. Javed Jamil
    Modi Government and his party hoped to celebrate the first anniversary of their stupendous success in the last Lok Sabha elections with the same enthusiasm with which they rode the power. But thanks to one man, their hopes of rekindling the imagination of the people were belied. Brickbats outsmarted bouquets, and the Team Modi was busy defending against the onslaught led by the new Avatar of Congress, Rahul Gandhi who in last two months has given a glimpse of what his politics is going to be in the future. What initially began as a minor scuffle in Parliament with Gandhi attacking Modi Government on Farmers' suicide issue soon turned into a full-fledged war with missiles fired in increasing numbers from both sides.
    To be fair, it can be said that Modi's first year proved to be neither as bright as his supporters wished nor as scary as his opponents feared. He came to power with a mix of corporate and communal agenda. But neither the corporates except a chosen few are excited nor the Hindutva Brigade is rejoicing. As much as they wished "Vikas" of Modi style has boomeranged back with the "Suit Boot Sarkar" title sticking to it, and the markets have become wary of the public backlash if Modi continued to advance the corporate agenda without keeping the people in good humour. Hindutva lobby has remained satisfied with day-to-day communal remarks by its representatives in the ruling party. These statements have generated fears of widespread tensions on communal lines but fortunately have not converted into large-scale riots so far. Modi has taken a conscious decision to speak sweet while letting his lieutenants spout venom. He thinks that with this strategy he can keep his own position clear in the increasingly communally charged atmosphere. He feels this will have double advantage. He can show to the world that he is a changed man, and is nowhere near the image which he developed after Gujarat riots. The communal inferno will keep his Corporate and Privatisation agenda progressing without attracting much opposition. People will talk communalism, and the Second Round of Privatisation – First Round was completed by Narsimha Rao –will be completed by the time he is ready for the next elections.
    Modi Team hoped that Congress will take the field on the issue of communalism, and they know very well that such a fight suits their plans.  What Rahul Gandhi is doing instead is to attack Modi on its economic agenda. He seems to have been well advised that the biggest antidote to communal agenda is the fight on the economic agenda for the Peoples' rights. And so far, it is clear that he has won the first round of confrontation. He has made the people doubt the intentions of Modi who is now fighting hard to demolish his Suit-Boot image. While Modi's popularity has gone down, even if not as substantially as Congress wants the country to believe, Gandhi has emerged as the most authentic Opposition voice.  He is busy garnering support of the farmers and labourers and has also an eye on the lower middle class. Without speaking a word on the internal party politics since his return from the much publicised vacations, he has silenced all his critics within the party. The senior Congress leaders are busy planning their entry to the Rahul fold.
    With his successful tour of Bangladesh, Modi has now visited at least one Muslim country. Throughout the last year, he was busy telling the world that he not only dreams of becoming an international statesman but also a Hindu statesman. While he makes headlines with some Muslim-appeasing remarks and meetings with Muslim leaders, he wants to build a soft Hindutvawaadi image for himself. He does not forget to present the copies of Gita to his hosts and is now busy organising International Yoga Day. While Muslims should not have any objections on his love for his religion, they certainly have the right to ask him questions about the plight of Muslims in their country. They need to ask him why his meeting with a few Muslim leaders (most of whom have been close to RSS=Israel lobby in the country) should not be seen as "appeasement of Muslims" when his party made such an issue of Sonia Gandhi's meeting with Shahi Imam. Moreover, he needs to explain why his concept of equality does not mean equality for Muslims in all fields. Rahul Gandhi too will have to do much more to convince Muslims that his "secularism" does not merely revolve around campaign against RSS and BJP but also practical affirmative actions for the empowerment of Muslims. We have reached a situation where instead of asking the question why Muslims should be given certain rights on the ground of their religion, question needs to be asked why they are beingdenied rights on the ground of religion.
    It however remains clear that the main war between Gandhi and Modi will be on the turf of economics. If Gandhi really wants to emerge as the leader of the masses, he will have to admit that Congress too in last few decades has mainly worked on corporate agenda, and a few welfare schemes under UPA2 would not be enough to reduce the economic disparity, which has already reached ominous proportions. Modi of course is not interested even in Welfare Economics. What Gandhi has to understand is that there is a basic flaw in the distribution of wealth generated by the growing economy and unless he realises the importance of distributional economics, welfare economics alone cannot undo the damage in a significant way. Modi would of course shun the basic theme of distributive economics.
    If Modi has done well any front, it is on the front of foreign relations. It would be unfair not to admire his efforts in developing good relations with other countries. The agreement with Bangladesh on the border issue is perhaps the most notable achievement. The short term fear however is that he will lose much of the popular support on the issue if he tries to make his Israel visit historical in a sense which the anti-Muslim lobbies in the country would love to see. The long term fear is that with his popularity outside the country and his pro-corporate and pro-Hindu policies inside, he will become India's Gorbachev.  This is what Rahul Gandhi perhaps thought and hoped when he admired Modi as another Gorbachev in making.

    • Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, "Quranic Paradigms of Sciences & Society" (First Vol: Health), "Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough" and "Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map". Other works include "The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism", "The Essence of the Divine Verses", "The Killer Sex", "Islam means Peace" and "Rediscovering the Universe". He can be contacted or 91-8130340339. Read more about him at

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    Civil rights violation by police, responsible must be punished.
    n.m.patel (lagerahonatubhai)
    social activist
    lok andolan gujarat surat,,aK rd,surat 395008.

    The Collector,
    Narmada District,
    Rajpipala, Dist. Narmada

    Sub.: Civil rights violation by police, responsible must be punished.


    Some activists working in Narmada District are being harassed by the
    police on a regular basis. Whenever the Chief Minister plans to visit
    the area, they are detained or kept under house arrest.

    It was on 25th April 2015 that the police had resorted to detentions,
    house arrest-like conditions or preventive arrests of non-political
    grassroots activists and workers in the KADA area in view of the CM's
    programme and visit to the area. It was the fifth or sixth such
    detention of these activists. No reasons were given for the 'arrests'.
    Yet again, today, 11th June 2015, the police has done the same thing
    with the same people.

    In view of the CM's programme in the area, the police have put Shri
    Lakhan Musafir, the leader of the successful anti-KADA movement of the
    people of Kevadia area, under house arrest.

    If the police is taking them into custody to safeguard them from any
    threats, then the police should let them know who is a threat to their
    life and security. No explanations or clarifications are ever given.

    This modus operandi to thwart dissent is not acceptable to us. In a
    democracy, every citizen has a right to express his/her dissent. How
    can the administration, under you, snatch away this right from the
    people? We do not know under whose instructions they are doing so. We
    are hereby requesting you to take prompt action against the person/s
    responsible for this violation of civil/democratic rights of a
    citizen.  We doubt this version of a 'vibrant' or 'peaceful' Gujarat,
    when the reality is diametrically opposed to it.

    We, once again, request you to initiate an inquiry and take strict
    actions against those responsible for this un-democratic repeated
    action, failing which we shall be forced to undertake action
    programmes against you as the head of the district.

    Yours sincerely,
    n.m.patel urfe lagerahonatubhai,social activist,lok andolan gujarat

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    Myanmar strike: Blindly following Doval doctrine can make India most dangerous place on Earth

    National Security Advisor. AFP

    National Security Advisor Ajit Doval

    The use of force or military intervention –held in abeyance since the end of the Second Gulf War-is back in interstate relations. This is demonstrated eloquently by the resort to what can be termed as 'hot pursuit' by the elite corps of the Indian Army.

    An elite commando group entered Myanmar territory and eliminated scores of militants. A militant attack on Indian troops in Manipur a few days ago apparently provoked the attack inside Myanmar. Coincidentally, the United States has overcome its reluctance to military intervene against the ISIS and has established a military base in Iraq. These two cases are purely coincidental but suggest that force as an instrument in statecraft is back in international relations. Historically, the use of force in international relations is hedged and qualified.

    The United Nations Charter expressly forbids the use of force in interstate relations. Sovereignty is held to be a cardinal maxim that cannot be violated. This 'rule' was breached by the United States after 11 September when the country's homeland was attacked. The United States retaliated by attacking Iraq, deposing Saddam and occupying the country. The United States over rode International law and went to war under the rubric of pre-emptive war. Pre-emptive war is legitimated when a state has intelligence regarding the intentions of another (hostile) state and when an attack is imminent.

    The Myanmar hot pursuit appears to have taken a leaf from the United States' pre-emptive doctrine and attacked militant outfits in Myanmar in defiance of sovereignty and it could be said even international law. The state has gone further and asserted that the Myanmar operation was not an isolated one; it would hold in the future too against hostile states and groups.

    What can be inferred and extrapolated from this activism by the Indian state?

    First, it would appear, India is not reluctant over the projection of force across borders. The architect of this activism, if press reports are to be believed is Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor to the government. This means that India's National Security doctrine has undergone a radical shift and departure. It has shifted gears from being reactive to aggressive. The approach meshes and gels with India's aspirations for regional hegemony.

    Second, at the risk of repetition, it means that force is once again de rigeur in international relations. However, the major insight appears to be that regional hegemons or aspirational regional hegemons will take it upon themselves to settle conflicts and disputes within the ambit of their respective regions. This would be a departure from past practice of taking recourse to pleading with or seeking help from global powers for dispute settlement or conflict resolution. In this sense, force and power projection become the locus around which states settle or arbiter their conflicts and from a broader perspective and canvas accrues from United States' relative decline and even quasi isolationism.

    The third point that flows from this is the 'security dilemma' and the attendant arms races become prominent again. The security dilemma is a spiral that accrues when one state's attempts to maximize security and power induces the other state or states to do the same. Arms racing are a natural concomitant to the security dilemma. The world or at least the South Asian region is then back to square one. The region now risks being a heavily militarized region with potential implications for the alliance system(s) in the region.

    All this suggests a bleak future for the subcontinent. But the major consequences will be between archrivals India and Pakistan. Will the Doval doctrine and the signaling inherent in it make Pakistan cower?

    Unlikely is the answer. The Pakistani state is primed for conflict with India. And toward this end, Pakistan to gain parity with India has acquired nuclear weapons. This neutralizes India's superiority in conventional forces and leads to a deterrence paradigm between the two countries. So India is unlikely to replicate the Myanmar experience with Pakistan unless it wants to disturb and throw out of kilter the deterrence balance that holds. Disturbing this would axiomatically lead to a nuclear conflagration in the region-a prospect that rationality suggests both countries should shy away from. The statements emanating from the Indian state's defence establishment then are in the nature of rhetoric and posturing.

    Or , in the least, one would hope that it is mere posturing. If , however, there is more to the statements other than signaling, there are reasons for despair. The subcontinent will fall victim to a more militarized rivalry and could well become the 'most dangerous place on the earth'. This is a condition that serves none and should be averted. Prudence then dictates that sobriety and a sense of proportion informs inter state relations both in the subcontinent and the world at large.

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    Yogi Adityanath's Men Telling Hindus To Rape Dead Muslim Women Is Beyond Shocking | india | Indiatimes Mobile - Have a look at it! 

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    Maharashtra – Farmer suicides – 487 in 2 months , 1088 in 2015

    In Maharashtrasuicide figures shoot through the roof

    ,TNN | Jun 11, 2015, 0

    In Maharashtra, suicide figures shoot through the roof
    Farmer suicides in Maharashtra are intensifying with as many as 1,088 cases reported in 2015 by the end of May. (Representative Image)
    MUMBAI: Farmer suicides in Maharashtra are intensifying with as many as 1,088 cases reported in 2015 by the end of May. This is almost twice the figure reported just two months ago. Between January and March, the state government had reported 601 cases.

    The suicide rate had already begun climbing steeply with the onset of the drought last year which destroyed large swathes of crops. The unseasonal rain and hailstorms made the crisis worse.

    Significantly, less than half the farmer suicides reported have been declared "eligible suicides" by the government. Only 545 of the 1,088 cases were deemed to fit this category, which qualifies for government compensation.
     To be considered an "eligible suicide," the land has to be in the victim's name and there should be physical evidence of indebtedness. The government claims only these suicides are linked to agrarian distress. Critics say this is an attempt to keep the numbers down. Even the number of eligible suicides has more than doubled from 241 to 545 cases between March and May.

    The data was sourced from the revenue department's divisional headquarters and has yet to be compiled by the state government. Critics say these figures are an underestimate compared to data from the National Crime Records Bureau.

    The cotton belt of Vidarbha – from where Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis hails – reported the highest number of farmer suicides in the state. It accounted for as many as 564 of the 1,088 cases. That's a 76 per cent rise from the 319 cases in Vidarbha reported till March.

    The arid zone of Marathwada reported the second highest number with 367 cases, a rise of 70 per cent from the 215 reported by the end of March.

    The Nashik division, which was also impacted by unseasonal rain, reported 130 farmer suicides by the end of May. Pune division reported 26 cases, while the Konkan division reported only one case so far this year.

    When asked about the rising graph of cases despite the government's claim that tackling the crisis was a priority, state revenue minister Eknath Khadse said, "We are doing the best we can. This is an issue which has been going on for many years and cannot be fixed overnight."

    So far, the state government had announced Rs 4,000 crore worth of drought relief to 90 lakh farmers. It has also said that 35 lakh farmers will be eligible for crop insurance worth Rs 1,600 crore. Earlier this week, it announced Rs 564 crore compensation for crop damage during the rabi season. The state has also asked rural banks to reschedule loans. However, it has dismissed Opposition demands to declare a loan waiver.

    Farmers' leaders say the government has failed to intervene in the critical issue of pricing. "The crisis is becoming worse because the cost of planting crops is rising but the sale price is stagnant. The minimum support price for a quintal of cotton is Rs 4,050. But it costs at least Rs 5,500 to 6,000 to grow it. Farmers are not breaking even when there is good rainfall," said farmers' leader Vijay Jawandhia.

    The rising graph

    Cases till May 31: 1088

    Cases till March 31: 601

    'Eligible' suicides

    Cases till May 31: 545

    Cases till March 31: 241

    Region-wise break-up

    (Number of farmer suicides till May 31)

    Vidarbha: 564

    Marathwada: 367

    Nashik division: 130

    Pune division: 26

    Konkan: 1

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    Rewari – Skewed pattern: District worst in Haryana with 776 girls for 1000 boys

    Rewari women delivering boy after girl under govt scanner

    Skewed pattern: District worst in Haryana with 776 girls

    Ravinder Saini

    Tribune News Service

    Rewari, June 7

    Alarmed at a depressing ratio of 776 females against 1,000 males in Rewari, the district health authorities have decided to collect information about women delivering a male child after their first female child.

    Rewari is the only district in Haryana to have recorded ratio less than 800 females, suggest official statistics compiled by the state health authorities for the first four months of this year. Neighbouring Mahendragarh is placed second with a ratio 819 females.

    The move aims at identifying private nursing homes/ultrasound centres indulging in illegal trade of prenatal sex determination test and female foeticide to initiate a stern action against them.In the first phase, the authorities have selected 20 villages where gender ratio of less than 500 females has been recorded.

    Auxiliary nurse midwives (ANM), accredited social health activists (ASHA) and anganwari workers have been engaged for the job. Civil Surgeon Dr Aaditya Swaroop Gupta said: "The study points towards prevalence of sex selection .Couples having a female child seem to be using prenatal sex determination test at the time of their second child. Hence, we have decided to collect information about such cases." Health workers will meet women, their kin and neighbours to get information about the hospitals from where they had got their ultrasound test and delivery done at the time of the birth of their second child, he said.

    "The unusual gap between first female and second male child also indicates something suspect, hence special attention will be laid on such cases to find out the reason behind the abnormal gap," said the Civil Surgeon.Gupta maintained the information will also help identify commission agents who take such people to hospitals that conduct sex determination tests illegally. 

    Official statistics compiled on the basis of the Civil Registration System (CRS) from January to April suggest 5,459 children — 3,074 males and 2,385 females — were born in the district. Likewise, 4,501 children, comprising 2,475 males and 2,026 females, were born in Mahendragarh.Against the state average of 878 females per 1,000 males, Mewat tops the gender ratio (946 females), followed by Panchkula (925), Kaithal (914) and Panipat (913). Of the 1,63,672 children born across the state, 76,505 were females, the record says.


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    NHRC notices to Health, ICMR secys on 'dubious' IVF clinics

    The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) took suo motu cognisance of a media report which claimed that most in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) clinics, which help childless couples conceive, were operating in Delhi without any registration.

    "Many of such centres do not have adequate trained manpower and infrastructure to handle these highly- sophisticated technologies. Services provided by some of these clinics were highly questionable. The Commission has observed that the contents of the press report, if true, raise a serious issue of violation of human rights of childless couples in the country," the NHRC said in a statement.
    The Commission has sought report from the Health Ministry and ICMR within two weeks.

    According to a media report dated April 26, out of over three hundred such clinics operating in the national capital, only 39 were registered with the ICMR.

    The ICMR does not maintain any data on the unregistered IVF clinics. The ICMR has registered only 308 Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) clinics across the country in the past ten years.

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    1.       JS Walia

    2.       Devilal

    3.       SaurabhVajpeyi

    4.       Shashank Singh

    5.       Atal Tiwari

    6.       Mohd. Faizan

    7.       Farrah Shakeb

    8.       Tahmina Laskar

    On 30th May 2015 fact finding team sent on behalfKhudai Khidmatgar and SYS having 8 members reached Atali village in Haryana where communal clashes were reported on 25th May 2015. Around 40-50 policemen were guarding outside the village and going inside was prohibited generally. The fact finding team after specially requesting the Haryana Police DSP on duty we were allowed to go inside and have a stock of the situation.

    The main issue for the clashes was around the construction of a mosque. The mosque was being constructed under police supervision and protection after a long standing legal battle which was opposed by the local people other than Muslims who are Jats mostly. This opposition escalated and caused the present clashes. This was the apparent cause of the happening.

    However on digging deeper our fact finding team found out that the Jat community claims that the Muslims had pelted stones on them twice on the Jats on 24th May 2015. They go on claiming that some Muslim families under the influence of a few rich and powerful Muslims in fact burnt their own homes and even tried to burn an old man from their own community to create the impression that Jats were creating havoc and mayhem.

    There is even confusion regarding the land on which the mosque is being constructed because while the Jats claim that there was no judgment in favour of construction of the Mosque in fact those who had filed a case against the construction had withdrawn the case. The Jats claim that the Masjid cannot be constructed in that very spot because it is panchayat land and that cannot be used for construction of religious structures. They add that the Muslims may build their mosque a little away from the spot and that would be a peaceful solution.

    The Muslims on the other hand say that the Masjid is on Waqf property and that they have every right to construct the Masjid as they even have the civil court judgment in their favour. However nothing can be said with complete certainty about these claims by both the parties until we come across the contentious judgment's exact content.

    The Muslims while narrating the events that unfolded that day say that almost five years back the Jat community had manhandled some "jamatis" (religious preachers) who came to Atali. The current scenario they say is an extension of those hostilities because at that time the Jats when were rounded up by the police they promised not to interfere or manhandle anyone from the Muslim community. They now took the advantage and chosen this time to attack Muslims on 25th May 2015 while they were performing namaz. There was stone pelting and bricks were thrown, around 18 homes were burnt, cars were burnt and there was massive loss of property. Two people were burnt badly and are now hospitalised.

    Our fact finding team also sensed a political angle since it came out that one Prahlad contesting the Panchayat elections promised to help Muslims in constructing the Masjid if they vote for him. He in fact inaugurated the construction whichthen had led to communal tensions. Given the fact that there are almost 450-500 Muslim votes in the constituency of around 3000 and that the clashes happened just before the next panchayat elections are due this angle cannot be ignored.

    Right now an FIR has been registered against 19 people by the affected victims but no arrests have been made as yet. A delegation from Minority Commission had visited the village and advised that individual complaints be filed after which around 70 complaints have been so far filed. In fact during the Commission's visit one accused was apprehended but later released. There was more arson and loot even after the Commission's visit the victims claim. As of now no arrests have been made and the affected victims (men, women and children) are in the Ballabhgarh thana (Police Station) premises and the administration is looking after their needs. The Muslims admit that local MLAs Tek Chand Sharma (BSP) have been helpful and is making efforts to regain peace however they are upset that there has been no help or statement issued from the CM and the Centre. They also are furious about the apathy regarding the media coverage of the issue.

    The victims now want that they be assured security so that they could return home, they should be allowed to build their masjid on the very spot; that they be compensated adequately for the loss of property that they have suffered; the accused be apprehended and due action be initiated. They also allege that the SHO on duty that vey fateful day did not do his duty properly and that he be punished for dereliction of duty as well.

    The current scenario demands the following solutions:

    1.       That the accused be arrested and the victims are compensated.

    2.       Both parties clarify through evidence the claims that they are making and after that reach an understanding which would be legally binding and acceptable on both parties.

    3.       A permanent peace committee be constituted to look after the affairs even when the dispute is settled. To also ensure that the peace committee meets regularly to find solutions.

    4.        Communal harmony be promoted by a few educated and wise people from both communities among villagers.


    For further enquiries contact:

    Tahmina Laskar/ Tabish Bhatti


    Inamul Hasan

    Khudai Khidmatgar

    New Delhi


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    শ্বাস: হওয়া আর অক্সিজেন

    || শমীক চৌধুরী ||

















    কটি দীর্ঘ শ্বাসে কতটা হওয়া থাকে ?

    বা একটা দীর্ঘ নিঃশ্বাসে !
    মেপে তা কেউ দেখে না
    শুধু নাড়ি দেখে হাসপাতালে।
    কম বেশি হলো কিনা অক্সিজেন -
    বেশি জ্ঞানীরা মাথা ঘামান।
    কমাতে হবে শ্বাস -প্রশ্বাস...

    গুনে গুনে এবার শ্বাস ফেলা।

    0 0

    लखनऊ।वीएचपी नेता अशोक सिंघल ने देश में इस्लाम को मानने वालों पर जमकर निशाना साधते हुए कहा कि देश का इस्लाम जिहादी है।जिहादी इस्लाम दुनिया से खत्म हो जाएगा जबकि शांतिपूर्ण इस्लाम बना रहेगा।ये जिहादी...

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